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This Russian girl is selling her virginity online for the American equivalent of $5,000. So far, no takers. First, I know I shouldn't be posting this and promoting this sort of self-defilement on theCHIVE. Second, this type of self-defilement is exactly the type of stuff we promote on theCHIVE. It's an interesting paradox, I know. So let the debate begin. Is this girl worth $5K?

  • Lou Sanus

    Saw her on german goo girls

  • Bobby

    "I'll give you 75 cents for the whole car, including your chick."

  • erin

    Hells no , drunk for free maybe

  • BCox

    I'm not paying $5K for something I can't thunder-f**k.

  • dick large

    You can see the stretch marks around her mouth from here.

  • Average_Joe123

    It's a trap!

  • Ggg

    100.00 tops


    What's up with big black boxes over everything they are a real pain in the ass please fix while I
    KCCO !

  • dongaroo

    the nature of these pictures makes me question whether she has legs

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