Red Bull didn’t give these Ukrainians wings (30 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone been to one of these shows? They are hilarious.

    • HldOnHittinABowl

      Not yet but I will be going to the Twin Cities Flugtag on July 24th. The company I work for is actually helping one of the teams that is competing. They are building a replica of a WWII bomber “Miss Mitchell”. And I get my mom’s condo in downtown St. Paul that weekend-WOOO WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Bring on the party!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    #24 where do they come out with this shit? lol.

    • stafferty

      The Ukraine is weak.

      • Ulysses

        Ukraine has greater history than United States.
        USA sucks.

        • Kent

          You’re on drugs or something? Your history is greater than ours?

          USA: Landed human beings on the moon, mapped the cosmos, invented the airplane etc…

          Ukraine: Nothing of importance.

          • Ulysses

            Igor Sikorsky – pioneer of aviation in both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft was born in Kiev (Ukraine).
            Sergey Korolyov – the head Soviet rocket engineer and designer during the Space Race between the United States and the Soviet Union was born in Zhytomyr (Ukraine). He created Vostok – first manned spacecraft.
            Nikolay Benardos invented carbon arc welding. He is also Ukrainian.
            Kiev Rus was the most powerful state in Europe, when Christopher Columbus was not even born.
            Nazi Germany not invaded your land and you did not beat back it.

            So, USA: nothing of importance.

            • workin_donkey

              Sounds like someone’s got a chip on his плечо

            • huh

              you can’t be serious.
              USA v. Ukraine? this is not a contest.
              The Ukraine did, however, produce Eugene Hutz, the greatest front man ever, but he ran away from the damn refugee camps ni your god-forsaken country to come to America where he was able to make something of himself.
              Oh, and we beat the fucking nazis for you assholes, so dont give me that shit.

            • Anonymous

              Not to mention Martika Pussynov the greatest blowjob ever with her lack of teeth and all. GO USA

      • stafferty

        I was just makeing a Seinfeld reference, I wasn’t looking to start an international incident.

        • huh

          YOU IDIOT! that’s how all wars start…

          • Ulysses

            I started about history, not about power or rich of our countries.
            Ukrainian history started at 9 century and yours at 16 century.

  • Ulysses

    #9 eggplane. lol

  • Gary

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  • Kent

    I wait eagerly for the day that someone builds an effective flying machine to use in that competition and manages to fly away without hitting the water.

    • isawoj

      And then veer off and crash into the crowd killing 3.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    After such success with downing the Luftwaffe, the Russians took pride in downing the Flugtag too.

  • top dog

    One of these days one of these contraptions will fly…it’s gonna fly for miles and it will just fuck everybodys head up.

  • dyrtytru

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  • Equalizer

    More garbage to throw away in the water…

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