• Jonny

    The guy who posted this video here is totally lame.

  • Tired, So Tired

    Seriously Leo? "Miniature China man?" After your fire truck accident video with the headline "I'm guessing a woman or an Asian was behind the wheel" a couple of weeks ago, it's getting tired. It was already unimaginative and unfunny. Now it's tired and it wants to sit on the subway without you getting in its face.

  • danman

    bleh you are a dirty chink and a racist yourself – YOU GO AWAY NOW OKAY?

  • eri

    thats in hong kong!!!

  • ronin

    Could be cultural as well. I hear that in some Asian (perhaps middle eastern) countries they communicate more face-to-face than in the US. In the US, when someone gets in too close, many men see this as a threat. The Asian man may simply be trying to express something and the Caucasian guy may be misinterpreting it as a threat. It looks like the Asian guy is trying to provoke the Caucasian guy (I would see it as the same way if i were there), but it may be simply that the Asian is frustrated because the Caucasian guy can't understand him. When the Caucasian guys turns away, the Asian man may see this as provoking or insulting him, and he tries to bring the other guy back around which is the final straw for him. Unfortunate, because we don't get to see the very first part. Probably just a misunderstanding of a minor thing.

  • turtle?

    i like how the skinny chinese kid tries to intervene lol

  • itscrazee

    dont read too much into it. Its just a old man trying to act tough on the trains, it happens very often in HK.

  • alex

    yay hong kong gets on the chive 🙂

  • Nono

    Oh ano ano ano!! Filipino in the train hehehe!!!

  • Anony

    I speak a little cantonese and from what I gather from the beginning, the chinese man is saying "why aren't you leaving?" and the second phrase is "you're in my seat" after that I can't make out what he's saying. But when the dutch/german guy has hime by the throat and the chinese man is seating down, he is shouting "what are you doing, what are you doing?"

  • pau

    wow, I don't know what happened, but after watching this video that little asian fuck pissed me off. i would have thrown a punch right into his gut and thrown him out at the next stop

  • Alan Trevino

    yeah a lot of racisism on the web its true, but we are big boys we can take some making funny ¿isnt?. i mean it pissed me that my culture , lenguage and country is a punch line on USA, thou that means is a open lane of opinion .

    so…the cantonese guy was picking on the tall guy?, and we? does somebody can add some cultura background?.

  • DtotheF4shiZ

    i like how the asian guy takes a power stance.

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