• Firstly

    First, suckas!

  • Snicker


    • LOL

      new driver… when you fail you have stupid reaction like press on gaz and not on brake XD
      don't forget brake is on your LEFT

      • YoMomma

        Not always! My grandpas car has changed pedals caus he lost his right leg in WW2. Our motor mechanic drove that baby 3!!! times agains a wall ^^

    • shmurrr

      it was a woman

  • Nolok


  • BigDingo

    MOAR GAS!!!

  • youneverknow

    women. facepalm.

    • http://www.last.fm/user/mutiilator Brand_n

      Give her a break, she had a 50/50 chance of getting the right pedal. And she failed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=545403343 Ryan White

    and there just happened to be a camera filming a parking lot with a bunch of guys ready to walk out the front door.

    I call bs

    • japtrap

      Really? the cam could seem a bit weird, but the 2 guys prob. came out cuz they heard the crash?

    • ERN23

      I'm calling BS too.

    • Dan

      Don't they have security cameras where you live?

      • http://www.m5mr.com mike

        I considered security camera and wind, but soon as the van comes down by the space, the camera pans down to better frame the van. I call bs too.

        • http://www.m5mr.com mike

          Sorry.. I just watched again and reconsidered. It looks like someone is filming a TV displaying a security camera tape. At the end when it pans down, you can see a black strip. At first I thought it might be a window ledge (which would be double bs), but I think it's the bezel of a TV or monitor.

          I retract my statement of bs.

          • []v[]onkey

            2nd that, someone viding a cctv recording.

          • Jimmy

            i was in the same boat with the BS until I watched it again after reading this post, you right you right

  • Not an idiot.

    Shut up with these comments, idiot.

  • Arghh

    QQ More IMO

  • japtrap

    WTF are you talking about?!

  • stafferty

    The thing that actually made it more awesome was a "Russian Women Dating" ad popped up at the beginning. Unrelated, but still awesome.

  • osborl12

    Skip to 0:14

  • Cobretti

    Why was someone randomly videotaping a parking lot? Fak'd.

    • Cobretti

      Oh, I see, they were taping the security monitor. Possibly not fak'd.

  • bob

    That sequence just kept getting better and better.

  • Matt

    my question is wtf…… how could someone be so stupid?

    and yeah for those wondering, it looks like someone is taping a security camera

  • Mark

    plus there is absolutely no sound coming from the van, only noise coming from the people recording the tv monitor.

  • Locode

    Seriously, why would anyone FAKE this?

    It's a security camera. Duh.

    The reason people ran out is because the crash made a whole bunch of freaking noise. Duh.

    What a bunch of derps.

    • moooar.

      The guy was learning to drive. His friend was taping the scene, arriving at home. It was in Limanowa, Poland. It's mentioned on LL.

      • Coldzilla

        Oh so ifts mentioned on LiveLeak it MUST be true? LMFAO. Do you know how many videos are posted there daily with the wrong description? You can get the same vid posted five times and each one will be a different story.

        Heres the featured vid @ LL http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=58e_1290014345

        Now tell me WHERE does it say that?


        Thought so

    • Coldzilla

      A security camera that just HAPPENS to follow a car parking outside?

      I think we know who the "Derp" is……… 😉

  • moooar.

    Meanwhile in Poland.

  • Anon

    The "security camera" is shaking, which might be wind. But it also pans out and down a little as the van starts to "park". Quite suspicious. Definitely hilarious.

    • The Camera

      The "security camera" isn't shaking. Whoever made this video is using another video camera and they are filming a monitor that is displaying the original video. You can see it at the end when they zoom out. The large black 'bar' at the bottom of the screen is the bottom of the TV/monitor.

  • []v[]onkey

    The Chive: Quite possibly the most bloated javascript site on the internet.

    Come on, guys, more of these little widgets???? I've noticed the more js you put in here the slower the site gets because it's linking to so many other sites….. Upgrade ur hosting to accommodate all the extra bandwidth they take up.

  • vltu

    There's a cheaper, equally effective (if not moreso) alternative to this. It's called a helmet.

  • youneverknow

    FOR THE ADMIN DELETING where in the WORLD's post ——————————->

  • Ballzonya

    I was expecting something pretty bad, but DAMN!

  • Coldzilla

    Yeah pretty sire thats fake.

    1 – why would someone be video taping the parking lot

    2 That guy in the second vehicle and the people from inside the building sure got out there in a hurry.

    Which then brings up the question……… WHY?

  • crazy-commie

    seriously, WTF??!!!!

  • Snowqueen

    Come on, people, this wouldn't have been an issue at a Grateful Dead concert. She was high and having herself a moment – deal with it.

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