Rides that beg the question “WTF, man”? (21 Photos)

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theTHROTTLE wants to show off your random pictures
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  • http://intensedebate.com/people/MiPo_TheGoat MiPo_TheGoat

    I think i'll take one of each minus Ms flapjack Mammaries 2010 in pic 7

  • Fable

    #6 it beats using the airport

  • some guy

    What is #2

    • TheMozartofhugeballs

      It's a bucket wheel excavator. A big toy that moves massive amounts of dirt quickly. Mainly used in open pit mining.

  • Fable


  • Mike

    im still trying to find the car in #7

  • crazy horse

    #19 to me , to you , to me , to you

  • Pedant

    Dude you need to look up what “beg the question” means.

  • Panzerschrek

    #7 is not a "wtf, man" it's a "winning, man" or girl… depends if you have luck…

  • Jethro

    #21 Russian crowd control. Because the H2O freezes right out of the cannon Nov to Dec. Bet it cooks a turkey faster than a fryer too.

  • Adam

    Nothing about this "begs the question". Try looking up the proper way to use the phrase and then we'll chat. Ah fuck it, I'll save you the trip to google. Begs the question basically means you have used circular logic to support something.
    Bro 1: Bros Icing Bros is the most chillacious thing on the planet.
    Bro 1: Why is that?
    Bro 2: Because Icing Bros is just too chill for words brochacho!
    Bro 1: That's just begging the question. Also, you are worse than aids.
    The term begging here is not used in the classical sense as in to ask for or to implore.

    • Pedant

      In other words, “dude you need to look up what ‘beg the question’ means.”


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  • gaboy

    Was this not the same exact post they had up a couple days or weeks ago? Girl in #7 is doable.

  • http://orthomac.weebly.com/ Dirty Dave

    #7 Yeah WTF, why is she not washing that car?

  • Iieii

    #24 What’s uglier than the pants is the woamns lack of an ass. Actually, it’s just a plain ugly ass that should never be in tight jeans, pants or shorts. o.0 Thank god for full, big & round booty!

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