Dear Duckfaces, who told you this was a good idea? (31 Photos)

There are tons more duckface disfigurements right here.

  • percival

    well said, chive. i look at these people and my wtf radar goes nuts. like why are you doing this???

    • jaynecobb2

      they all look like they have sucked so much dick that their faces stayed that way

      • The Internet

        Like a deity, I issue commands to my subjects. I have commanded them to worship me by posting inane ramblings on blogs, myspace and facebook. I have commanded them to worship me by standing in front of their mirrors and taking duckface pictures with very little clothing. I have commanded them to make sideways peace signs with their hands and more duckface while posing for photos with their friends (these photos must also be posted to blogs, myspace and facebook).

        All this I command to my subjects, who are always douchebags. So let it be posted, so let it be done.

        -The Internet

      • webuserbh


        i second ur comment, HEAR HEAR!

      • ken

        after reading that, jaynecobb, I find the look somewhat more appealing….

  • Equalizer

    #18 – douche bag

  • Brandon

    2 and 16 don’t seem to have much choice in the matter…

    • Danzo

      #16 Is like something you see in nightmares…

  • don Malto

    for some reason #11 creeps me out the most. take another look

  • Matt

    haha they look ridiculous

  • Dom

    #1 Left side= Kimmy Gibbler hahaha

  • Chest Rockwell

    Dear ladies, please stop injecting shit into your lips. It does not make them more appealing. It makes them and the rest of your face uglier. Amen.

  • maryjane

    I’m guilty of this as well, but I was attempting the kissface? But I agree, I have two friends that make this face for EVERY picture!

  • salporin

    5 syllables… Derek Zoolander!

  • powersticks

    I think I know the left and right girls in #1. I sure hope that it’s someone else though.

  • jgecko

    Oh, you forgot to add Ashley

  • jaynecobb2

    #13 looks like she is getting ready to suck some dick

  • dt520

    i seriously thought I would miss the era of pucker photos, but man duckface makes me long for those days.

    also, #5 is technically warranted given shes kinda next to a duck.

  • Dudeman

    Is #13 a guy or a girl? It’s an ugly mofo, either way.

  • drinkinguy

    freak show

  • Amurika

    The receivers!


  • top dog

    #2 scared the shit out of me, I damn near screamed. The rest of em are just ridiculous.

    • garp

      …here’s the plan dog, you lure #2 out of it’s lair with the shiny trinket and I’ll run it through with my speargun, careful to not let it get your regulator

    • sc0ob5

      Pretty sure #2 and #16 are trannies.. o.O

  • JiminAfghan

    pretty sure the blonde in #4 is my daughter…waiting on confirmation now

    • MichaelGS

      on a scale of 1-10, just how proud are you at this very moment?

      • oh dear

        In that case, I’m pretty sure I have banged your daughter. She was ok but she might want to get tested.

        • DesertEagle50

          really dude?

  • MissChris

    I really don’t get when/why people started to think that this look was cute or sexy. They look like fuckin retards. Not cute. What happened to the SMILE?

  • northerner

    This is so NOT attractive. Wait. I thought that a while back the “pouty lips” look was “in”.? And the “puffy lip” craze ranks right up there with it. I think the worst travesty was Meg Ryan. A few years ago she had the loveliest of smiles. So natural looking. Now? Puffy lips are NOT attractive. Yeah. MHO. Let the stoning begin…

  • 123roasthim

    Why the fuck do girls think this looks attractive? For fuck’s sake, you look like a damn idiot when you do it and most guys fucking hate it, including me.

  • Anonymous


  • Dave

    I actually threw up in my mouth

  • Captain cool

    If u read this, #2 is your bird!!!!

  • Palomita

    While the whole duck-lip, pseudo-pucker screams potentially inbred/definitely a d-bag, I find the rolled back, “I want to look like I’m cross-eyed, but lack the genetics/skill” is really the kicker. Anyone can eff up the classic pucker-face shot when caught off guard, but it takes a committed piece of douche to master the full face technique.
    Also, @123roasthim: I don’t know of any girls that actually find this attractive, nor any men, so I am just as curious to know how the hell this managed to become The Pose…D-bag mating call, perhaps?

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