• muscus

    lmao lame


      The girl in red a couple lines down ate pavement also, and finished…where is her viral inspirational video with metal music playing in the background??
      Plus she's a cry baby…who doesnt laugh at themselves after slapping crotch on 5 hurdles??

  • Crystal

    Poor girl 😦 I'm impressed that she finished it. It it was me I'd probably run in the opposite direction and hide or something. I'm just cowardly like that

  • pente

    The coach is an ass for having someone do an event they're clearly not prepared for.

    With one hour's teaching, this girl would have done fine. Not won, but fine.

    • Matt

      It is up to the athlete if they feel they are up to running the race usually. Track and Field is much different than other sports. Coaches don't completely choose who competes its the athletes themselves that get to choose.

      Don't be so quick to blame the coach when it probably wasn't his choice to send her out there. Plus hurdles aren't as easy as they look. Those things are HIGH, much higher than they seem to be. I've seen much worse first hand, from skilled hurlders no less, when I competed in sprinting, triple jump, and the long jump events in high school.

      • Unwavering


      • dasd


      • Slauterhause

        At any normal sized school, the coach most certainly decides who runs the race when it counts. There are only so many spots available per team, and obviously as the coach you want your best people out there. H.S. Track Meets are a team event, won by a school, and it's the coach's job to get the most points for his school – to win.

        I have to agree that this girl was completely unprepared for what she was doing, can't really argue that, can ya?

        • Matt

          she wasn't prepared thats for sure, but its obvious they are all amateurs. It could have even been the Freshman race. Just as the name implies its an entire track meet just for freshman. And again NO the coach does not decide who races. Okay let me rephrase that…. the coach doesn't completely give the choice to the athletes. There are a certain amount of spots like Slauterhause says, the coach then enters his/her best athletes in and then gives the rest of the spots to whoever wants them.

          Guys i'm completely serious. I was a track athlete myself at a "normal" sized school. I know what i'm talking about.

    • Coldzilla

      And how do you know that shes "not prepared" for it? She may have runs circles around everyone she trains with but just had a bad race.

      But feel free to run around the internet belittling people who you have NO idea about just to make yourself feel better

  • Dirtball

    Whoever invented hurdles is a dick

    • Nunya


  • pat

    women's sports…..

  • http://twitter.com/briggsb2 @briggsb2

    I may be out of line by saying this but maybe their coaches should have had them practice this before the competition. I've seen the hurdles performed in the special Olympics go better than this race. Every girl fell. I don't know what that was but it wasn't courage.

    • Matt

      please read my reply to Pente. that explains it.

      • Matt

        Hey, I'm Matt. Welcome to my comments page. On this page, I will do my best to talk about my life as a track and field EXPERT! Hopefully you will all gain some insightful knowledge of the hurdles, track and field and about how coaches don't always make the decision of what event an athlete will compete in.

        Yes guys, I know what you're thinking: "Hey Matt, how can I become a buff athlete like yourself?" Well let me tell you. I have an extensive career of preaching about track and field on the internet, so you can trust me. First, don't do hurdles. It's one of the hardest events I have seen, especially if you feel very emotional. Your tears could coat the hurdle and make you slip. OUCHIE! Secondly, pass on your knowledge using the comments section of a joke video on The Chive. In no time, you will be running the 100m in less than 7 seconds.

        Thanks and good luck,
        Matt aka Sir Dr. Prof. Track and Field

        • Six

          HAHAHAHAHA anf FUCKING HAAAA! I wanna be like Matt!!

          • Matt

            haha yes you do want to be like me. Don't be like the fatass other guy who probably can't run for more than 5 seconds flat out.

            You sir are an ass….

  • Nolok

    I commend her for finishing the race. It must have been difficult to continue after falling on her face and struggling to make it over the hurdles.

  • kent

    I laughed really hard at this.

    But then I remembered, I couldn't jump hurdles worth crap when I was in school. I would have given up after the first one.

    • Matt

      I ran track, but not hurdles. That event is one of the hardest. I've seen some of the best hurlders do so well during practice, but screw up during events. A mix of emotions, nerves, and just being tired from previous events done on the same day can really make for a bad run.

      • Unwavering

        Dude, seriously? No one fucking cares! STFU!

        • HANK

          I know matt sux

  • dietroll

    Was that HHNF?

    • Why Not?

      haha a troll named dietroll, irony?

    • McBeastie

      Nope. HHNF was testing the structural integrity of the bleachers with a big gulp and a bag of cheetos in her hands.

  • dookie

    haha. that was at norwell

  • Concerned Citizen

    she definitely had to be dq'd for skipping a hurdle.
    P.S. Didn't anyone ever tell you guys that watching women's sports makes you stup

    • Coldzilla

      You mean stupid enuff to forget the "i" and "d" in "stupid"?

  • Dan

    This happens at a lot of track meets. Hurdles are just a stupid race.

  • som

    That was so dumb. waste of time.

  • BigDingo

    ah the indomitable human spirit

  • jarsofurine

    I love the pussy.

  • me2

    What the… are you shittin' me? Have they ever SEEN hurdles before? Courage? Hell NO! Stupidity! Ray Charles would've cleared more hurdles in Steven Hawking's chair! One thing though…they ran like the coach was holding their momma hostage! For sure AIN'T coachin' em!

    • Grodon

      I doubt Ray would, but he is just as blind as that girl, hence, courage.

    • McBeastie

      Yeah, instead of trying to get out there and finish, she should sit in front of a computer screen, eat a bag of cool ranch doritos and make snide comments about other people who can't clear hurdles.

  • Moodzy

    "central catholic" god was with her..he's sadic 🙂

  • MB13

    lol & rofl

  • no1mini

    damn, that was like clash of the titans between her and the girl in pink….

  • farthead

    Too bad she DQ'd herself when she went around that one hurdle. Coach should have never had her run this, I ran hurdles in high school/college and the average sprinter can't really run hurdles.

  • Virulent87

    U SUX

  • petwookiee

    Ouch! My knees hurt every time! Poor girl.

  • Graeme

    Is it awful that I can't stop laughing and I'm laughing harder the more I watch it…? I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'll quit it.

  • fkdsjfaiaoeg

    Catholic school, probably not alot of people to choose from for track, bet she wanted to run track, but didnt know it wasnt so easy. not really anyones fault.

  • Maso

    How come noone is commenting on the girl next to her? She ate shit just as much as she did and what was worse she came in last.

    • Maso

      okay she wasn't last but she didn't win by much. lol

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