• reecedawg1

    kinda trippy…..

  • reecedawg1

    oh shit my first………….first!

    • Mark

      but not your last… fail

      • reecedawg1

        ah don’t piss on my party man..

  • Equalizer

    Good thing it’s not one of those Damn Turtles.

  • nouu

    that was so fucking stupid.

  • td

    love it! shame it wasn’t a ninja sheep tho…

  • Kams

    Jak ja nienawidzę trzepać dywanów

  • Confucius

    meh…. amateur ninja, fell down instead of up…

  • Bojangles

    Wow.. really? Why is that even on here? Lame!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Talk to your children about carpet ninjas, before carpet ninjas talk to your children.
    Okay, that was lame.

    • Anonymous

      Yes,but by admitting its lameness, it negates the lameness and just makes you a trombloid instead 🙂

    • Nateb123

      Carpet ninjas? Like lesbians who sneakily seduce their victims? Yeah, gotta be wary of those.

  • forge


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