You sir, are a failure (25 photos)

  • yoboss

    @ 6 , those who come to help are virgins do not know anything 🙂 , and if he was having sex then he must be nekkid right ? hope his organ is still functioning.

  • Coldzilla

    OK I gotta say it……….. the thread was entertaining but the word "Fail" is over and done

    And thus is a "Fail"

  • Alex

    About #6- I'm originally from the town next to Torrington, CT- and let me tell you, I wasn't even surprised to see that it was from there. Such a hole! I'm sure it was in a crack house because that's what most of the houses there are. Full of white trash.

  • Jeffrey__Scott

    #1 Miller Park in Milwaukee; My neck of the woods! I'll bet that was my brothers car!

  • ambam

    yea it screws in. it doesnt have to be a full circle. as long as the bottom has the metal part that touches the bottom of the socket it work.

    • Ron

      So…. not a fail then?

  • Wibble

    Ok, for the couple still puzzling some of you:
    #13 is a win for what it is, but it fails to be a real bearskin rug.
    #21 fails for having to exist in 1st place.
    #24 fails at being a round bulb. (I still want one!)

  • Ciera


    that van resides in Sun Valley, CA. (which is also where I work) and the last time i saw him, there were way more bikes stacked on top of that van.

  • LauraNorda

    I beg to differ, #13 is by no means a fail!!!! 😀

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