• Altober

    suddenly i find the need to buy a mattress

    • Nunya

      I second that

    • Benny

      His smile at the end sold me.

  • Pufffdragon

    I don't think pointing out cultural differences and stereotypes is racist. I thought this was funny as f#ck. Especially the kicking and punching the kitty and puppy for yoouuu part. Classic!!

  • JCafe13

    I love you Chive, but as a guy that grew up in the San Fernando Valley, and also a chiver that looked up this company and its address, I can tell you that there is no "Old Road" in Van Nuys, let alone a Gary's Mattress on this fictional street. Just figured I'd let you know before too many people saw this post… Chive On!

    • cheebs

      Gosh your so sad.

    • babymistakes

      Are you serious guy? That wasn't the most, obviously-comedy-sketch, type shit to you? I just feel bad for you.

    • yoselahonda

      It's still right in line with all the other real matress stores in SF and Pasadena areas. Neil with the deal and that guy Larry who seems to always be killing the other guy. Someone needs to make a flash game with Neil in his Zelda costume and that Larry guy in a death fight. Or a pillow fight, either would be cool.

  • Nolok

    So over-the-top it's funny.

  • Anonymous

    This looks like something from Tim and Eric Awesome Show on Adult Swim.

    • Semper

      I thought that exact thought when I saw it

  • Richy Rich

    It's Eddie Pepitone!

  • Slammin' Salmon

    This is a fake commercial by some people at Independent Comedy Network.

  • idonthave1

    I'm 1/16 native american, 1/4 Chinese, 1/4 Vietnamese, then the rest is Scottish and Ireland. My wife is 1/2 Japanese, and 1/2 Caucasian. Our kids are a mutts. I applicate that American's are aware of racism, and quite frankly over the years have educated me of such matter. But i am also disgusted when American's want to be politically correct, and cant take a joke when a situation is simply being silly, funny or just ignorant. If their's no hate, then let it be. 🙂
    This video is simply funny. and i loved it. thx Chive.

    • Black6dog

      Agreed, no hate, let it be : )

      • Mook

        Agreed, no one cares what you wrote, shut up.

        • roflmao

          and yet he got more thumbs than you…fail

    • Shackelford

      No need to describe your ethnicity to state your point…

      Nobody really cares…

  • jamie

    will somebody think of the puppies and kittens !!!!!! what did they ever do to this guy ??? lol

  • ddiddlydoo

    Did that just happen?

  • boozyaz

    Once I was offended by some racist comments I overheard whilst walking. Reacting to this sort of thing just reduced me to thier level, or at least some people felt that way. Taking offense is like a negative feedback cluster f*ck.

  • Frank

    Hahaha awesome! But I hate that they did not make fun of my people, latinos… what's up with that? Now i feel left out LOL

    p.s: People should just chill the F%$&%^* out and stop benig offended by everything, even by a "fake" commercial

  • top dog

    I like comedy, fortunately for other people that like comedy also, this ain't it. Is it racist? I don't know, I guess thats for the many ethnics groups depicted in this "commercial" to dicide. I can tell you what it ain't, it ain't funny. Try again. Yeah I know….tuff crowd.

  • flama blanca

    I love to racism bro!

    • babymistakes

      This comment was one of the funnier things i've seen on this site in a while.

  • drea

    basically the funniest commercial ever made.

  • your daydream

    kick a puppy and punch a kitten… wow

  • McBeastie

    Nope. Not the most racist commercial ever. Because it's not a real commercial fucktards. It's a comedy skit.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or did almost all of those sound like he started doing a Russian accent near the end? Hahahaha

    • crazy-commie

      He should've done a Russian.

  • Ryan


  • Bwaxxlo

    He didn't do black. Im offended as he's discriminating against my people

    • Mook

      You had slavery and you'll like it.

  • Mike

    this guy is my new hero!!

  • mipo2010

    I was ok with it until he wanted to hurt the puppies and kittens!! That was over the line…On the other hand, dammit if I don't wanna go and get a new mattress

  • jccg

    there is no way this is a real comercial

  • Nick

    LMAO……. wow

  • Coldzilla

    Pretty sure its fake – i think Ive seen it over @ ICN

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