• I'm Fifty Tyson

    In Soviet Russia…. No, I can't do it….

  • Where in the WORLD

    Now I know why I'll never go to Russia. Really a line to mcdonalds. WOW

    • Shu Shu

      There is no such thing like mcdonalds lines in Russia currently.
      This video is from 90's, fyi.

      • Where in the WORLD

        Russia still sucks

  • csee

    There were alot of disappointed people that day

  • pufffdragon

    What's sadder. This or lining up for a new iphone.

    • NipNong

      the saddest would be the cashiers trying to clear their lines

      • fuzzybeard2016

        No, it would've been the people working the fry vats that day. Imagine being stuck over vats of boiling oil for hours at a stretch; only to be chased by dogs after you got off work! 🙂


  • @nenko

    Unbelievable video

  • Robinis

    In Soviet Russia, You Bring Presents To Santa!

  • Flavius

    Chive, how much money exactly are you getting from the-west . com, is it really worth it ???? The ad is so annoying with that music, always starts out of nowhere and i have to look for it all over the page (i usually open multiple tabs from the chive, and it's driving me nuts trying to find it to silence it). I can turn the volume down low for the whole browser, but that means no sound for videos either.


    • KingCam

      Firefox + AdBlock Plus Addon = No Worries 😀

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Royale with cheese……

    • Kent

      Glorious Socialist Stalin Burger… with cheese….

  • Scooter

    This is from the early 80's, Russia has hundreds of these now.

  • nemesis

    I remember when this was in the news. It was a big deal then.

    Now? Not so much.

  • Spiderpig615

    I want to see the line for the first drive thru.

  • Mude44

    Ummmm, did anyone else notice the guy at the end is speaking French under the Russian dubbing? Or the rather sizable model Eiffel tower before that?

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Hey Vladimir, what are you Putin on your cheeseburger??

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  • ANON chiver

    so much for fast food.

    • Dillanger

      Supelrby illuminating data here, thanks!

  • thursdaymofo

    People in Russia must love McChickens.

  • bob

    McDonald's puts crack in their special sauce…. there's no other explanation

  • Pinchy

    Holy crap I think I was 6 back then and I DID stand in that line, and yes I did get in. It was epic.

  • B-b-b-bryan

    all that waiting to learn that the burger looks nothing like the picture

  • rahrah

    they must have been giving away free big macs or something…. i remember when chipotle was giving out free burritos, the line was crazy but not this crazy

  • John

    You gotta give them 10 on 10 for hope and 100 for time on there hands.

  • Doude

    30 years old you meant.. back to the 80's

  • guest

    did the 1980's just hit Russia?

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