Columbian soccer super-fan is certifiable (8 photos)

  • femtrooper


  • Phil

    He just cranked shit up to 11

  • didja

    shirts or skins?

  • jstave

    Thats all fine… until they change their uniforms.

    • MGS

      That's been the basic uniform for 54 years. Change? unlikely, lad!

    • 6655321

      unless it's their home jersey (which it is) then they won't.

  • saltygary

    In #8 it looks like he got the collar wrong. Should of tatted the v-neck dude.

  • SG34


  • BigDingo

    I tried the same thing with my McDonald's uniform… and things turned out alright for me

    • Kjell King

      I hear the smiles are free

  • krisb

    What happens if his fave player, #2, is traded? Or the team folds? Uniform change? Laser removal is more expensive and painful I would think.

    • Brand_n

      He head would explode with shame, self-loathing, and regret.

      • fasterthanu

        lol too funny

    • Uhhhh

      Or when he gets old and fat. lol

    • bamf

      as someone who is columbian, that team leaving would be like the yankees leaving, no chance

      • Ynot

        As someone who is columbian, you should know that you would be Colombian, dumb ass!

        • bamf

          As someone whos Columbian, in english the country is spelled "Columbia" and in spanish "Colombia"….you fucking ignorant retard! or maybe i should brush up on my Espanish?

          • Ynot

            Really? Even on their own websites they refer to the people and cuisine as Colombian. If you're going to pretend to be smart, at least have a fucking brain! Dip shit.

  • SweetAwesomeness

    I'm going to do this with my old cub scouts uniform

  • mipo2010

    First person to get the Chive logo tattooed on them will get my thumbs up

    • Uhhhh

      Around the nipples, no less.

  • fasterthanu

    Complete regret at #5

    • troll food

      i was thinking the exact thing. its hard to get a pic of the moment when ppl realize they fucked up but thats dam close

  • Matt

    misspelled colombian

  • equalizermax

    Great, now you have a jersey t-shirt that you will never do laundry ever…

  • Bilau

    Ass hole!!!

  • vzla-ftw

    i said it in the randomness and i say it now, shit like these make me love baseball even more!!!

  • Bob

    Crazy bitch….

  • martim

    futbol teams hardly ever change their shirt designs.

  • JSeries

    Colombian! Not Columbian. Title is misspelled

    • Coldzilla

      OH NOES!!!

  • Dan

    ColOmbian, guys, how hard can it be? it's COLOMBIAN FROM COLOMBIA

  • Richard

    Good Fake. If it was a real tat don't you think his skin would be a little red around the edges? Real or fake you tell me.


    Men i know is real!! and yeah idiots its COLOMBIA with O not U!!

  • bad_kitty

    i bet he will be confused when he plays shirts VS skins

    • Coldzilla

      LOL ^_^

  • Logic76

    Cocaina is a hell of a drug!!

  • thisguy

    Despite whatever crazy tattoo you're going to get, having more than one tattoo artist do their work on you at the same time makes you a badass.

  • Angel Mass

    Its Colombia not Columbia

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