Taking douchebaggery to shocking new lows (34 Photos)

Every time we do these posts at least two or three of the following douchebags write us threatening emails about how they're going to sue our balls off for slander, defamation of character, etc...
This is your doucheclaimer: TheCHIVE has never, and will never, remove your douche nozzle from our site. So save your douchebreath while we save our first amendment rights. My advice: Quit being a douchebag and this won't happen.
- John

  • girlwhoknows

    OMG, I grew up with #31. The funniest part is he has a twin–a twin who is far less afflicted with the douchebaggery, and far less….brown.

  • scott

    wow,even more fags.

  • Fattynutkins

    Wow No. 15 must LOVE his cigarettes!

  • RAT

    #5 What better way to get your kids to behave than "Starching their clothes" BRILLIANT

  • Ispeakchive

    That was painful, I'm pouring gasoline into my eyes to ease the pain

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