Damned if this isn’t the most retarded thing I ever saw (8 Photos)

Bonnie Burton decided that droids are better than dudes and has officially married R2-D2. And you're prolly thinking it's not the real R2 however Lucas Films provided the R2 unit and the pastor, Steve Sansweet, to make it all nice and legal. Darth Vader was also in attendance.

  • Merc

    Words cannot express how fucked up that shit is.

  • http://www.intoxicatedabroad.com Matt

    Did R2 get a say in this? I'm pretty sure his boyfriend 3po would not be happy.

    • Homesteader

      I'm sure it was lost in translation… seems that "beep boop" was the correct response.

      So I guess she found the droid she was looking for?

  • Vader

    Her lack of human interaction disturbs me

  • Upgrades

    R2D2 could do better.

    • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

      that nay be true, but she can't

  • Zoey

    Wow! We need more of that hot chick in the black in the first photo!
    Where can i get an outfit like that??

    • garp

      …careful, that hot chick in the black appears to be the Star Wars equivalent of Mrs. Marsellus Wallace…even thinking of giving her a foot massage will get your ass killed

    • Dallylamma

      That Adrienne Curry

      • Ryan R

        I was going to say the exact same thing!

    • Jim

      AGREED!!! CHIVE, GTF on it!

    • Its-a me, Mario

      I love you.

  • wanderingsmartass

    as long as the sanctity of marriage is intact …
    Where's the sarcasm font?

  • chrisdg74


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000481488066 Kyle Lennertz

    this was at star wars celebration V. it wasn't a real marriage it was just for fun

  • Jonathan

    As long as gay marriage stays illegal, I guess this is cool.

  • Dallylamma

    Bonnie Burton is one of Lucas's website people, she does their twitter junk.

  • chrisdg74

    Adrianne Curry. I want.

  • vince

    I went and made a 2 year commitment with a Droid from Verizon, and no one took pictures of us.

    • chrisdg74

      Well played, sir. Well played.
      I'm 4 months into my 2 year marriage.

      • Jen

        if you get divorced you will have to pay 125 dollar early termination fee.

        • chrisdg74

          I think it's up to $350 now. Still, be the cheapest divorce ever.

        • aosux

          You don't have to pay the termination fee if you don't get servie at your house. I got decent service but they waived the fee after a bit of arguing.

  • http://xaotikdesigns.com adam

    You realize this wasn’t a wedding, don’t you? She didn’t get legally married to a robot, it was a commitment ceremony. Its about as legally binding as exchanging promise rings.

    It was just a goofy fun thing for couples to do at Celebration, she just took it further and did it with a droid…

    • BostonRocco

      Wow, adam. thanks for telling us all what was ridiculously obvious to begin with. You get a cookie for your effort.

    • Jen

      maybe you could marry her adam! you seem equally as nerdy/unsocial

  • todd

    R2 vibrates…

  • CapnMarvel

    Is R2D2 the size of dildo she needs now? Lord!

  • Jen

    she needs some dick, STAT. real, human dick.

  • BigDingo

    wow… just wow

  • davey

    look at the shape of R2D2. Remind u of anything?

  • aphthakid

    Glad she got dressed up for the occasion…

  • Jim

    Pic 1, chic on the lef in all black ….. FAP FAP FAP…GODDMAN SHES HOT…..

  • Shameless

    Now, if she got married to a midget and he stuffed himself inside R2D2, that shit would be funny.

  • http://www.facebook.com/JustinVincentHall Justin Hall

    R2, get down from there.
    You look ridiculous, you can't marry a woman.
    And Darth Maul isn't even a real wedding pastor

  • Htownpunk

    I just can't think of anything clever to say at the moment, but I'm thinking that the term "blown rod" could be used (in)appropriately here. Any suggestions???

  • shirt

    sorry guys looks like this "winner" is off the market

  • Niitsitapi13


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