Signs laden with graffiti…ENHANCE (38 Photos)

  • Chris

    1 reminds me of Beavis and Butthead

    • Erwin Schrodinger

      "Your Mother's a slot"

    • hot carl

      Hey, Butthead, this chick is pretty cool– she says there's tons of sluts in Las Vegas

  • Semper

    Ahaha too many great ones to list as favorites. All awesome! Aborted joker baby

    • Tony

      Joker baby FTW, agreed

  • Signs laden with graffiti…ENHANCE (38 Photos) | Funny Pictures Pro

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  • Lerriee

    I Love Sluts was painted on Bum Fights

  • Mr. Fancypants

    Having worked at McD's over the summer, I can tell you…they had it coming. Their graffiti'd signs were the best. But the Joker baby was great too, just like a real dead baby joke.

  • Joey Mitchell

    Half of these are photoshopped, and a bad job at that.

  • Westy

    I'm confused and drunk. Is it tomorrow? I've never been up for the pre-chive before

    • Westy

      dammit must leave, going to ruin my friday morning chive session. cheers all!

  • corey

    not your best work chive.

    • loudpurplehair

      i dont think the chive actually did it themselves………….

  • Sam

    Suck my ass Corey..

  • corey

    fair enough

  • mipo2010

    Dammit Chive!! Now I have to remove Marley and Me from my Netflix que!!!

    • McBeastie

      They did you a favor.

  • Clickawhat

    I just picked up my spray paint

  • Kitho James

    i lol'd at the be polite billboard XD XD

  • vince

    The few funny ones are great, but the rest are pretty much lame.

    • himagain

      So let me see…
      The good ones are —- good

      and the bad ones are —- bad.

      Wow thanks a lot Siskel and Ebert!!!

  • chrisdg74

    5 – I loved seeing that every day going to work. Cue "Raining Blood".

  • craig

    That one isn't graffiti. WLW is not a religious station, and that was a 2 stage joke by the station. They are a talk station (not political, all local hosts, NO rush Limbaugh). They had the "God Listens" on 2 or 3 billboards, and added the "to Slayer" on one, and others that I do not remember to the others.

    Funny, yes. guerrilla graffiti, no.

    • trollin'

      you are a fucktard! Rush Limbaugh rocks! Fuck Obama!!!!!!

      • Craig

        I like Rush. Did I say I don't like Limbaugh? Rush is the defacto PIONEER of modern talk radio, and still the best in my right-wing talker in my opinion. I am just saying that WLW is not the station that runs Rush in Cincinnati, and so it is not THE Right Wing station. The Mid-day (Mike McConnel) and pre afternoon (Willie Cunningham, who has filled in for Hannity mind you) were on the air doing talk when Rush was still trying to make it in Sports Radio, and so WLW is NOT a repeater of syndicated satellite feeds, and not trying to emulate those either. Pointing out that they do not carry Rush was just the quickest way to make the point.

        And what did I say about Obama? I despise the communist/opportunist, but I don't bring him in to every argument I have.

        Nicely articulated arguments from you though. Bravo. Your mother should be proud.

        • jobeavs

          Look at his name, Craig.

  • Shannon Coverdale

    Chock full of win

  • Bud Ugly

    "Every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with a mustache."

    Hehe, I giggled at that one.

  • Spliggs

    Most of them are the result of some frustrated angry hippy wannabes. Go forage for berries on your bicycle, you lame f*ck, I'm gonna burn rubber on my way to McDs. Or better yet, KFC just started selling the double-down in Canada, yesss…..

  • stafferty

    Is Risk Santorum Gay: Probablly Not; however I'm willing to bet he's seen one or two up close

  • Sizzle

    16 – As a former PA resident and a liberal, I love it. It would've been a lot more epic if the graffiti-ist could spell NEEDS though…

  • P-90

    #7 No it's not.
    #10 Oh so the vast majority of those on the interwebs who have, at one time or another looked at porn are all rapists and abusers? interesting.
    #12 Lies, the planet will be fine it's survived far worse than we could ever do to it.

    These are brilliant and funny when it's just someone messing about (Like the moustache one|) but I really hate the hippy left-wing agenda douchebag political ones.

    • top dog

      Dude, calm the fuck down, they were meant in jest…..some of em anyways……must have touched a sore nerve. Wait a minute, you're not santorum are you? I mean, if you are an ass hole, be proud of it man, stand up goddammit.

    • elrobo

      #10 sounds more like a conservative religious nut who thinks anything other than the missionary position between a husband and wife is an abomination. So go fuck yourself.

      • P-90

        Wow you couldn't have got me more wrong and rankly if I could fuck myself I probably would.

    • Random Crazy Person

      A troll post about political trolling, you're as lame as they are.

      • P-90

        Isn't trolling when you post something to purposely get people arguing with you? That was not my intent, I was just voicing view on douchebags.

    • Coldzilla

      Seriously dude – pull the stick out already o.0

  • Kyle

    Its racist to not want mexicans to be used as slave labor? Odd…

    • top dog

      But it is racist to ask.

  • equalizermax

    I want a Dinosaur for Christmas!

    • top dog

      Hell, me to, but you can keep it in your back yard for me.

  • TheEyeInTheSky

    Linked from!

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