Daily Afternoon Randomness (37 Photos)

  • thomas

    #28, #29

    Whichever Chiver fixed that from yesterday, well done.

    • aosux

      I couldn't agree more

    • Dan

      regardless, can we please find #28? she is still smokin'

      • Speedy


      • RobbieBobbie

        danielle lloyd.. soon to be danielle o'hara 😮

        (shes been around the block a few times would be a generous way to put her lifestyle..)

        • kaveman4130

          a hose monster ?

      • This Guy

        If by smoking you mean it looks like she just pulled her face out of smoldering ashes. No Thanks

        • Pfft

          Agreed. I swear on my unborn child that I wanted to reverse 28 and 29 (like has been done here) the moment I saw the originals, with respect to the woman in the picture, and her method of drinking.

      • fishnomz

        looks like chloe kardashian to me

  • patty

    #37 … and the chive ended the post with a hot ass, in the kitchen, buried in an oven. God I love this place

    • Big E

      She looks like she's killing herself

      • Jon

        This is the "sexy Sylvia Plath" halloween costume

    • Mr. Nick

      Is it strange that the first thing I thought of was Salad Fingers?

  • Random

    Woot #5 Kohl's girl !!!

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      where is her belly button ring in the second photo? why the fuck am i looking at that?

    • Speedy


    • OwnerOfYou

      The black bra girl is def not the Kohl's girl… top = natural, bottom = fake.

      FYI, both = awesome.

      • Kyle

        Hard to say. That is obviously the same belt. Also, one tends to keep a good pic around for a long while and boobs change. Plus the lighting going from indoor to outdoor…

        It could be her. (hopeful. send more please)

        • Kyle is celibate

          You've really thought about this haven't you Kyle? Been a while huh?

      • mike

        Actually its the same girl as you can see in the pants. The emblem above the pocket, the shoes are the same, as well is the belt buckle!..

    • tag

      She is exploding out of that bra

    • woot.

      i desperately want more of the kohl's girl.

    • mith

      I need to find this Kohl's.

    • Contra

      I spend 12 hours at work looking through image forums all day and i have never seen anything this hot.

  • Dougie

    your boss's office is a server room?

    • joe

      yeah i didn't get that either

      • MacNCheese

        I used to have a data center off my office, lol! I guess that server was the only thing that wasn't on the proxy server to block the Chive! Still, could've been worded better at least!

  • Dan

    #12 what a thug puppy

  • WHT

    #8 who needs to hide a toothbrush?

    • mschanandlerbong

      i think it's just there to give an idea of how big the space is.

    • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

      The Cavity Creeps

    • its_forge

      Somebody with creepy disgusting roommates.

      • Mort.

        Where do you hide your girlfriends toothbrush where your wife wont find it?

        • http://yourmomma.com Mook

          Ha trick question.
          You make your girlfriend use your wife's toothbrush.

    • http://yourmomma.com Mook

      Toothbrush… Who hides $20?
      There are these neat things call banks!
      Or OR OR, OMG, a Wallet/Purse?
      If you have to worry about the people around you stealing or using your
      things incorrectly I think it would be time to get new people. Derp

      • A BiPolar Guy

        it's sold as a hidden "mini safe" to hide small valuables from thieves – as in housebreakers (jewelry, drugs, roll of hundreds whatever)

  • Wut

    Pls explain #19

    • Dan

      it looks like a vag…

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      it looks like she is playing with her vagina.

    • BOOM

      Top left picture looks like someone spreading their vagina – at least thats how i took it.

    • SeaBassEX

      Neck massage, but looks like something else.

    • El Jefe

      If you don't see it … look again.

    • cpt

      saw that, and looked back up and though 'vichy shower' is high society speak for another kind of shower?

    • dirtbag

      took me a long time to see it was a neck massage

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    #14 and #23 – this is what we mean when we say regular girls, not alien protruding stomachs ala yesterday.

    • Long Duck Dong

      #23 is not that "regular". Her name is Jessie…enjoy the link below. A fellow Chiver posted it a few weeks back and I am not ashamed to admit I have it bookmarked

      • The Real D. Nozzle

        touche, and thank you.

      • Spencer Thomson


      • Shogun

        you sir, are a hero.

  • Dan

    #37 is this pic taken by some creeper through someone's kitchen window??

    • McAwesome

      if it is he better take more damnit

  • BloodScrubber

    So much awesomeness, but I digress.
    No 1 I wonder how many people go into the light and say "Beam me up Scotty!"
    No 37 I've never wanted to hump an oven so bad in my life.

    • WHT

      #1 and #37 fail

  • Dave

    #19 took me a minute to relize i wasnt seeing the best thing ever. Damn you Chive!

    • old

      Got me too.

    • mith

      I am so sad now that I see what it actually is. Well played Sirs. Well played.

    • Optimus Subprime

      one minute? Took me 10, and I had to go back to it three times. Something is clearly wrong with my brain – thanks chive

  • TCB12

    Please find #14!! Wow

  • Anonymous


  • trentz

    #32 São Paulo in Brazil?

  • Xin

    Made my evening

  • Pufffdragon

    WTF! Vagina neck #19.
    And yes, agreed we need a gap post.

  • Houston

    I agree with #34!

  • Anonymous

    #26 what's awesome about this? Or nasty teeth?

    • insertnamehere

      Agreed. That chick could bite an apple through a chain link fence. No thanks.

  • Larry G.

    Re: Picture #34
    We 'old timers' don't call it the Gap. To us it's "FACTORY AIR"!

    • Spencer Thomson

      the gap is saskatchewan

    • blobs

      "the Gap" doesn't have the sound for it….It shall be called "Rain Drop"

    • vince

      Actually, it's called "The Diamond Club". 'The gap' can be interpreted too many ways…

    • Ryan

      Factory Air! Been using this term since 1995. Oldie but a goodie. Kids these days.

    • top dog

      Chalk one up for the old timers!

    • Ricci

      yeah, AV. Tiradentes, São Paulo, Brazil – Tuesday – 18:00
      I see this photo

  • the gap

    #34 is the biz. moar plz

  • Anonymous

    *Her nasty teeth?

  • ssf

    #4 Dear Employee, Get out of my office. And you're fired.

    #37 Damn, Sylvia Plath was such a piece of ass.

    • MeeMoo

      #4 Your Manager's office is in a server room? That has got to suck

  • JPC

    Why does Kohl's girl constantly take pictures of her cleavage?……. Not that I'm complaining or anything, but it does seem to be an odd hobby.

    • thomas

      if I could bury you down to hell I would

    • Del

      shut up…you dont know what you're talking about

      • JPC

        Um….yeah. Ok. You told me.

    • Dingus

      Daddy didn't pay enough attention to her?

    • cpt

      they all have huge cans, kohls could give hooters a run for their money on who hires the biggest tits, though most of the kohls girls lose in the face department. know a number of girls who worked for kohls in the past, all huge tits

    • Beldar

      Then I'm a huge fan of odd hobbies.

  • jroc

    #33 classic I wish I was still in school

    • HM3(FMF)Brown

      #6 is one reason why im proud to be from San Diego, and #17 just looks delicious!!

    • GFHunter

      pretty nice ass.

    • eva

      this has to be from UC Berkeley

  • drea

    in san diego we have a lot of trashy weather girls, not meteorologists lol, in the morning you can totally tell the different stations compete who has the hotter whether girl. it started to get out of hand b/c they were wearing mini skirts with no stockings lol thats when ppl started to complain i guess, lol so they toned it down my but dad still has his favorites he tunes in espeacially for lol it gave me a good laugh, throughout the summer the outfits just got sexier and sexier, and yes ive seen number 6 probably the hottest one. #6

    • thegza

      Don't we all pick news stations with the hottest chicks? I mean why else tune in at 6am when you still have morning wood!!!

    • thegza

      Don't we all watch the news for the hottest news chicks…Why else would you tune in at 6am when you got morning mood?

    • Guest

      She is why i watch Fox news in San Diego.

      • http://www.facebook.com/christy.koester Christy Koester


    • lol

      lol thats so lol! I totally lol'd when I read your lol!

    • JHL

      So that's why San Diego has such lovely weather

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