Gifs to get you through another Tuesday

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  • Elvis

    go ahead.
    kiss it.

    • Mustafa_Beer

      No, Thanx.
      ( . Y . )

      I’m busy!

  • Elvis


  • wickedjack

    lol, wat is #4 from?

    • Pundit

      looks like 21 Jump Street.

  • Matt

    haha i love the last one!!

  • SaintxXxAsh

    that’s one seductive bunny.

  • CustardFiend

    Russell Brand is an idiot, I dont understand how people find him hilarious or interesting.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Dear Katy Perry:
      Love may be blind, but even blind dogs can smell an asshole.

      • someguy

        Relax bitches… This was shot for a movie, it didn’t really happen…

        • ChrisDG74

          Doesn’t change the fact that he’s a raging douchebag.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    I dont think BP is trying that hard

    • wickedjack

      im not so sure about that. they’re run by shareholders, and tony needs that money. If they dont fix the leak, the shareholders will crucify him. They’re have 2 fix it or they’re finished. The $50 million commercials they put out, if anything, shows that he’s scared. Ppl who are pissed that they spent all that money on commercials: its BP, 50 mil is pocket change to them. But idk, I really couldn’t care less about that oil spill; im land-locked.

      • HellHathNoFury

        You’ll care in about 10 minutes when your ass is paying $5 a gallon to ‘compensate for loss’-out of executives’ trust-funds.

        • wickedjack

          i doubt that. There are other companys out there who sell gas, u know. its called competition, and all of BP’s competition is laughing at them right now because they know BP is screwed. Even if tony hayward turned into superman, stopped the leak tomorrow, and cleaned up every drop in a month, BP would most likely, still be doomed. If gas prices skyrocket, come back and tell me “i told u so.” There are plenty of other sources for oil, that wasn’t the only off-shore rig, it wasn’t the most productive either. It’s just a shame we can’t drill in ANWR, if we could, this mess wouldn’t have happened, we wouldn’t have 2 go over a mile deep into the ocean to fix a leak.

        • wickedjack

          i remember, just a few yrs ago, gas was about $4 a gal. U know wat happened 2 cause that? nothing. absolutely nothing. the insanity of the stock market, a panic.

          • TrueNorthman

            I’m all for an intelligent debate, wickedjack, but you really think the other oil companies aren’t going to use this spill as an excuse to raise their prices too? They’ll see where BP is at, sell theirs for a few cents lower than that, and make even more because of their lower production costs… Goddamn you’re an idiot.

            • Bp

              bp be stupid for letting black people run it

            • wickedjack

              northman, thats the dumbest thing iv ever heard. the other oil companys know they will profit off of selling they’re oil 4 lower prices because BP can’t. If all the oil company’s raised their prices, at least one of them will be smart enough 2 realize that lower prices will get them more sales. its called the free market, that’s how it works.

            • wickedjack

              any moron with a calculator can tell if you keep your prices constant, and everyone else raises their prices, you’re the one customers will go to, especially in the gas industry! ppl drive across town and get in line for the cheap gas! There are websites devoted to telling ppl where they can get the cheapest gas. None of the other oil companys are in trouble. The only loser here is BP, and their competition knows that. Investors know there is no shortage of oil, the populace knows that too. It’s called a free market, supply and demand.

            • wickedjack

              the other oil companies don’t have to do anything to profit. in fact, the oil company that does do nothing, is the one that will profit the most

  • Spocker

    Was # 9 for real? Did he really do that at the Video Awards? Or is this shopped?

    • douglas

      I thinking the exact same, Aguileras face seem surprised too

    • C

      Gee, it’s not like it says 2008 on the sign or anything. I’m pretty sure you might have heard something about it in like 2 years you effing ‘tard.

    • ehhh

      its a clip from the movie: Take Him to the Greek…watched it yesterday

  • Walk Hard

    The # 8 gif is very deep…

  • (_x_)

    #9 ??
    #10 my fav that idiot in the back deserves another one? annoying @#$%

  • P-90

    #7 Awesome.
    I always thought Russell Brand was a complete mug, but when I watched a couple of his stand-up shows on TV and guest appearances on various talkshows I found him actually quite funny. He was also good in the couple of movies I’ve seen him in.

  • ROK

    have you seen christina’s husband!? what a terd. he makes russell brand look like brad pitts better looking more successful brother. she’s probably thinkin’ “russell daaaaang!!!”

  • Fire

    The gif with Russell Brand is from the movie: Get him to the Greek.

  • Verbal Kint

    Best set in a while. 3,4 9 & 11 had me rolling.

  • Equalizer

    Christina is still HOT!!!

  • Big Los

    #10 = The 11th commandment in full effect

    “Thou shall not mess with a luchador’s mask (Especially La Parka)”

  • HellHathNoFury


  • nouu

    i hope the kid in #3 has permanent ne damage for the rest of his life. can we plz get a hhnf pictorial.

  • top dog

    #3, OOooooooooooowwwwwwwww, my knee, OOOOoowwwww!!!!

  • abraham

    #10 it´s a Mexican fighter
    it´s Name is ¨La Parka¨ and it was on La Arena Monterrey

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