• bamrocket


  • Kristof_

    I'm surprised she can even remember what happened 😀

  • armstrongproduct

    UntunGnYA tiDAK Ada ANAK AnaK YAnG TerLUKA aKiBAt TAbRAKAn iNI


  • Locode

    I don't think anyone is trying to find this chick, unless it's you that's into old dumb drunk broads.

    • Where in the WORLD

      To chive; your "find her" requests are getting a tad stalkerish. The fact that you post beautiful women at their finest is amazing, and please keep on doing that. The fact that these women post themselves online is whoreish, yes. But for the guys that think, every week, that this is the woman of their dreams and they need to see more, it's getting ridiculous. All that is needed is a few request for "MORE" for you to post a name, location, and more pictures, then these soon to be stalkers are getting all they want on one website, AND they can do it from work, before they get home and really work on getting everything they need for what ever they want to do with it.

      • Rick

        I think you could probably do the same thing on almost any social network so to say the chive can in some way stop this from happening is sort of thinking small. Social networks are strong source of info for stalkers…..by the way do you have a FB if so add me. lol.

        • Unwavering

          To Chive, please post the ip of "Where in the WORLD" We will find him ourselves and deal with this little annoyance.


  • Derp

    She's either drunk or stupid… probably both actually.

  • top dog

    I'd say she is drunk……yes yes thats it…drunk as fuck!

  • McBeastie

    Orlando, Florida……bring your family!

  • youneverknow

    shes not drunk. shes just from the south. XD

  • Zack


  • equalizermax

    She hang up, that's what happen. It happens to Windows too..

  • CaptainInsano

    Kinda sad, almost 100% sure she's an alcoholic

  • fightboreness

    she is probably high on drugs! Also come check out my website ubored.wordpress.com for more funny videos and games. designed for the bored for the bored

  • baba

    your point?

  • BjB

    he said "none of the kids was hurt" instead of none of the kids were hurt

  • chogme

    kids! don't do drugs

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