Criminal facial composit sketch compared to actual photos (13 photos)

  • Efosa

    What was he smoking when he drew number 8

    • Ultra

      The sketches are made by witness reports or similar. The drawer had no clue about what the person looked like, he just drew how the victim or witness described the bad guy.

      • Whopper

        if in doubt, draw a black man

      • QWERTY

        Official KKK brand weed

    • Mix-A-Lot

      Obviously he was trying to frame the cop from Family Matters

    • YepandNope

      10 looks like a caricature.
      12 just looks like the artist was showing off.

  • communityfrance

    5 would be the 6

    • scv

      and 6 would be the 5 haha

  • Kvalvik

    Number 11 is Frank Zappa.

    • Jim

      No shit! Thought the same instantly.

  • Eirik Grindheim

    The drawing at #12 has to be Michael Jackson.

    • Penelope

      I was thinking 12 and 9 resembled him. lol

      • winston002

        you guys know thats ted kaczynski right?

        the U.N.A. bomber

        • hMMMM

          aka the Unabomber?

  • Gareth Mangini

    Isn't 12 the default Cracked . com avatar?

  • Jim

    #8…yeah, I'm gonna have to think that a anyone could fight that one……… The drawing looks like a lame Al Sharpton…my bad, the drawing looks like Al Sharpton and the defendant looks like Oscar Da LA Hoya…wtf?

  • Kimbo

    No.5 looks like my grandad. That's a bit scary.

  • Sam

    Yep 12 is a default cracked av

  • pookie

    Good job #8. I would have been out looking for a black guy.

  • bohous

    #12 is the Unibomber.
    #7 I think is Timothy McVeigh?

    • Stirke Eagle WSO

      yes on both.

  • Caca

    #3 – Ben Affleck

  • Donkeyballs

    2 – Bruno Hauptmann
    6 – David Berkowitz (Son of Sam)
    7 – Timothy McVeigh
    9 – Richard Ramirez (The Night Stalker)
    12 – Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber)

    Not sure about the rest.

    • Brandon

      You forgot #4 – typical American woman

      • HellHath NoFury

        Typical southern woman.

    • jeffroe

      The Mcveigh sketch always gives me chills because I had a guy in my communications class at that time that looked far more like the sketch than Mcveigh did. He was an Ex seal or something and had talked about his background with explosives and such so until they found the real perp I was always sort of concerned that it could have been him. Whenever I see that sketch I think of that guy from school…

  • @rte148

    got that POS McVeigh right

  • CapnS

    #8 — Obvious the sketch wasn't the factor that lead to the arrest

  • Beltes

    Ooooohhhh…so close

  • Duke

    #11 looks like Angelo Buono, one of the Hillside Strangler serial killers in late 70s LA

    • Kimi D

      You would be correct.

  • amanda

    11 is totally a photo though.

  • garp

    …as a sketch artist Ma'am I am less interested in your recall of the the facial features of the suspect, but lets nail the fucking HAT down okay? the secret to closing this case in less than 48 hours is getting the hat correct, god knows the suspect isn't leaving home without it

  • Anon

    Spell check, Chive, spell check.

  • mattbklyn
  • Salporin

    #12 looks like the guy from teh "addicted to Porn" billboards. #8…well, I'm thinking that the artist is some racist who just assumed the criminal was black.

  • mattythegooch

    #1 is the "Baseline Rapist" right here in good ol' Phoenix!!

    #3-be on the look out for the fuck face that made the film Gigli.

    • BillyBlaze

      That was a scary time Matty. We also had the serial shooter going on at the same time.

      • mattythegooch

        The serial shooter was scary as shit. Especially how the locations were so random.

        • BillyBlaze

          I was living in Mesa at the time and refused to go out after midnight til those psychos were caught

    • Becky

      That is Eric Rudolph who killed a doctor who performed abortions and then hid in the woods and mountains for a while….man I need to get out more

  • bob

    it seems like the sketches would actually help the criminal by misleading anyone looking for him.

  • Duke

    Now that I think about it, #10 is probably Kenneth Bianchi, the other "Hillside Strangler". That sketch, though, is probably Rodney Dangerfield.

  • Big Daddy

    Where is the Leprechaun sketch vs real Leprechaun?

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