It has been a while since I saw redneck innovation like this (26 Photos)

These awesome photos and more by the goodpeople at

  • Maxim

    The stool in #4 is pretty great. It just makes me wonder, who has THREE spare crutches? I can understand that you could have two and you don't use them anymore, but three?

    • Underhill

      He had 6 and made two stools.

  • bram

    #23 is genius, brilliant!!!

    • Charlie Cheen

      So once this guy got a girl friend and didn't need the fleshlight, he thought this would be a good use for it? At least he doesn't have to worry about anyone else ever using his shower.

    • Virginians


  • dork attack

    fleshlight FTW always handy

    • chris

      that pussy is so wet…

    • top dog

      "A squirtin pussy fauset, for the man that lives alone, it serves two functions."
      If I put this up in my house I wouldn't get any pussy for days. My old lady would tell to "sleep with the fouset." Some of this is pretty creative tho.

      • kitkat49601

        At least it would be CLEAN pussy

    • dood

      not to mention always warm (or cold if you're into that kinda thing) and always wet too!

    • jason

      ummmm. How DO you know that it is a Fleshlight?

    • Nunya bidnes

      watersports… not my bag
      I vomited a little in my mouth

  • Bobba Fett

    W.O.W. + stationary bike = win.



    • AtomManhattan

      Always thought people who would waste time playing WoW were losers (simply because everyone I know who's played it says that it sucks balls and is noob-topia as far as gaming goes, not a personal bias) but this just proves it.

  • Its me

    #20 I wish I would have thought of that much earlier to fix my light

  • Jobillard

    Am I the only one that won't comment if I know it will go on the second page lol.

    • NoPages

      We need a setting to allow "Display all"!
      Leo, John?

    • dajesus

      Agreed. I also won't read comments after the first page. Waiting for everything download again seems like a waste of my employer's time.

      • BloodScrubber

        Well here, the pictures stay and only the comment section changes to the next page.
        Just sayin' .

        • Spencer Thomson

          yah, i want you all to stick your dicks in my mouth

  • DanielB

    #13 is my hero

    • Whubbsie

      paulie shore?

    • Lola

      Not redneck–Burning Man!

  • Nick

    I've done #25

  • Ryan

    #25 is just plain stupid. Going to get moisture in there red neck.


    • bt/dt

      huh? when does moisture drain UP?

      • TIZ

        well i mean there's this thing called evaporation where moister goes into the air but we won't count that..

        • bt/dt

          you're right. thanks for "reminding" me about evaporation. the point was that i found it hard to believe the otter pops would collect condensation, then the laptop would heat the condensed water enough to evaporate it, then the water vapor would make its way through the bottom of the laptop and re-condense on key components, thereby ruining the computer. so there.

          • ryj

            youre a douchebag

  • Clickawhat

    #17 Made me LOL

    • Hmmm

      Wouldn't it just add to the taste?

      • top dog

        Yeah, but not in a good way.

    • BloodScrubber

      I nearly threw up. Is that Ramen noodles?

  • Borracho

    Wow, you have to be really stupid to not be able to figure out that the bottom can be ripped off and turned around to replace the missing part on #14

    • Smarter

      Or you could be even smarter and realize that taking the bottom piece off will funnel all of the water down the side of your foundation causing cracks and leaks in the foundation

  • mike

    #23 HAHA! WIN!

  • tictac

    We have to admit that they have lots of imagination and they are very inventive 🙂

  • Treypham

    #23 very brilliant

  • alan

    #17 looks delicious.

  • Charles J Croumie

    #15 this is just evil….

    • amrith777

      I agree.It ranks right up there with "Clocky"–an alarm clock on wheels that,after hitting "snooze" the first time–every subsequent time after that it runs away and you have to then actually get up the next time to shut the fucker off.I shit you not–I read about this sometime in 2006.

  • MattW

    #23 all time greatest so far.

    • Poopslikelittlebunny

      i don't know that's a little gross ain't it? i mean somebodies junk has been in that thing right?

  • Locode

    I think I'd feel dirtier after showering with #23 than I did before.

  • MasterMooney

    19 doesn't fit at all… the rest of them are fixing something using whatever random stuff you have available. If you're suggesting that the purpose of 19 is to use an exercise bike as a chair then you are wrong.

    • Jay

      ugh, look closer at the picture. He has World of Warcraft open. He's beating the stereo type that only fat losers play wow. While being fat is more then likely not the case, being a loser is still open to interpretation.

  • 123Roasthim

    I feel ashamed now, but I've done #13 before lol

  • Why Not?

    if you eat noodles out of a watermelon… #17 you might be a redneck

  • PewPew

    I don't think #2 is a Redneck.

  • top dog

    "You know you're a red neck"……..

  • jason

    I can fully see this on some rusty ol' Camry or something, but on a LEXUS??? Really?

    • jim

      If you look in the back of a Haynes auto repair manual and look up Lexus it says to see Toyota Camary.

  • Kris Coleman


    Pauly Shore?

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