World’s weirdest currency (20 photos)

  • greenerblues

    some of these are actually badass

  • Mike

    I believe 6 is Poland, not Palau…

    • Poindexter

      No, they're from Palau; used to be a German Colony.

    • Sorean

      Battle of Grunwald is the Polish battle of 1410 against the Templars. Its a Polish coin

      • Poindexter

        I didn't say anything about the battle not being Polish. The COINS are from PALAU. I hate having to capitalize things like that, but the point needs to be made. The former German colony of Palau commemorated the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald (Tannenberg) on three 35mm square 1 Dollar coins. Lithuania also did a commemorative set for this battle. As for Palau, collectible coins are sort of a side business for them; they make commemorative coins all the time.

  • jimbo

    Franklin Mint?

  • H^S

    #10 is clearly a Ford GT40 and not – by any means – a Lamborghini.

  • Adam

    GT40. Chive fail

    • Kjell King

      I think that's actually supposed to be a Lambo Miura.

      • redcat111

        The Lamborgini ripped of the Ford GT40 design

      • H^S

        No likely, since the coin features a protrusion on the side window, which is a trait specific to the GT40.

  • Gumba

    #11 those are not donuts, they're stadiums

  • Beau

    #11 a faked injury getting carded on one side, and a soccer player surrounded by a ton of donuts on the other side. Truly astounding. Way to go Germany. lol

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Sorry but nothing fits in a strippers G string like a fresh bill

    • tommybhoy


  • BigDingo

    Almost makes you want to go to Somalia… almost

  • anarcrust

    I just wonder how widely circulated the somali coins are, and if anyone even wants them. The geometric ones are cool, the images however, are not.

  • Brandon

    "Some people say that it is actually an alive turtle that is completely still and blue." Yeah, and these people are also born with less than 46 chromosomes…

  • Knowitall

    #11 as previousely mentioned NOT donuts! its the stadiums where the WC games were hosted and theres even the names of the cities where they stand above them.

  • dinimuetter

    i don't get it why does somalia have so many awesome coins?

    • Dan

      The coins from Somalia you see are non-circulating legal tender meaning they are not coins "meant to be spent." These coins are minted by arrangement with the government of Somalia that monetizes them, but they are minted in Europe specifically for the collector market. These coins have never been within 1,000 miles of the country that issued them and I wouldn't want to go there to spend them.

  • Anthraxprincess

    Somalia may be batshit insane, not have a functional government, and filled with pirates but goddamn, they've got some really cool coins…

  • BrownE

    Marijuana coin FTW hands down! Rub it and you shall smell the goodness!!

  • Löwe

    6 is awesome!

  • Noone

    Benin Marijuana coin mintage is 2500, not 999

    Also the denomination is 100 not 1000 FR

    Where do you get your info. Is there an editor at all ?

  • Cassara

    This makes everything so completely pinaless.

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