Gangster-bags (16 Photos)

  • casperge

    #15 EPI(stemologi)C !
    The last one is not a bag, he just got the third grade humor…can’t be understood by anyone.

    • weasler

      You mean douch bags!

      • Great Odin's Raven !!!

        You’re slow.

  • Nina

    WOW .. #12 has a whole of 17 bucks … WOW .. haha

    • weeboo

      the gang sign he is making is short for ‘rolled’, meaning he just ‘rolled’ someone, presumably he got that 17$ from the robbery.

      • Megan

        still lame as fuck

  • CunningLinguist

    last one was kinda funny… when lawd? when dey gonna reelies deys whites lawd?

    • Josh

      you have no room to talk you can’t even fucking spell………

  • webuserbh

    oh my god, douchebag syndrome has took over the world!
    the virus mutated to include gangster-wannabe’ism =P

    #10 and #11 LMAO!

  • Mustafa_Beer

    OOooo… they scare me so, I most of them would be laughed of the streets where I grew up. Although the tampon in #7 may strike fear in a few people.

  • GoldandRockBlocked

    #1 looks like the 12 year old that got picked last in dodge ball every week!

  • j12goose

    #6 & #11………..I might be missing something, or just a little too old, but aren’t women supposed to be REALLY into shoes? I mean really, shoes????? How’s that thuggy?

  • ChrisDG74

    Hahahaha! LOL!!! ROFLMAO!!!
    No better way to start the work day than to laugh your ass off (well there is ONE way, but this isn’t Penthouse Forum).

  • ChrisDG74

    #1 – Why does he look like he should have a baby bottle in his mouth?
    #4 – Way to look thug with a paintball gun.
    #12 – Make it rain on them hoes. I don’t think that $17.00 will last long.
    #13 – They stole that money from mommy’s purse.

    At least these wannabe thug gangstas haven’t changed much since I was in high school (c/o ’93). I guess douchey-ness has one thing going for it – consistency.

  • stafferty

    #@ It’s not easy being green, isn’t it you Kermit the frog looking mother fucker?

  • hurr durr

    I think we should go hitler on all gangsters… seriously.

    • winston002

      do mean climb into a bunker and blow our brains out?

      • ilovelamp

        how can someone climb into a bunker???

  • Hotdog Neck

    Wow, the Dirka Dirk crew seem to be pretty fierce. The one on the right holds you at unknown-weapon-in-a-brown-bag point, while the big guy on the left searches for sugary snacks in your possession. WATCH OUT!!!

  • SJ

    13. The one on the right looks like he’s only there for some “I has candy! Get in the van!”

  • Alan

    Ok, most of these guys are just impersonating gangsters, and just doing it in a douchey way. So does that make them cool?

  • bowhuntpa

    #12 I gotzzz 17 dollas yoooooooo

  • Robbo

    Man I’m old, I don’t get the retarted hand signals at all.

  • Spiderpig615

    CAN THE REAL SLim Shady Please stand up!!!

    wow all these ugly fucked up wanna be gangsters…,,especially number four!!!…
    what a failure…..he aint no sniping gangster!!

  • Eazy E

    Way to go #12…you have 17 dollars….

  • Elli

    I’m getting old, since when is it totally ‘gangsta’ to show off how many pairs of sneakers you have, to hold a toy gun, snarl, hold and show off ‘wads’ of cash, wear RIDICULOUSLY large clothing (obviously made for the american market) or take pictures of yourself?

    • anonymous coward

      Why’d you have to go and dis the American’s again. Now my crew is going to have to mow down your entire family with our airsoft gats.

  • Carl

    #10 – I see Dopey from the seven dwards has gone gangsta.

  • Equalizer

    #6 – NERD trying hard to be a gangsta…

    • RATE THIS!!!

      like you always trying to be clever?

  • Anonymous

    this is just horrible… what is happening to the world?…

  • workin_donkey

    $17.00?!?! No. 12 makes the thug life look oh so attractive…

  • Anonymous

    from the mean streets of beverly hills

  • Anonymous

    haha i love the one with the guys shoes h=in his pockets :]

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