A few more GIFS that boggle my mind

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    • fasterthanu

      Highlight of your day.

    • Clickawhat

      Try highlight of his life.

      • fasterthanu

        haha you topped me;)

    • Motoring SOB

      First plus some other people in front of me, so not really first, but at least i can still type first.
      Come to think of it I am first, first from this computer to comment here, so once again first

      • yup

        Great, now jerk off in front of your computer, which surely isn't he first time.

  • Josh

    The cat is like "I don't want to live"

  • SaM

    10 must be fake… like wtf

    • RawR

      It's entirely real. Look up 'Josh Womack' on youtube.

    • Crispy

      There's a video of a camera crew interviewing him. The guy is amazing. I'm pretty sure the video was actually posted on the Chive last week.

  • ROFLStompped

    #1 Never gets old…Imagine that, just taking a nap and suddenly getting awake by a dog bitting your snicker doodle

  • its_forge

    Cat's like, I'm sneakin' up on the bird, I'm sneakin' up on the bird, I'm sneakin' up on the bird, I'm having a nice lie down what did you think I was doing?

  • non american

    "jegue race" + "brazilian tv" = WIN

  • lol

    that cat made my day

  • BigDingo

    I've been trying to figure out how to do number ten since I first saw it… so far only bruised fingers and a bruised ego

  • http://www.facebook.com/shaned25 Shane Daniel

    #10 is definitely not fake, they featured that video several months ago on Sportsnation and said that dude does that all the time when warming up for games

  • atf343

    wrecking ball+mpv=epic. Either the driver punched past the road blocks (b/c in a hurry? stoopid? wtf?), or the wrecker operator really hates mpv's. (f**u mpv's!)

    • deadsure

      It's a movie set. Cars don't flip and fly like that.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    7 isn't fake?

    How the hell did that prat get through the demolition cordon then?

    • Logicman

      It's from the set of "The Other Guys"

    • PIggy

      Its fake – It was taken from a movie being filmed in new york

  • Alex

    #10 isnt fake that dude has a bunch of bat tricks
    he even does that spin thing and hits the ball

  • Shwedda

    #10 WHAT!? O.o

    he’s a witch!

    • Son of Dad

      Throw him into the pond!

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    • Professor Chaos

      Your sites suck. I didn't even have to go to them and I could tell. HTH!!!!!

    • dfge6gf

      fuck you

  • Reggay

    I feel bad for the crowd surfer dude.

    • Beldar

      I feel bad for the person who's head he took off.

    • Homesteader

      I do not!

      First rule of crowd surfing…. must be sufficient crowd.
      I feel worse for the dude's face he straddled on the way down.

  • Sauru

    these are some of the best gifs yet. top notch

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    3, F*ckin PWNED!!!!!

  • Son of Dad

    #8 – haven't seen that one in a while. the longer i watch the harder i lol.

  • KGatya

    7 is on a movie set

  • Bud Ugly

    Hehe, nice set of GIFs.

    I wonder if a lot of dogs follow the laser pointer like that. I'll have to try it sometime. 🙂

    • Beau

      Yeah, mine does. The way she chases after it is funny. She sweeps her paws in outside to in as if she's waxing the floor to try and get the dot.

  • Beau


  • P-90

    That is NOT Spider-Man.

  • aosux

    Spider-man almost breaking his neck is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

  • Low

    5 is hilarious and in 7 there's a launch thingy under the van

  • Brah

    Number 11 just proves that cats are awesome.

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