Real life MacGyvers (15 Photos)

  • OneClownShoe

    The beer tub is a good idea.

    • Puddha

      The real trick is how MacGyver would get Corona to taste like real beer.

    • osborl12

      It's a washer machine.

  • come on chive!

    oh come on!!! i just received these as email today… chive is getting too unoriginal now 😦

    • Gahh

      Fair enough some posts are unoriginal but not all of us have all day to browse the internet for random photos. These are new to me.

      • FrownFace

        If they at least gave credit to the original site…..

        • seriously!?

          do you actually think the other site created the photos?

  • Throbbit Yuengling

    #13, I don't know how fast I was going officer, I can't check the gauges. Still darn creative.

  • Baldy

    Well, Gahh. I suggest you spend the rest or your day looking at your email. You ungrateful bastard. Chive kicks ass… and you suck a bag of dicks…..

    • Cuneyt Baris

      Learn to read. "come on chive!" was dissing chive while "Gahh" was defending. Don't you look like a moran.

  • dw55

    wow I am amazed 😀

  • Frenchgirl

    I actually like #6!

    • jaydub

      number 6 is very worthy..i am off to the patent office

  • Confused

    Some of these are worthy of MacGyver status the rest are not

  • chrisdg74

    I will probably get a lot of thumbs down as I am ashamed to admit, my wife(girlfriend back then) and I did something similar to #5. It involved putting the bottle through one of the rings attached to the handle of the "pumpkin-seat". Hey, I was 20, she was 18. It was only when he woke up in the middle of the night.
    I feel so much better now for sharing that.

    • Beau

      Good for you man, getting it off your chest. No reason to feel bad for it. You wanted to make sure your kid could eat and you were a zombie at the time. Zombies don't make for good baby feeders, as far as I understand.

  • Jaxk

    Really funny!! More posts like this please!

  • top dog

    Some of that stuff is pretty aww, inventive, and some of it is not so safe. But #7…..don't try it son, it won't work.

  • pet_wookiee

    6, 9, 12, 15… all genius.

  • MiPo_TheGoat

    unfortunately i have seen 3 of these in action before…..(buries head in hand)

  • Bear6

    #13 is way too dangerous lol. what a dumb ass

    • Vince

      Don't worry. He should be out of the gene pool soon enough.

  • anonymous

    #6 seems like a great idea

  • Coops

    #6 is fuckin GENIOUS

  • theseatoachisel

    #9 Fail. It's called a lighter, or silverware, or anything that doesn't take constructing something.

    • JHL1

      Bic lighters are the best bottle openers

  • MiPo_TheGoat

    MacGruber wouldnt even do half of this stuff nevermind MacGyver!!!

  • @nlstivers

    I got #6 going on right now. My head phones hang from one of those paper clips.

  • Sauru

    i do something like number 5 every day with the baby

  • @albertarules

    13 is actually common in canada in one specific context – the post office – we have left hand drive vehicles but the mailboxes along the road are on the right hand side. Postal carriers in rural areas need to have right hand drive in order to deliver the mail without getting out of the car…

    • northerner

      I agree, albertarules. Here in Southern Colorado, our rural mail carrier has a Jeep Cherokee set up similarly. Haven't seen the pedal arrangement but there has to be some cabling/rod system to handle the pedal controls in a similar manner. Not too far-fetched, actually. And #6, I also agree, is a great idea. I'll remember that for future reference. Some of the others, not bad either. The rest, My God….not Yankee Ingenuity, but human stupidity…and we share the planet's roadways with them!

  • One Sick Puppy

    You call them macgyvers….I call them to cheap to do things the right way.

  • doo dah doo doo

    #6 is fucking ingenious.

    #15 made me lol

  • Mike of LA

    #13 – Great Idea, until you hit something and the airbag goes off… Nothing like a steering wheel shot at your face at 200 mph

    • JHL1

      1) There's no airbag in that vehicle
      2) You can disable passenger side airbags

  • Peter
  • aaron

    I have had 15 going on before, it is miserable. eff VWs

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