You sir, are a failure (25 photos)

  • loser


    • king

      your name says it all

    • Nathaniel Patrick Fancypants

      how appropriate for the thread.

  • Pat

    # 1 Now thats a tailgate party!

    • Locode

      no, that's a FAILgate party.

  • ron

    #10? With the beer? don't get it.

    • Beagle

      Becks bottle for different beer I think.

    • ssss9999

      Same here. What is the fail???

    • Will

      Bottle says Becks. Label doesn't

      • scott

        you would be surprised with how many companies do this outside of america, most of the time you just dont notice because theres no markings on it like becks bottles. recycling bottles; crazy idea

    • Bud Ugly

      Someone changed the label, probably thinking they could pass off one drink for another… but the bottle itself has an imprint of the original beer product.

    • Craig

      Beck's bottle with a Krombacher label. Unfortunately, that amazing beer is not sold here in the states.

  • chrisdg74

    #14 – I can't tell you how many times I did that in elementary school.

    • tommybhoy

      i still do that now… I swear they design that to fucking annoy people!

      • Kjell King

        It works best if you jam it in the bottom…

        • Will

          That's what she said?

          • chrisdg74

            You fucker. You beat me to it. 🙂

          • Tyler


          • FLHomesteader

            Only one problem will… It should be a statement and not a question.

            Unless you're implying doubt about how funny it would be, and that sir… was funny!

    • HellHath NoFury


      • chrisdg74

        Yeah. Pretty much what I'd say. Potty mouth at an early age. Thanks dad.

  • Kjell King

    #4 Looks like Michael J Fox is up to his same old tricks.
    #5 Piggly Wiggly! I'm Big On The Pig, Bitches!

  • Bianka

    How is 15 a fail? I don't see it…

    • Bianka

      Oh, ok, I see it now.

    • Will

      You don't see the kid in the tray about to go thru the X-Ray machine?

  • Zac

    Dont get #2…..

    • McBeastie

      probably not the best idea to name your printing company Miss Print…….as in misprint.

      • MistaPrint

        It's probably intentional. Not so much a fail

        • TED

          just go to the website

  • Stubbs

    #13 is an epic WIN. Where can I get one?

    • Gord

      Lame. I'm getting a real one in 2 weeks!!

  • Berg

    These animals were aborted so these pictures couold be taken.

    • HellHath NoFury

      Comment lag, much? If you're talking about yesterday's animal post, you're a damn fool. It's called Modern Technology. Try it.

  • Mr. Awesomness



    • Danny P


  • Sydley

    #19 I think its awesome my county is on the chive…..even though they're idiots!!

  • Its-a me, Mario

    I'm guessing the stop signs are not represented correctly, you would not see them in the middle of nowhere.

    • McBeastie

      How about the fact that it's a Grand Theft Auto cake for a 4 year old. It's more of a parent fail.

    • Jon

      Really? Not that a 4 year old would be a GTA fan? Parents are idiots.

  • HellHath NoFury

    20-BRAIN! That is NOT your wife!
    3-the biggest fail is that at least two guys slept with her.

  • Yeppers

    Why is the "flat bulb" (#24) a fail? it should still work and I can think of a few applications where such a thing might be useful…

    • Dave

      Okay, I didn't get that first but: How the hell would you screw that in any lightbulb holder? 😀

    • megablaps


      The 'inside' element of the globe is now exposed to the atmosphere, the element would burn out as soon as it was turned on. The globe has to be sealed and filled with an inert gas like nitrogen

  • Phil

    A 4 year old should not be playing GTA. Parenting fail to the max. No wonder California wants to make it a criminal offense.

  • Skedaddle

    The scooter in 7 is priceless.

  • Bud Ugly

    More than a handful of these could be argued as not being "fails"… I'm not certain why the flat light bulb is a fail. Is it a fail because there's possibly no use for a flat bulb?

    • coocoocuchoo

      exactly, everytime there is fail post half of the photos arent at all fails…like how the fuck i that bear carpet a 'fail'

      • FLHomesteader

        Do you really like that bear rug?

        • Unwavering

          Whoever made it probably likes it, therefore; not a fail.

          • HuhWhatHuh

            Exactly. half this shit is intentional. Get with the program Berry

  • Caca

    #14 -Put that Capri Sun away Superman…

    You don't have normal human strength.

  • a bi-polar guy

    to answer q's – #2 think a bit -mis(s)print signs? you want y9our sign misprinted? #8 – because a 4yo shouldn't be playing that game and seems to be or why that cake? #10 the bottle has embossed name Beck's – not matching the beer brand. A bottle return/reuse mixup. #15 because baby appears to have been through scanner (but was just to contain him for a second while dad put on coat, really)

    #21 not a win, not a fail. sign makes sense?
    agree #24 is not a fail can't see it. #13 hilarious, I want one too. I guess it's an interior design fail but who cares besides designers and fussy women 🙂 Of course my wife would say no…

    • FLHomesteader

      #21 isn't' so much a fail because of the sign, but more about the living conditions of the place that make people think it's a "crack house'.

      #24 maybe it's because someone challenged the saying "Why reinvent the light bulb"…. that's the only real application to this novelty bulb.

      • Yeppers

        the bulb surely would have at least a few useful applications, and even if it didn't at least it would save on shipping and packaging costs.

        • FLHomesteader

          What useful example exactly? I've been trying to think of one and really can't. it will still take the same amount of space to screw the bulb into the socket, so the fitting into small spaces doesn't seem practical.

          Second point is acceptable…

  • equalizermax

    Boneless Banana… looks like the same thing inside my pants…

    • Ballzonya

      Bent, yellow, and it has a sticker on it?

  • Gandalf..

    20 & 24 are badass..

  • Otter

    I know that rug-bear is cheesy as hell, but you have to admit it's kinda creative, I don't see why other reason is it fail.

    • Unwavering

      Agreed. It's ugly as sin, but I'm sure whomever made it likes it.

  • Charlie

    #23 Photobomb

  • joann

    wow….SEXLESS DAY O.O

  • showtownman

    Sorry, but #13's pure win win win. Want one.

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