Best photos of the week (40 Photos)

What can I say, we’re partying in New Orleans. The list took a hit.

  • Justin

    You need to do a WHOLE thread of #35, oh my god.

  • matt

    #12 – not funny. I'm not a PC prude, but seriously, Chivers, can we agree that rape jokes just aren't funny? Chive ROCKS, but leave this kind of crap out of it.

  • sheeyitY'all

    #38 Fuck you America, just fuck you.

  • martin_mcfish

    #28's duckface is almost forgivable…

  • (not)TheRealSlim

    #27 can I smell your cleavage too?

  • keppppp

    MOAR Katie Morgan!!!

  • kater

    #16 – no you didn’t. the pic is on many other websites, and there’s not misleading florida shite there. stop lying.

  • its_forge

    Yup, looooooootta plastic boobies this week, mmmhmmm.

  • Bernardo Oliveira

    I'm in love with #20 and #35.

  • John

    #23 is Hillary Swank—I saw a post here recently trying to say she is NOT hot!! Crazy.

  • Spivias

    i did the same thing as 29 after looking at 29

  • docsully

    28) Duckface Immunity: due to the fact that she's still hot.
    29) 1 count Guilty of the Derp: no immunity, reason: she herpin' that derp!

  • equalizermax

    #3 – I want in HQ!

  • jimmy crackcorn

    who is 20? need to know 20! please tell me who be 20

  • Jimmy CrackCorn

    Who is 20… love 20… must know 20…. who she be?

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  • jo3

    who is 5 and 40??

  • wehateyoupleasedie

    50 Cent = Bazookadouche.

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