It was THIS BIG (28 Photos)

  • HellHathNoFirst

    Vladmir is the only one I believe.
    2-you gotta cup em and rub em around a bit. Like this.

    • HeartUnderTheRose

      “Just be careful not to get your fingers tangled in all the hair.” Hehe, hairy ball jokes.

      • HellHathNoFury

        Just keep a lighter in your pocket to burn that shit off so it won’t get stuck on your teefs.

        • Anonymous

          then how will you floss my dear?

    • Crystal

      Nice subtle first there, HHNF

      • CunningLinguist

        @HHNF aside from him telling you how big “it” is, vlad’s also pointing to the two assassins right behind the camera man. that i also believe.

    • okthenjustpickoneforme

      Well, as a former altar boy I can vouch for 16…

  • Anonymous

    i am 6, unfortunately

  • Kyle

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  • Clickawhat

    This is the lamest thing I’ve seen on the Chive in awhile. Bill Murray —–>

    • flenin

      ^ have you tried looking here?

      OH SNAP

  • that guy

    I could also see putin saying: “This is how far i am capable of sticking your head up your own ass if you mess with me”

    and you just know he could

  • Lupivthegreat1

    so from what I can gather, Americans have small dicks (#9 & 15)

  • Anonymous

    Laaaaaaaaaame post.

  • SaintxXxAsh

    i prefer the cheese-wheel style myself.

  • doo dah doo doo

    i guess this post is tagged as wtf because… well wtf is it doing on the chive. similarly you could post it under fail as well.

  • Anonymous

    i must agree that this is the lamest post ever. fucking boring.

  • Anonymous


  • Mattythegooch


  • teh internets


  • Vihni

    Really??? Wow, The Pope has a Schlong … pity he doesn’t get to use it …

  • Amy

    why the hell was the picture of Gerard Way in Helena not up here (¬_¬)
    and yes this post is pretty lame :/

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