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Inventive gifs make me forget to blink (8 gifs)

Please be patient while this very heavy gallery loads. Thanks!

  • hater

    They should really call them gif(t)s…because that's what the are.

    • Nicely said....


  • @ericgiroux

    Love you Chive, no homo. But these kinda… blowmo.

    • Stevo

      you have assured yourself a place in the halls of homo…forever.

  • Poppin Fresh

    I wasted a good few minutes trying to figure out if #7 was going to make shit look like it's moving when I look away. it did not. sooooo…. more gifs of tits plz.

  • petwookiee

    #6 is really cool

  • chrisdg74

    Would rather have more jiggly Katy Perry gifs.

  • tompierre

    1 is godlike

  • ericvdm

    i concur

  • BigDingo

    this is like getting a big box of 'meh' for Christmas

  • Sauru

    #6 is crazy. i mean its no boobs but if i look long enough i can probably imagine boobs right?

  • vince

    #6 and #8 are awesome.
    I want a box like #1… it would be cooler if it were a finger coming out.

  • Ken

    Yup, #6 FTW. #1 is clever….and maybe a little habit forming?

  • McBeastie

    I blinked….and didn't miss anything.

  • Jeff Sayatovic

    It's hypnotizing.. Like staring at a lava lamp

  • Gregory Nelson Courtney

    I can totally do that with my thumb… and a hack saw and duct tape. . .

  • MiPo

    4, I swear i felt a fan when i looked at it

  • MiPo

    5, This would 1 up the "Minivan" from that pic yesterday

  • mrnitropb

    I want to buy #9.

  • Mooooo

    Made my day.. Chive on!

  • Average_Joe123

    #2 The voices. In my head. Make it stop.

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