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This Russian girl is selling her virginity online for the American equivalent of $5,000. So far, no takers. First, I know I shouldn't be posting this and promoting this sort of self-defilement on theCHIVE. Second, this type of self-defilement is exactly the type of stuff we promote on theCHIVE. It's an interesting paradox, I know. So let the debate begin. Is this girl worth $5K?

  • Andrew

    "So is there any tread left on the tires or is it like throwing a hot dog down a hallway?"

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Toothpick into a hangar?

      • salporin

        a warm jar of mayonaisse?

        • ReallY?

          Flossing straham?

          • also Andrew

            Riding a bicycle through the Lincoln Tunnel?

            • virius

              No, its just throwing a hot dog

    • chiver

      playing solo in carnegie hall

  • todd

    I wouldn't hit that for a happy meal and a pack of Newport menthols.

    • Eazy E


    • Iambetterthanyou

      is that the going rate for american girls?

    • wop

      haha, black people cigarettes

    • SG34

      All Newports are menthol todd

    • Chivefive

      This looks photoshopped to me .

    • Dakota

      shit, that's better than christmas in my book.

    • Bill

      This comment will be used by me in the future! Thanks Todd,..don't worry, I will give you a copyright reference…"This funny statement brought to you by some guy named todd from a Chive comment board" 🙂

  • devon

    I'd hit it

    with a truck

    • Ryan

      I'll ride shotty. That way if you miss I can at least get her with the door.

    • wanker

      may it be a big one!

      • Dan

        looks like she alraedy has been.

  • mr. dunkles

    That girl doesn't look like a virgin

    • Stevo

      agreed, but try getting your money back after, assuming it happens at all.

      • Homesteader

        Agreed Mr. Dunkles…

        that is all.

    • Baron Von Douche

      Thats what we back home call "rode hard and put away wet too many times"

    • Big Bob

      Maybe she's selling her virginity to the back door? Just a thought…

      • Small Pat

        theres pornstars that claim to be virgins cause they only do anal, so its like reverse what Big Bob said

  • Alan

    If I had 5k just to spend, yeah why not. Since I ate ramen last night, no.

    • YouHeardItRight

      Dude! You ate Ramen Noodles last night? You're living like a fuckin' king as is!

  • XAV

    where is the lower half?

    • dece

      this! how do you expect us to make a decision with less than half the information required? i believe we also would need to see from the back – ahem.

    • Tremor

      There is no lower half.

  • Mike

    This gal is wrecked but I am sure someone will pay.

  • nunya

    I think that's her virginity smeared all over her chest… you'd be paying for sloppy seconds…

    • peepantsthehoboclown

      more like dirty thirds..

  • Giorgos

    b)hell, you can find way better girls for way less money

  • MrWendal00

    id pay her $5,000 to fuck off the internet.

  • Rquiem

    Ehm, so she pays me $5000 to do her??? Or else no go.

  • jmmillerfzr

    Virgins are not as good as sluts… Virgins = boring… Sluts = fun

    • himagain

      Is that what your mom says?

    • JonnyDanger

      well put

  • Tex

    That girl ain't no frickin' virgin. She has some serious miles on her, and not interstate ! Besides wearing the push up bra, The Russian rat won't even show the rest of her body ! I wouldn't hit with YOUR dick !!!

    • Ninjac

      go back to school bud

  • king

    Fuck no

  • Jennifer Diamond

    no way in hell she is a virgin…..

  • biz

    And to think her dad got it for free

    • Brandon

      Hahaha, awesome.

    • chris

      zing! nice one

  • SomethingClever

    I have no time for virgins…

  • Redclark7843


  • The Spagetti Kid

    HOAX !

    In mother russian Virginity takes you .



  • Hitbox

    5k…… geesh
    i can get a 15 min shag for £40 and the girl looks WORSE than her……

  • http://www.facebook.com/chuddleston Christopher Huddleston

    In this kind of situation, I'd say the bidders are more in the balding, fat, depressed, 40-something age range

    • fuzzybeard2016

      Hey, speaking as a not-balding, fat, depressed forty-something, *I* wouldn't hit it. Hell, it looks like every branch on the ugly tree has already hit it, TWICE!!!

    • Rick

      I'm in the balding, fat , depressed, 40-something range, and I'd have to say hell no. With a capital HELL NO.

  • Ralk

    Look at #3… THERE IS HAIR ON HER/HIS LEGS!!!!

    • kaveman

      you called it . that shit is stank.

    • hmm

      Oh yes, because woman must always appear as hairless mannequins! – if not they are sooo obviously disgusting/abnormal or questioned if she is actually female for letting herself been seen more natural/human

      • Temujin

        For 5k your legs BETTER be shaved…and more then that besides. If I want you bald and dancing a spanish waltz on my nuts you better be upright and ready to perform. This aint no free ride here honey

    • mark

      good spot. was about to say id hit that. now i have to think. nicely done good sir. saved me speaking to quickly

    • BEN


  • edgar

    Is it half off for Buttsex ?

    • Ralk


    • Malachi Constant


  • the spagetti kid


    • Dan

      No, THIS IS SPARTA!!!

      • N1ghtstalker

        Nice Dan, I lol'd!

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