Douchebags, baguettes, and some nozzles (34 Photos)

  • The Truth Hurts!!

    #8 doesn't belong on this! She's smoking hot!!

    Then again I like my girls to have the porn star/ stripper look rather than the girl next door!

    • Poual

      shut up……………..

  • markkens

    Bunch'a brainless decaying nozzles.

    Fuck my tax dollars going to hormone treatments and lip botox. Not to mention frackin' liver transplants and anal bleaching.

  • Douche Nozzle

    I’m not in any of these pics but I am first again bitches!

    • SaintxXxAsh

      Haha win for douche nozzle.

      • DoubleOhSeven

        Hate to burst your bubble but 33 is a douch nozzle

    • Douche Gasket


  • Anonymous

    Douche Nozle’s not first on his own post

    • Anonymous

      Dammit Douche Nozzle wins again. Good Play

      • Douche Nozzle


  • Anonymous

    Someone need to tell 28 that these are man boobs.

    • NSFWwarning!

      I think it may be a pre-op transsexual on vacation from Thailand. Blur those boob implants before someone gets in trouble!

      • Chicken of China

        That guy was on some show because he had gotten like 50 different plastic surgeries. He looks terrifying…like wax. I'd prefer if the whole disturbing picture was blurred. D:

    • mike hunt

      Look at the tan lines for #28's breasts. He probably cruises the Jersey Shore looking for drunk DB's and takes them home. Surprise!!! Buttsecks!!!

  • aosux

    What the hell is wrong with people? Nozzle or no nozzle these are full of stinky douche juice.

  • Bob Loblaw

    28 confuses me. Make it stop!

    • Rob

      is #28 a man? a woman? an elf? are those boobs?

      All I know is that my hamster sh*t himself when he saw that photo. I am fairly certain that is where small rodents go to die. Run Lemmiwinks!

  • GOD

    Now it’s time for the judgement day!

  • Confused

    I get that each decade has it’s own unique style. But HHNF or Saint or *some* female out there…please explain to me the appeal of these overgrown oompa loompas?

    • HellHathNoFury

      Do NOT ask me. I cannot fathom why anyone would want to get sticky and smelly with one of these guys.

  • Cheez-Stick

    Im sorry but if being a D-bag gets me what the guy in 24 has then I might have to be in……..

    • Confused

      I would rather stick a hot poker up my own arse and spend the rest of life masturbating with sandpaper than to be one of those ass clowns

    • Bob Loblaw

      You’d sell your soul for a piece to be with 7 new strains of herpes?

      • someguy

        It’s not the D-Bag thing… simple fact of life: mo’ money, mo’ bitches..

      • hahaha

        He's the least D-Baggish dude out of all these pics. Whats he doing wrong? Lol he has Some pretty hot girls around him and he looks like he's having fun lol

  • Stafferty

    Are the back up lights on Porche on?Ladies and gentlemen of the chive, I believe there may be some justice

    • ytreffarS

      They're called reflectors. When a camera makes a flash this happens a lot.

  • KD

    Some of the Bags are pretty… I’ll bet all the spray tan in the world that 90% these Bags are actually Fags!!

  • sfmountainbiker

    Baguette or not, #8 is hot and I’ll take three please.

    Also, #19 is not a deuchbag. That’s a fucking hipster if I’ve ever seen one. Equally low on the social ladder, I might add.

  • Smeagol

    Most look like current or former frat boys, with the standard vapid personalities attaching thereto.

  • Roboguy

    Point of clarification:
    #26 & #28 are not douches, they are gay.
    As for the rest, (takes a deep breath in) ahhhhhhh smell the vinegar!

  • bacon

    bag or not, I’d say # 24 is doing just fine……

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    In all honesty, a little bit of pee came out looking through these. I also may have farted a little.

    Furthermore, no.8 is dibbed.

  • Big Los

    I don’t get why number 4 is a douche…

  • Matt

    What the HELL is WRONG with these people?

  • krisb


  • RW

    # 1 lives in Austin and can be seen out just about any night downtown. Balls. He has huge (gay) balls.

    • Vonshine

      Man, I thought he came from Gotham City.

  • Draleg

    @ pic 3 , that porche is in reverse , bye dochbag

    • Veritas & Aequitas

      No, it is a reflection of the flash. Check out the flash in the bumper. If only it were so.

      • MichaelGS

        Actually I think its the brake lights. the reverse lights are the white ones and the flash couldnt light up both side plus the brake bar light below the window. Still, if only it were the reverse lights

  • Jon without the h

    Douchebags: You know, I understand working out and getting some muscle. Get yourself in shape, that’s fine. But why do you have to do the excessive tanning? Do you not realize what the rest of the world thinks of you? I mean, the Chive has an entire section dedicated to you retards. I would think you would take some pride in your appearance.
    Ladies: Do you seriously like these guys? Is this really attractive?

  • sammmmy99

    Eeewwweee!! That’s all I can say.

  • bleep bloop

    Most of these guys are a bunch of ‘mo’s, so that’s kinda an excuse

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