More sports timed for your amusement (23 Photos)

  • Firstly

    First, suckas!

    • nodomag

      you srsly trying to do this in every post?

      • Dormin

        Don't embrace him

  • BigDingo

    A few herps, and definitely some derps

  • bigcw

    #19 Its like his saying I'm gay but I still tap this.

  • Jaf

    #10 guy on the right is using telekinesis

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  • TheRealSnowman

    #18 "HEEEEEEEELP The bike's attacting me!!!!"

  • mipo2010

    Are these their "O" faces??

  • Gordon Freeman

    #1 Georgia Tech, yeah!! Go Jackets!! Too bad you can't tackle more than the refs…

  • equalizermax

    #22 – pure stupid!

  • king

    #12 i came

  • Steve

    what sport is #5?

  • Demetrius

    #4 I work 9-5 Monday through Friday, nothing scares me
    #22 She's in the wrong line of work

  • BoogerFace

    #18 F@#% it im running

  • shley

    LMFAO!!! This is deffinately the best timed sports posts so far!! 😀

  • BloodScrubber

    Most of them could use some athletic supporters. Some, not so much.
    I think Bull Riding Polo would be an awesome Olympic event!

  • Why Not?

    2 Hory shet!!
    19 smack that ass!!

  • Matt

    #12 – "When i touch my legs like this it makes me so happy and relaxed, i feel so speshal."

  • Jeremy

    #16 – Cousin Larry?

  • William Richardson

    #22 Nancy attempts her final inward flip.


    $4: Change that score – NOW !!!!!!

  • Linsey

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