How to fix a Subaru WRX…if you want to end up with a Honda Civic: The Hondabaru (16 photos)

  • Equalizer


    • ABS Sensor

      That is what you call a true hybrid car! a combination of honda and a subaru! Honbaru!lol Not bad at all pretty nice work for me. Looks good to me.

  • Anonymous

    if the engine still works its a pretty nice car technickly

  • dave420

    it has wheels! hahahaa!

  • Joey

    I dont understand why you..would…?

  • mile high


  • Evan

    Cool. So where’s the rest of it?

  • Mustafa_Beer

    Seems like a lot of good metalwork being wasted on a bastardized import.

  • Alan

    To each his own I guess

  • Jordan

    Not bad when you consider it’s now a turbo AWD sleeper.

    • Insert Name Here


  • yeeeeerrp

    On a related note, whats with douche bags “pimping out” 1998 Honda Civics? Might as well pimp out a Ford Escort.

    • forge

      I dunno about the pimping out, I effing hate the spoilers and the stupid wheels and the neon-green paint… but a Honda is NOT EVER a Ford. I have a 10-year-old stock Civic 4-door and it is the sweetest ride I’ve ever driven. The only better-driving car you could possibly get *might* be a BMW *maybe.*

  • kmart

    that thing is gonna make someone a lot of money at the races. its the king of sleepers!

  • Mattythegooch


  • HellHathNoFury


  • top dog

    Somebody wanted a Honda real bad. I dub thee, “Honbaruda” or “Honbadaru”

  • Confucius

    They’re not finished, where’s the front???
    I was hoping to see what they would have fabricated for the front end….

  • CapnS

    You people knock this idea but it is one ultimate sleeper. Civics may be looked down upon but Subaru’s can be one mean machine. AWD ftw.

  • jane

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  • A-Ron

    Well this is going to surprise a lot of people at stop lights.

  • Ballzonya

    What the fuck do you tell the insurance company when they ask you what they're insuring?

  • bandidoman

    may be it s name honbaru

  • Byrn

    …wouldn't it have been easier to just swap the engine and tranny into the honda to begin with? Even if you had to fabricate new mounts it would have been less weld work than that…

  • Silvers

    Original thread: (with finished front end)

  • Guest :)

    I guess body parts of a Honda are cheaper,
    only reason to do this is to have a sleeper,
    looks of a Subaru are much nicer though
    now it's like no looks, but only a lot of go…

    And a little quote from the original thread;

    "I'm not lying when I said that I do mountain biking. Funniest thing, the bike cost more than the car…"

  • Dave

    I'll take my 66 AMC Ambassador

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