• Coldzilla

    Pretty sure its fake – i think Ive seen it over @ ICN

  • Will

    He left out black people, India Indians, and Eskimos.

  • traceyM

    Very funny! He had me till the puppy and kitten part – for me, that's never funny.

  • KYLE

    I think the commercial with the black family drinking watermelon flavored Kool Aid was worse.

  • cpt

    more like best commercial ever

    too bad i bought a new mattress last week or i wouldve bought from gary

  • Ellie

    I like his face at the end🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=623360792 James Seldi Seldon

    i call shenanigans. I don't think this is real, it it is it's epic but i don't think it's real.

  • Noob

    That's comedian Eddie Pepitone doing the funny!

  • eddie fan

    indeed Noob – http://www.eddiepepitone.com/ and

  • testington

    I live in Koreatown, it is nowhere near Van Nuys

  • Colonel Mustard

    That guy was on an episode of Flight Of The Conchords. He hired Bret to hold signs.

  • chicagorob

    I've seen him a few times before, he's one of those actors that have been in dozens of movies and TV shows.

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