Oh sh!t moments (17 photos)

  • Anonymous

    Take down #17, Chive. That's goreporn. Last time I checked, this the the Chive, and not the soulless 4chan.

    • Agreed

      I agree. I have a black cat just like that. Please remove #17. I do not look at the chive to see snuff pics.

      • lionel

        No leave #17 up and encourage everyone to show this picture to their cat(if they have one). It serves as an important public service message to all cats and shows them the dangers of automatic garage doors. Hats off to you chive for educating cats around the world.

        • Elizabeth

          It’s a taxidermy specimen. I know the guy who mounted it. The cat was road kill. He wanted to scare the hell out of his neighbor (it’s a mutual you screw with me, I screw with you male type bonding friendship.) 😛 Dorks.

          No animal cruelty except for the fact that someone ran it over in the first place.

        • altair

          shut the hell up

    • Marky Mark

      This is a stuffed fake! I have one that I bought at a novelty store and put in the trunk of my car so that the body is sticking out. Work next door to an animal rescue society. They flipped when they first saw it!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000396633011 Jah King

      Facesofdeath Terrible

    • ben

      I am not a cat person but that is probably some child's pet. This picture is reprehensible.

    • calmmm

      This actually happened to my cat last summer. Gladly, she survived! Doesn't get up on top of the garage door for naps much anymore

    • Wolf

      oh quit crying people! if you can't handle it, DONT LOOK AT IT.

  • McGill

    Take down #17, Chive. What's next, are you going to put Shoveldog on here as a Pwned picture? Jeez

    • Wolf

      oh quit crying! if you can't handle it, DON'T LOOK AT IT.

  • Bill

    Maybe the kitty's just resting…

    • bumble

      RIP Petey

  • ken

    Cats will sometimes get on top of a garage door when the door is open and resting parallel to the ceiling in the garage. When the owners close the door the cat may be too confused to jump off and get wedged between the door and the frame (which is what is going on there). It is bad, usually injuring or killing the cat.

    Having seen this before I would assure anyone that it isn't funny, even for people who don't much care for cats.

    • Pants

      I guess some people have no sense of humor…

    • Wolf

      it's a fake/stuffed cat.

      have some faith in theChive man!
      they're not that immoral.

      and stop crying.

  • Wiscon

    Clueless here: what is #17? Is it supposed to be blood? From what? Unless it's BP oil. Now that would be scary.

    • dajre

      think a kitty is trying to squeeze through the hole at the top of the door

  • fourtwenty

    #17 – someone needs to make this one of those lolcats. then they would actually be funny. chevy chase——>

    • Wolf


  • BBAmp

    It's ironic that people will laugh their asses off at shopped pics of dead animals or even worse shopped pics of people in war or dying in war but once the chive posts a pic of a dead cat in a garage door all I see are little PETA b!tches crying about nothing. Ok yea it's terrible that this happened and I truly hope it doesn't happen to anyone's beloved pets but seriously would any of you like some cheese with that whine?

    • DzK0

      First of all, I don’t think you know the definition of irony.

      Secondly, you’re right. I loved Chive’s “Laugh at Dying Soldiers” photo group yesterday. Oh wait, you’re talking about something that doesn’t exist.

      And there’s a huge ethical difference between an actual photo and a shop, you loser.

      • BBAmp

        Sorry to break it to you but I know how to use the word. A lot of people think it means some kind of coincidence but it’s properly used to describe something that you would not expect to happen. In this instance I expected people to enjoy #17 seeing as how everyone laughs at dead animals, but as you can see there are at least 5 whiners who want the picture taken down. With all due respect try googling the word. You will see that I am correct.

        • DzK0

          Well…Irony shouldn’t really be used as a synonym for hypocrisy.

          It’s ironic if:
          -An ambulance sent to help someone strikes the person they were sent to help.
          -That the Titanic sank, although it was deemed 100% unsinkable.
          -PETA, whose goal it is to save animals, kills more animals than it saves.

          The users who laugh at a shopped person’s or animal’s misfortune and then cry foul in this instance are hypocrites (maybe, its slightly subjective since you have no knowledge of their past views), but its certainly not ironic.

          • BBAmp

            irony is defined as “contrary to plan or expectation”. Generally people like pics like #17 so I was expecting lots of positive comments. Contrary to my expectation I saw a lot of negative posts. Similarly if a friend lost money I would expect them to say something negative but if instead he says “today is my lucky day” that is unexpected and subsequently ironic. Behaving contrary to expectation is not hypocritical, it is ironic.

            If these same people who want #17 taken down laugh at pics of dead animals then yes they are hypocrites and THAT is not ironic and I’m sure you agree. However I was expecting this anonymous group of people regardless of their beliefs to like #17 yet contrary to expectation they did not like it. Ironic, not hypocritical.

          • BBAmp

            ok shit I just realized you are right. I’ve been doing nothing for like a month and a half so what I said probably didn’t make any sense to you. The problem with me was I was using a personal definition like it was universal. As if everyone expected people to find #17 which is obviously not true. It’s kind of BS if I take something I define myself for my own personal use and use it as a point to make an argument. If that happens no one can counter stupidity.. which is kind of what happened here.

            So, I will hope you accept my sincere apologies. BTW you didn’t have to be a douche to start, man.

            • Wolf


      • BBAmp

        Ugh okay one more post. I’m not doing this to be a douche or anything but I should make my point clear. There are (real) pics of soldiers and some gif’s that add some funny thing to the original image. The explosions/guns/whatever are all still there but someone shopped in another image making the pic funny. There is a GIF of hovercat cat jumping out of an IED explosion. Funny, but I would have hated to be in that situation.

        There is also a pic somewhere of someone blowing their trombone at a dead squirrel. Not shopped and funny, but people laughed at it.

        It’s a shame my courtesy is going to be overlooked by the typical bitch-fit teenage fag that you are. Have a nice day! 🙂

      • Wolf

        wow. mr. "angry pants gotta lash out at somebody on the internet cuz i've got no balls to do it in person"

    • fourtwenty

      they will probably just cry about how the cheese was manufactured in a hostile environment for the cows. eddie murphy———>

      • thatsnotausername

        Did anyone else just write BBAmp on their punching bags?

  • just me

    the cat picture just isnt funny, thats all. Not because Im an animal freak or can't take a joke or any of the other stuff someone might say, its just not funny, its kind of sick.

    • ken

      Precisely, just me. The cat pic is like a punch line to a joke that isn’t funny. It is like a comment someone in a group makes during an enjoyable conversation that stops the conversation dead and leads to silence. It is awkward and out of place.

      Save it for a thread of people and animals who died violent and unusual deaths caught of film…if that is the route the Chive wants to go.

      • WTF

        oh you poor poor sad cat person =( it's such a tragedy that someone posted a picture of a FAKE STUFFED cat stuck in a garage door. i bet you're so sad and just crying and crying….

        fawking grow a set you little bitch.

  • Anonymous

    wow #4 sweet pic

  • top dog

    Not Oh sh!t moments, these are Awww sh!t moments.

  • stafferty

    #4 Here comes the Stay Puft man

  • mj

    wow 17 is kinda fucked up. Someones gonna have some childhood flashback or something.

  • Anonymous

    So no one thinks that #17 could simply be a stuffed animal/fake cat stuck in the garage door for shock value? Let's say a family has the same color cat, and the husband pranked his wife by putting that up to freak her out (husbands have done worse).

    They do make joke things for garages, like vinyl garage door covers of jets and such

    • https://www.facebook.com/shanon.brown.00 Shanon Brown

      Thanks. I'm going to make my brain go with that one.

    • WTF

      oh you poor poor sad cat person =( it's such a tragedy that someone posted a picture of a FAKE STUFFED cat stuck in a garage door. i bet you're so sad and just crying and crying….

  • Equalizer

    #2 Gotta hurt

    • Cleans

      Not really. He's laying on the ground. The bar won't even hit him before the plates touch

  • bowhuntpa

    Kitty you cant sleep there thats a garage door

  • Cog

    Stupid cat, it was either the door, or my pet pet dinosaur!

  • aosux

    The dude in # 2 is actually standing and dropping the weights. There would be no reason to wear a back support when lifting on a bench.

    • jordan

      maybe he fell on his back?
      or are the spectators are photoshopped in?

    • nutz

      Dude passed out and collapsed, that’s the weights coming down on him after he hit the ground…. happened a couple years ago in the olympics iirc. He didn’t get seriously hurt but definitely took some bruises.

  • A.nal I.nflicted D.e

    #17 is hilarious, there are too many of the little shits running around anyway. good pet population control ; )

    • Wolf

      HAHAHA!!! THANK you!!! I agree. There are too many of these little crying push-overs bawling about it.

      I think it's great =P

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  • Nicnac

    I cannot, will not send the link for this thread to my friends. The cat picture is sick.

  • jake

    # 17 is really not funny, wtf chive

    • Wolf

      oh cry about it you little panzy.

  • kitkat63376

    Watch it…I AM a PETA bitch. And I love all animals…especially cats! I think #17 should be removed…it is soo sad :o(

  • Bob

    number 11 is actually a fascinating study into human reactions, those closest to the naked man see it as cringe worthy yet those further away rejoice in the novelty of the situation

  • KickUinDas

    Yo BBAmp get a f@$%”!# job!!! ironic ma ass!

  • who cares from i sure dont

    DZKO pwned BBAmp lol and who gives a shit about a dead cat anyways…leave the pic on

    • BBAmp

      Yea man it’s true. He had good points. Read my later posts I actually apologized for being stupid.

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