You’re a special kind of dumb, arentcha. (18 photos)

  • zym

    #9 is pretty awesome actually

    • Joe B

      that is a special kind of awesome!

    • LukeTheTerrible

      I agree! That corrugation is gonna give you a bumpy ride though.

  • Okie Smokie

    Isn't #15 Steve Wozniak?

    • Gilbert Cortez

      Pissing from my Segway.. Like a BOSS!

  • SaintxXxAsh

    *shudders* that picture of the cat gave me chills. never will i ever own a cat, never.

    • LukeTheTerrible

      yep, you're much better off with a dog. A dog will never catch your lip with a sharp little hook. A dog may break bad for some unknown reason and kill the neighbor's child, but it won't hook your lip.

  • Slakker

    lol #4, he must drive down alot of sewer pipes…

    • Anonymous

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  • joe

    #14 is one smart person

  • Stefan Hartman

    #6 is an illusion. The dogs are the same size!!!

    • RubberDogTurds

      Lies! My bf tried to convince me of the same thing but with his penis size…
      god there were oh so many c0cks

    • Keri


  • The Lizard King

    #14 – what an idiot. The TV screen is bright enough to watch in the dark – we don’t need no stinkin lectricity.

    • bobg4400

      You clearly don’t realize that TV’s need ELECTRICTY TO FUNCTION!!!!

      • Embarissed

        Clearly you don’t understand sarcasm.

        • Dirtball

          Thats because he is from the UK

          • fourtwenty

            dude are you really from roseville? thats where im from. weird. eddie murphy——>

          • Anonymous

            Dude sarcasm is like the main form of humour in the uk

            • meh

              Sarcasm is generally rather difficult to detect on the internet. Now if there ways of showing which words were being exaggerated, that would be a different story. Maybe something liiiiike thisssss.

      • Faily McFailerson

        Im pretty sure it's called sarcasm douche.

  • HellHathNoFury

    4- Dude, your camber’s a little…whatever, I just hope your halfshafts snap on the freeway.
    Emo elephant is emo.

    • TexWatson

      Lol she said shaft.

      • HellHathNoFury

        If you leave some words out, I said, ‘Dude, your little shaft’, which is surely….what she said.

        • Hittin it'

          The camber is “negative” when the top of the tire is pointing in. Impressed elephant would be impressed you just used the term camber.

        • DoubleOhSeven

          HHNF, your response….flawless victory.

  • Alan

    Sorry but the guy in 7 is awesome

    • Tiger's Wood

      7 Sucks man, a lowered truck is a wasted truck. Pathetic.

      • A-bone

        @#7 why is it on here? it obviously has air bags on it, which can tote pretty much anything he hooks to it, there by making it much more useful actually… besides, it looks killer.

    • Jerry

      Thats what im saying…bad ass truck

  • Anonymous

    #18 hater gonna hate

  • Robbo

    All 18 needs is a purple leasure suit and hat with feather and the ensemble will be complete.

    • kaveman4130


  • Norm

    #10 is actually sad. Elephants in captivity go mad.

    • meh

      Just like prisoners elephants do too try to commit suicide by running their heads into the wall. Sadface ;(

  • John S

    Assuming that #9 is a waterslide, I don’t get what’s wrong with that picture.
    I wish waterslides were that awesome when I was a kid.

    • Rupert Holmes

      I’m sure corrugated pipe doesn’t feel too good on the hiney. —-> Tori Amos

      • thatsnotausername

        And there’s always the Service running overhead at about neck level..

  • Anonymous

    #18 “scrappin on my scraper bike”

  • gozer

    #7 makes me sad, and I want #9.

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    Joe Jonas takes “Fail” to a whole another level

    • 100window

      You seem to have taken fail to a whole OTHER level. But Joe Jonas really does as well.

  • rtyurtuty

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  • Greg

    #7: Reason why I think lowering a truck (especially a full size) is f***ing retarded.

  • Paul

    Yeah #7 is pretty awesome! Far from dumb.

  • Caveman

    yeah no #15 looks like steve wozniak.. That guy is no idiot!

  • peteyroberto

    seriously his cambers so negative its suicidal

  • Big Tuna


  • sdfc

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  • bigdaddydrew

    Whats wrong in #17? Just the fact that he has his kid on a motorcycle with him? Or am I missing something?

  • Player5150

    haha just noticed the truck is scraping, doesn’t make a difference to me if that is supposed to be cool, its a special kind of cool arentit?

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