Douchebags, baguettes, and some nozzles (34 Photos)

  • shabba

    33 is an absolute horror show.

  • Katmandu

    #10 on the right makes me think "Why SHE SLAP?!"

  • --lol--

    hsahhha guys i know the douchbag nr5 realy he lives in the netherlands rotterdam hahah lol
    so every one thinks hes a douchebag hahah nicee man u guys r great haha. im sorry i dont have his email but i can get it haha.


  • AcSg

    When will douchebags become self aware?

  • crazypirate

    I think #28 is an actual female.

    • lola

      yep totally is i seen her on transgender shows before

  • cjp

    the chinese guy on the left in number 18 is actually johnny dang. he lives in houston and is a really famous jewelry maker. he is in all of swisha houses videos and what not

    • aprilfool

      glad someone else recognized him.

  • alejobeto

    the 17 is beautiful ,sexy ,hot men

  • Adrian

    Hey Douches, i'm very happy for you and i'll let you finish, but Kanye West was the greatest douchebag of all time!

  • ...

    33 is just a faggot

  • papi looie

    bunch of fudge stuffers

  • Anonymous

    #28 is it male or female?

  • Peri

    The kid in 33 looks like he might have some serious mental issues, im unsure he even knows thats money.

    Also, yeah alot of these are homosexuals, which kinda….. doesn't change the badness of these horrible photographs, but the cathegory switches a lil doesnt it?

    The elusive explanation of #28? Too much plastic surgery, you cant get pecs like that without building, atleast some, more muscle overall.

  • sarah

    whats up with the tans and the hair (in 22).. lol the hair is hilarious!!!

    btw imma girl. and i would never give them the time of day. it would be like him: hey you- Me: no!!

  • GabyYYZ

    #23, WTF?

  • guyvsguy is the real deal people. This site……not so much

  • scott

    seriously, what is wrong with these faggots?

  • Hills McBalla

    You stole all these pics from HCwDB. You suck!!! Stop posting other websites pics and not giving them credit!! I hate you chive, the onion is much better and ORIGINAL!!! They don’t steal from others and then claim the stolen material is theirs. Dolt!!!

  • Thor Mannion

    wow, the "men" of today. My dad would cry, if he could.

  • Anonymous


  • redmondherring

    Don't think any of our loyal Chivettes are following this anymore (it's an old post), but if you are…. What (if any) is the appeal of #22?

  • Christian

    28 is a male. I watched show about plastic surgery and he had peck implants put in.

  • Bugs bunny

    #33 is from southpark?

  • Tristin Rawr

    Um just saying 30 and 31 aren't douches. It's a scene kid and a hardstyle shuffler, which I am both of. We hate the other people on this list and are nothing like them.

  • BranDON6619

    #3 Duckface, gives Italians a bad name.
    #6 WTF??
    #11 The tanning beds are that way!
    #12Se what I mean about the whole giving Italians a bad name?
    #16 Look…we just spray tanned!!!
    #22 You have got to be kidding me??? Really????
    #33 "I'm gangsta! I gots $160 dollars son!

  • admiralevident

    Sweet. Just broke in the report system. Popped my cherry….

    OK that was over fast, was mildly disappointing but left me wanting to do it again.

  • scotty

    Kate, are you the dude in #5? No wonder you're lonely.

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