• Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      20/20 VISION BITCHES!!!!

  • Yeahsure

    Should have gone to specsavers

  • MarkB

    2010 World Cup South Africa.. Brace Yourself.

  • jaynecobb2

    I can see clearly now the rain is gone

  • top dog


  • Alcoholic1

    Please donate now !! so we can help midgets like this receive the tiny midget glasses they need…..

  • FatLizard

    Who Dat….Who Der

  • Coolmacg

    “Were you to tell Waldo when his 15 mins in the tanning booth was up or was it me? Oh well, I’m sure he’ll be fine.”

  • mush2422

    Tyrone Biggums’ father. And yes people still do steal giant fair glasses!

  • Todd

    Yep… I’m black.. That is all..

  • Rick

    “WOW!” Now I can Rob all the big Tankers like my friends and not the small Dinghys

  • shouldbeworkingtoday

    I’M.. BLACK!?!?!

  • Anonmouse

    Drugs, not everyone has a bad trip…

  • Bob

    Come with me
    and you’ll see
    a land of pure hallucination

    Is that me or a tree
    drugs give such lovely

  • orbitalmind

    Its a miracle, I can see my hut from here!

  • Nicnac

    ~first picture from Elton John’s charity, Glasses for Africa~

  • floscar


  • Randy

    Yo Kanye! .. I’ma let you finish.. but I have the best glasses of ALL time..

  • Equalizer

    Caption this

  • Beerstien

    How repuplicans see Obama


    Africa, now in 3D!!!

  • Ac

    When you give Elton John boot polish…

  • elbruce

    All right!
    Stop whatcha doin’
    ’cause I’m about to ruin
    the image and the style that ya used to.
    I look funny
    but yo I’m makin’ money see
    so yo world I hope you’re ready for me.
    Now gather round
    I’m the new fool in town
    and my sound’s laid down by the Underground.
    I drink up all the Hennessey ya got on ya shelf
    so just let me introduce myself
    My name is Humpty, pronounced with a Umpty.
    Yo ladies, oh how I like to hump thee.
    And all the rappers in the top ten–please allow me to bump thee.
    I’m steppin’ tall, y’all,
    and just like Humpty Dumpty
    you’re gonna fall when the stereos pump me.
    I like to rhyme,
    I like my beats funky,
    I’m spunky. I like my oatmeal lumpy.
    I’m sick wit dis, straight gangsta mack
    but sometimes I get ridiculous
    I’ll eat up all your crackers and your licorice
    hey yo fat girl, c’mere–are ya ticklish?
    Yeah, I called ya fat.
    Look at me, I’m skinny
    It never stopped me from gettin’ busy
    I’m a freak
    I like the girls with the boom
    I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom
    I’m crazy.
    Allow me to amaze thee.
    They say I’m ugly but it just don’t faze me.
    I’m still gettin’ in the girls’ pants
    and I even got my own dance

    The Humpty Dance is your chance to do the hump

  • Spiderpig615

    DO I FIT IN?

  • Anonymous

    I smoke rocks!

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