Columbian plane hit by lightning and crashes (5 photos)

Bogota, Columbia -A Boeing 737 Aires jetliner with 131 passengers crashed on landing and spit into three pieces at a Colombian island in the Caribbean early Monday. Experts are claiming the crash was due to getting hit by lightening. The region's governor said it was a miracle that only one person died. All but 6 passengers were taken to the hospital for a range of injuries, but those 6 passengers did however need a change of underwear. Click here for story from an real-life news source.

  • mattythegooch

    Whole lotta science/learnin' going on for a Monday morning. I am disappoint….

  • David Sanchez

    it's not "Columbia" it's Colombia

    • Niitsitapi13

      and denmark is danmark. no one gives a shit, sorry to break it to you

      • juanca_23

        Can we say United Steaks of America? No one gives a shit dont they?

        • Niitsitapi13

          i do, my point was how we speak here.

    • Ivan

      Thank you. From now on, I think I'm going to spell the US like this: Staits United

      And Niits…what-ever-the-fuck-that-is and Juanca, if nobody gives a shit, then WHY THE FUCK DO YOU WASTE THE MINUTE TYPING YOUR POINTLESS FUCKING RESPONSE?? Fuck you, I'm Colombian and I give a shit.

    • Motoring SOB

      Yeah, and it's not "david" sanchez, it's dirty sanchez

  • aosux

    What did that 1 person do to piss off the powers that be?! It really ruined everyone elses day.

  • BigDingo

    really amazing that only one person died, a small tragedy instead of a disaster

  • Darksoul

    I am NEVER EVER booking another flight with Aires! I've heard stories of what sort of negligence happens their hangars and this does it for me.

  • Beau

    The lightning didn't break the plane apart, it probably killed the controls and discombobulated the pilot. The landing is definitely what broke it apart. Take that to the bank.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    It's that damned Elyse Porterfield again.

    She posted this here and then copied it onto every news site on the planet.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    So, because one guy showed up at work hung over, and forgot to coil the wires, this happens? Hell, the Enterprise gets hit by Romulan plasma torpedos and doesn't have this kind of damage. Scotty, put down the Scotch and fix the shieids!

  • BongPimper

    How the hell did only one person die and the plane look like that?

  • danxxx

    i live there sweet island btw.

    • Nateb123

      Except for the massive pieces of metal plummeting from the sky. Yeah I'm sure it's an awesome place to live

  • Drew

    Lightning doesn't cause a plane to crash. It was likely a microburst that dropped down on top of him as he was about to land and the extreme downdraft of air slammed him into the ground before they could recover. That and wind shear are the most dangerous parts to the severe storm that was obviously right near/on the field.

  • ASD Expert

    There have been at least two other similar 737 Next Generation (-600 through -900) accidents where the fuselage has broken into three pieces. In Feb 2009 a Turkish Airlines had a hard landing in Amsterdam and in Jan 2010 an American Airlines broke into three pieces in Jamaica. There is also an on-going law suit against Boeing for nonconforming structural components in this series of aircraft. There is also suspicion that the Kenya Airlines crash in Cameroon and the Ethiopian crash in Lebanon are also related to structural issues in the Boeing 737 NG. All national aviation authorities should be advised of known nonconformities in the primary structures of Boeing 737 NG aircraft, so that their independent investigations may draw accurate conclusions.

  • jucamana

    Come on guys!

    – Colombia (pronounced /kəˈlʌmbiə/), officially the Republic of Colombia (Spanish: República de Colombia, pronounced [reˈpuβlika ðe koˈlombja], is a constitutional republic in northwestern South America. Colombia is bordered to the east by Venezuela and Brazil; to the south by Ecuador and Peru; to the north by the Caribbean Sea; to the northwest by Panama; and to the west by the Pacific Ocean.

    – The District of Columbia, the federal district in which the capital of the United States is located.
    – Columbia Hospital for Women, Washington, D.C.
    – Columbia Restaurant, Tampa, the oldest Spanish restaurant in the U.S.
    – Michigan: Lake Columbia
    – Columbia, Missouri, a city
    – New York: Columbia Soccer Stadium
    – Washington: Columbia Peak
    – Columbia University, New York City

    • Buffet

      Thanks for the 411.

  • Shane


    We get your point douchebag….

  • Mr. heated


  • lfsg

    it was not a lightning, but a weird change of speed and direction of the wind just before the plane touched ground. And the only victim was a 78 years old woman who had a heart attack at the moment of the accident. Greetings from Colombia (or Columbia, I don't mind)

  • John Smith

    It is COLOMBIA not Columbia. Please correct.

  • Whocares

    Its Colombia you fucking retards….

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