The world is a boring place without foreigners (17 Photos)

  • Cliackwhat

    # 16 ? What am I not getting ?

    • nelly02

      google street view and gouys selling guns .

      • nelly02


    • damn


  • infamous9

    Silly Foreigners!!

  • Hans

    “The world is a boring place without foreigners”…
    Foreigners to the world would be extraterrestrial… didn’t spot any in these pictures.

  • CunningLinguist

    wooo woooooo!!!! all aboard the disco train!!!!

  • McBeastie

    Another fantastically worded headline from the xenophobes at Chive.

  • Anonymous

    Is that double nip slip in #7?
    #8 – black light on the subway. All those shiny spots are bodily fluids…

  • Yo dogg


  • Pat

    # 17…. WTF????

  • top dog

    Foreigner’s? these people look at home(native country) to me, whoever took these pictures were probably the foreigner.

  • dt520

    I’d assume that if you saw a google street view thing coming down the street you might keep the gun hidden… or not sell it. Probably fake or a stunt.

    Someone should get a 20 airsoft M4 replica’s and unload a trunk full in front of the thing, now that would be funny!

  • AdsGtz

    I’m pretty sure you can’t call the foreigners if they are in their own country of origin…

  • trogdor

    FOREIGNER FRIGGIN ROCKS, BROSEPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOOO!!!

    speeds away in windowless van……

  • jukebox hero

    shit yeaH!!!

  • showtownman

    I want the one in #2. Bad.

  • Phideauxe

    It’s ur-ur-urgent, just you wait and see, how urrrrgent, our love can be, it’s urgent urgent urgent urgent…..

  • JP

    Nothing weird about this fashion show (#17)

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