GIFS: Cure for the common boredom??

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……Yes this title is intentional.

  • chuck

    heh, number 11 is epic

    • henri

      she fell for him!

    • Stevo

      bar douche, also security a little slow in hauling him out.

  • joker ITA

    #7 cartoon name?

    • Gifs FTW

      It was in a Family Guy episode about how God created the universe I'm pretty sure

  • crazy trumpeter

    FAO joker ITA – Family Guy

    • joker ITA

      Thanks 😉

  • vince

    #4 is NOT the %&#$* His dad says….

  • googboog

    wtf no. 1!!! thanks for ruining my childhood

    • nichgq

      Dear Chive,

      Thanks for raping my childhood, and here I thought you were here to show me the awesome. I feel so betrayed!

      90% of your viewers

      • Intermediate Jesus

        Are you saying 10% of us enjoyed that? So I'm not alone?

      • Justin Hall

        These ladies doth protest too much, methinks …

    • Del

      yes, that is truly horrifying…

    • dietroll

      mutated incest

  • Grey


    • tyquan

      I thought the exact same thing

  • Pennywise the Clown

    #3 ALMOST made up for that ninja turtle travesty… Almost

    • fibonacci5150

      needed to be a bit bouncier

  • MiPo

    4, I guess Kirk and Sulu shared a special captains log

    9, He should have used Rid-X

  • Fern

    story on #9?

    • chrisdg74

      I'm guessing septic tank backed up

    • Phildnutz28

      Sprinkler line busted, water fills up under the sod..Happened this year twice at the ballpark I coach at.

  • Sizzle

    #9 is blowing my mind. What's the deal there?

    • Sitting guy

      look up dumb dumb

  • tom

    i jizzed in my pants when i saw #2

    • Will

      Technically, # 2 is the animated version of the Gay Ninja Turtles…..

      So, I have some very, very, very disturbing news for you….

    • Terry Burke

      you like homosexual, incest, mutant turtle sex?

  • SreyaNotfilc

    When I have to think of my happy place, I think of Denise Milani (#3) on a trampoline.

    • ron

      For such a large pair of boobs… there's not much "jiggle" factor going on in that .gif. Disappointing.

      • Beau_INAF

        She's got a heavy duty bra plus a sports tank top on. With larger boobs they usually require more support to prevent them from getting sore from bouncing with their sports gear.

        • dietroll

          either you're a lingerie nerd or a fucking gay

          • Beau_INAF

            Astute observation, sir megadouche. My ex-gf was chubby and had big boobs so I was involved in the process quite a bit.

  • Sauru

    imagine #3 without the bra

    • BigDingo

      Already was before you posted this comment

    • its_forge

      Imagine a woman with two black eyes and severe chest bruising

  • equalizermax

    Can't stop looking at #3 but why #2?… why?…

  • The Dolphins

    "So-long, so-long, and thanks for all the fi – damn it, watch out!"

  • DICK

    i might not be the biggest TMNT fan but god damn is that wrong

  • SomethingClever

    Rule 34 can be a cruel bastard.

  • Rolis

    #5 wtf, did the dude fly out of the red car thru the windshield into the yellow truck thru a window and out past the yellow trucks driver out the other window, it took a while to figure it out and i was looking for other comments on it, but i dont think people really got how epic that is

    yes #3 is good woo hoo boobs, but #5 is EPIC

    • hMMMM

      YES – I agree

  • fartpacker

    #5, the guy was in the yellow semi in the drivers seat and hit the passenger side and then flew out the driver's side window. He didn't fly out of the red truck into the yellow semi. Not epic, he just wasn't wearing his seatbelt

    • Ken

      Nup, I think Rolls is correct. The driver of the yellow truck is still there when the guy comes flying out. And there is no passenger in the yellow truck. So, the guy who comes out must have come out of the red truck. I'm guessing he was hurt or insanely lucky.

      I don't remember that Star Trek….

      Bottle nose Dolphin now a snub nosed Dolphin. Hope those two were okay.

  • krisb

    Teenage Mutant Homo Turtles?

  • 76United

    #3 puts the "tramp" in trampoline

  • Ross

    Seriously, wtf is going on in #9, did someone lay turf on a water bed?

    • Michael Freeman

      My guess is a septic tank issue.

  • RandomGuy

    Number 2…0_0 . I need some mind bleach ASAP.

  • R. Wiggum

    Nothing against gay people, but Raphael and Leonardo are brother for fucks sake !!!

    • its_forge

      Hey incest is best y'know, gotta keep it in the family.

  • Peri

    1# Sums up everything i wish Ninja Turtles had been ❤

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