Best photos of the week (40 Photos)

What can I say, we’re partying in New Orleans. The list took a hit.

  • Anon

    #13 an inner city playground…

    • @careyrobertson

      What determines these to be "the best photos of the week" ? Just what the Chive finds funny or is there some sort of community feedback/voting going on?

  • M J

    What the hell, you cropped 28.

    Why would you deny us the part that perfectly countered the duck face?

    • Ben


    • Lisa_Martin

      They cropped 29 too…I'm actually grateful for that one though…

      #6…wtF is that thing in the bushes behind the dog?!? I want to shoot the damn thing.

      • Cody Symes

        It's a cat hun…

  • inchairs

    #28-denise milani and the duckface…i'm so torn

  • lolkimi

    #14….. I'm just saying. That one wins.

  • lolkimi

    no, wait. #20 wins even more

  • Terry Burke

    you know what would make up for the duck face? if she wasn't wearing a shirt… or bra

    • 123roasthim

      In my mind, she isn't.

  • shazam

    who is #35

    • swarlie

      jenny poussin

    • ben

      Favorite of this list

  • Timothy Parrish

    Personally.. I think the .gif that Dave from South Dakota posted should be in here..

  • Robert Logan

    I think I want the zombie nurse to infect me… but not with you know herpes or anything like that…

  • anon

    who is #10, b/c i think i love that woman too….

    • CharlesSneider

      That's Jenna Fischer from The Office.
      The things I would do to that woman…terrible, awful, degrading things.

      • anon

        I now have a reason to watch The Office…

  • Mr K

    I think 12 and 28 are suppose to be beside each other.

  • Cudaman

    29 looks like she just had surprise buttsex!

  • chiver79

    #8 the only reason that cat is sitting there is because somebody lit the "cat signal"

    • Not Funny


  • Fakeboobhater


  • Ant

    Holy 35. Holy god damn #35

  • Semper_I

    who is the face in 36 no not buzz guy

    • mipo2010

      Che Guevara…Argentine Marxist…can be seen on many a t-shirt. Usually worn by Rage Against The Machine or other young "rebels" who probably have no idea of who he was

  • mipo2010

    I f*cking love Philosoraptor

  • creatorofbs

    Chive needs to have big ass titties of the day page. Cause 28 and 35 need a page

  • Joey Mitchell

    #29 – DERP

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  • Dave

    Robocop without mask, one of my worst child's nightmare.

  • Alex Trebek

    Miley looks like she's letting a violent fart out or takin it in da butt. You decide.

  • Danny

    #29 – duuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    #35 – heaven……….[ cue the angels singing ]

  • Anonymous

    mmm.. hot zombie nurse^^

  • asd

    ugh stop posting these women with fake tits already, can't even get a boner.

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