Emo kids, get over yourselves, suburbia isn’t that bad (25 Photos)

  • theta

    actually suburbia does suck, and high school is depressing, but they're rich posers. real suffering doesn't look like bad hair and tight jeans

  • one old tired man

    Maybe if mommy and dad cut off their bank account or dropped their whinning asses in the middle of some project or a cancer ward, maybe they might actucal get a clue that the world doesn't revolve around their sorry clueless asses. I would love to pull those stupid lip rings out without the benefit of looseing the screws

  • Brock_Lee

    what fuck is the dude on the far right in #1 wearing…someone needs to tell him that his moobs look big in that shirt

  • Nameless

    Man, I'm glad I missed this crap growing up.

  • 123

    nản tkật..ckả hiểu j`

  • steven

    #19 eMoC HAMMER

  • GLC

    i would do #9 any day of the week


    #19 the answer is doable.

  • Kyle


    Too much Geology homework causes severe cases of Emoism. Also, mums minivan is a total flop out at the skatepark, the CD player is broken so she can't blare the newest Hawthorne Heights album.

    ….life is pain.

  • Mama Bird

    Seems to me Emo (which always reminds me of Elmo) is the result of having too much given to you resulting in a sense of entitlement and disappointment. Not to many poor kids from the ghetto being Emo because they have actual problems and challenges and are busy trying to survive

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