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  • thomas

    #43, prolly not a smart move. thumbs decide —————>

    • joshdyk87

      Thumb up its not smart, down if it is?

    • nathan

      soooo………. thumbs up that she should? …or thumbs up she shouldn't?

    • HolyShamoly

      Seriously? You need thumbs to tell you whether or not a reduction on that magnificent rack is a good idea? You, sir, should not be allowed to look at boobs anymore.

    • R0gerThat

      Her lower back probably hurts… She's going to get some built for comfort

    • ????

      gets rid of those potential back problems but she also will sell less shirts.

      • Its-a me, Mario

        she probably doesnt need her breasts to make money then? Or maybe she wanted something to generate traffic on her facebook page?

      • its_forge

        "Snorg Tees model" is not a lifetime career. She probably wrapped up doing that three years ago or more.

    • its_forge

      It's her body dude, and she's beautiful now and she'll be just as beautiful after. If they're a pain in the lower back for her, or she can't find bra straps that don't cut her shoulders, or she's tired of being "that chick with the boobs," then whatever, it's her choice and her body.

      • PJ Fry

        Or health related. I say do what you need to, and to hell with all the bastards that would trade your looks for your health. Middle finger to them.

      • V4Vendetta14

        Are you fucking kidding me? Please tell me you are a chick, and not some hipster ultra-liberal man that carries a "satchel"? Please tell me I missed your sarcasm. Or are you really having an intelligent discussion about her boobs on the fucking Chive? You need to move it over to the Berry…

        • its_forge

          Naw man, I just love women and not just boobs.

          • northerner

            Yep. We only get to look at them. She (and all women with big boobs) has to live with them and their liabilities. Like men gawking and drooling and snickering.

    • dean

      eh, not like i;ll ever nail her anyway, or even see her topless, so i don't really care.
      having a sore back does suck, though.

      • Jules

        I agree.. If they cause pain then reduce. I have natural 36DDs and I will probably need a reduction as well someday. 😦 In the mean time though they do help with getting out of trouble and discounts on stuff:)lol

    • U.N. Owen

      Those shirts will NOT look as appealing 😦

      • fibonacci5150

        whatever the Nasdaq is already back up to it's highs I don't understand the shirt. Sick booooooobs

        • thegreatdiggler

          she should at least do a shoot topless or at least in a bra or something before she gets rid of them. it's the least she could go damn so….

    • Russ

      also, the chick doesn't even like football. you want that kind of girl nagging you every sunday?

    • Guest

      Reductions always leave nasty scars. Pay close attention to the risks and benefits when speaking to your surgeon.

      • its_forge

        Descarification is actually pretty advanced these days, the scars will be practically invisible in a couple of years, as if any of us would ever get a chance to see them anyway.

    • Grey

      *Drops to his knees*

    • Richler

      Noooooooooooooooooo, whyyyyyy !?!? God just got slapped in the face

  • jamison

    #39, #39, and, hm…. #39

    • Chris

      who is she?

    • Del

      Rosie Jones….. nuts.uk

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=600655589 Andrew Ryan

        i know what i want for christmas

    • youareclosetgay

      What is up with those tits? It's like there's a wire underneath pushing them up. Actually it's quite obvious there is a wire/string under them pushing them up. Any man who's actually seen tits up close and handled them while sober would pick that up. So what's your excuse?

      • http://www.facebook.com/brad.kempenyjr Brad Kempeny Jr

        The ribbon she is holding is the 'wire' you speak of

      • Jimmy Mack

        "Any man who's actually seen tits up close and handled them while sober would pick that up. So what's your excuse?"

        Well, that excludes about 99% of The Chive population, so there you go.

        • Grey

          Glade to be part of that 1%

          • Grey


      • its_forge

        Never seen a professional girlie-magazine model with a plastic chest before?

  • blakely

    #12, HHNF meets a boy on the chive. Chive is the new matchmaker.com ?

    • Huh?

      I recall her stating that she was married a few times.

      • Del

        Thats becuase she's full of shit…

      • HellHathNoFury

        i *was* married. My husband was a philandering accoutrement at the posterior haberdashery, and we seperated over two years ago. Shocking, ain't it, that not every female will stay with a man for monetary security in lieu of self-respect.

        • Guz

          You don't need to explain yourself to these arseholes!! There's plenty who love you! xx

          • PJ Fry

            Here here.

        • The Real D. Nozzle

          Sooo he was someone who sexually frequented women at the ass clothing store? "Haberdashery": I don't think that word means what you think it means. Stop trying so hard.

          • http://www.facebook.com/beau87 Beau Young

            He was frequently an item of clothing at the ass clothing store. That means… he's ALWAYS AN ASSHAT! Come on, I gave you more credit than that d nozzle.

            • The Real D. Nozzle

              Gee, you're right Beau Young, because obviously "haberdashery" strictly pertains to headwear, and not any other conceivable form of clothing(let alone the items or implements used in their construction). What do I know(other than the formal definition)?

              • IREWAY

                Just ignore him. Beau giving you credit for fully understanding a sentence that's utterly incoherent(no, not because it has a series of words composed of more than three syllables, but because it simply makes no sense), is like missing the deadline for the glue-factory: The loss is worth more than the prize. Way more.

                • Jacob Taylor

                  But the priizzze…..

          • Kooleo

            no I think she was saying she was married to a hat made out of someones disembodied ass. ugh, shes a sick fuck

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, it's just too bad that 4-5 months ago you were saying you are engaged. Get your story straight.

        • P90

          Monogomously challenged?

          • Lawrence

            No, just ugly.

        • trollradius

          who the fuck is hellhathnofury and why should i care?

        • Bill

          I have my suspicions as to whether you are even that girl yourself, her ridiculous comments usually come via facebook…

    • Anonymous

      For the record, I'm pretty sure no one gives a shit.

    • http://www.facebook.com/beau87 Beau Young

      She was married. She's divorced now. I guess people who are married never get divorces, huh? So weird how someone could be married, and then later, not be married. Amazing.

      • SweetAwesomeness


      • IREWAY

        Damn you're a brown-nosing little creep….

        • Awesomely Awesome

          Agreed! It's one thing to stick up for your friends, but she comes on here knowing perfectly well that people will say something. She is a grown woman, perfectly capable of defending herself. If she didn't want anyone saying anything about her, she wouldn't come here. She doesn't need some ass kissing douche who can't form a thought for himself constantly coming to her aid. Seriously dude, you and HHNF are friends, we get that. Now stfu, go away, and wipe the brown stuff off your nose.

          • The Chivery


    • A.H.

      Can I be the first to ask her, when her new boyfriend comes out of the closet, to please, please not come back?

      • Clint


      • Elton John

        It should be any day now…..

    • dean

      ugh, this is one of the reasons i like being anonymous on some other site, none of this attention whoring.

    • Bob in accounting

      Dude wtf? 17 replies for big tits getting reduced and 25 replies for an attention whore? wtf is wrong with you chivers? People i thought we werent into attention whores. we're here to see big tits, round asses, hot women, and the occasional funny pics. get it together fellas

  • Dan

    #14 yes, yes she is

    • Morgan Freeman

      i was expecting her to be on the chive.

    • DaveHM

      normal girls FTW

      • Its-a me, Mario

        I dont wanna be a douche (but thumbs down anyway right) but if you're in a band or a commercial, you are way past normal. And if you mean normal as in plain looking….well, get some glasses.

        • professor_love

          People, that's Nataly Dawn from the music duo Pomplamoose. Check them out on YouTube. While I would not call her "hot" in the "hawt" spelling of the term, she is attractive, mysterious, intelligent, and incredibly talented (great voice, plays multiple instruments including bass). While she doesn't have double D's and her own calendar she is what we in the real world refer to as "a catch."

          • its_forge

            She is of the same grain as Zooey Deschanel. Not someone you're going to see in Maxim, but 8 of 10 Chivers would still throw ourselves in front of a bus if it meant we got to talk to Zooey for ten minutes while we hemorrhage.

            • SamSJester

              If you heard her sing, there is no way you'd be asking this question… I don't think she's quite Zooey Deschanel hot, but that's a pretty high standard.

              • its_forge

                You're saying Miss Dawn is a great singer? Because, have you heard Zooey sing? She's amazing.

    • http://www.myspace.com/leeroynowandlater bob the builder


      • Gavin

        This. I want to stab this girl every time that commercial comes on!

        • Jimmy C

          These hipster commercials are taking over Christmas.

        • Rob

          ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE HER COMMERCIALS.

    • maybe

      She's cute, talented plus she plays bass(among other instruments). That equals hot in my book.

    • Everyone

      No, fuck no she's not.

    • Burbank

      She's hot in a Pam from "The Office" kind of way. If yo like that kind of thing. Which I do.

      • Popsicle Pete

        She is nowhere near as hot as Pam from the Office… are you fucking nuts??

    • Paul

      She's hot…and has a cute voice.

    • adam

      no, and i hate these commercials more than the state farm douche

      • Ballzonya

        No way…fuck that guy!

    • brazzers

      ya shed be fine if she wasnt gross and annoying

    • hamster huey

      Girls with headphones are hot. end of discussion

    • nate

      pomplamoose whoo!

    • kevin

      i would say cute more than hot

    • Not Gay

      She's hot if you think Justin Bieber is hot. They could be twins.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=216500111 Justin Lennon

      I HATE HER

    • QuattroD00d.

      No, she's not, and her music is annoying, and that Hundai commercial is even more annoying. Screw this hipster/indie crap.

    • cpt

      yes, was about to post a find her

      cute girl with a cute voice, but i cant stand the douche in the commercial with her or hyundai, so its almost up there with the state farm guy commercial
      but she is attractive

    • DanielB

      She is ridiculously cute

    • insertnamehere

      Fuck No! She has the ability to make every song she sings sound EXACTLY the same. Stupid hipster.

    • anaughtybear

      She looks like she's being forced to sing carols at gun point. The commercials are annoying, and that makes her not hot. Put some kind of emotion besides retarded into your music. Comparing her to Zoey Deschanel doesn't help either, because Zoey can't sing. People only listen to her because she's a hot actress. That's it. Also, don't try to bolster some kind of musical cred with "she plays bass." That is the instrument the token female ALWAYS plays in the group to get more fans. They do that because it only has four strings, so it's easy to pick up. It's one of those things that's easy to learn, and difficult to master. Listen to Cliff Burton and then tell me this chick plays bass.

      • Nick The Stripper


    • Rob

      Looks like Justin Bieber!

    • LOLWUT

      She would be if the commercial wasn't so damned irritating.

    • Dude

      Nataly Dawn is super cute, has an amazing vocal range and her boyfriend and partner, Jack Conte is an amazing musician, songwriter, producer and video maker. Pompalmoose are totally cool. I love them and Im glad they are getting paid.

    • mike in vegas

      I am completly in ahh of this girl. I'm glad I'm not the only one. She is #1 on my Christmas wish list.
      Find her please!!!!

    • mith

      I agree. She is hot and in my thoughts a total freak.

    • Andy

      She's totally hot. Cute, talented, smart. Not hot in the slutty big tits kind of way, but hot in the wholesome girl next door kind of way.

  • parlay

    #12, will theCHIVE be presiding over the wedding?

    • El Goog

      Thumbs up if you care ——>>>

    • Jojo

      If she's half the attention-whore during her marriage as she is on here, it should last a remarkable 24 hours.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1319192166 Dayna Vaughan

        Jesus Christ, what is you asshole's obsession with HHNF? You either hate her bc shes funnier than you, or bc she wont send you nudes or cyber with your pathetic asses. Just go back to commenting on how hot the chicks are, and how good youd fuck them. (like you'd ever have the chance.) I'd say the bigger attention whores are all you trolls that cant shut the fuck up about hhnf.

        • Anonymous

          Too long, did not listen….

        • Julio Rodriguez

          Woah, can you quell your sick obsession with HHNF and stop discussing her already? You troll.

  • ssf

    #43 How about a labiaplasty instead. I felt like I was at an Arby's last night.

    • thatwasntthequestion

      So wrong, and so funny.

    • Shitfaced

      zing. That is funny.

    • ThickDick

      They have beef curtains at Arby's?

    • nathan

      I admit, I had to google it… I laughed when it all came together.

  • grrrr

    whoever submitted # 6…have fun becoming a serial killer one day

    • huh


      • grrrr

        just sounds like you're gonna make a suit out of chicks skin one day. silence of the lambs part two. plus i don't see what is so great about dimples on a back.

        • Anonymous

          Takes one to know one.

        • Richard

          it's just plain hot stuff… learn how to apreciate women, brainless fuck, it's not all racks and booties…

          • grrrr

            settle down dick (can i call you dick?) you fucking cocksucker. if april decides to fuck you tonight it's cuz i initiated it you little wimp. have fun with her dimples. im sure your dick could fit in one

        • Guest

          The back dimples are where the angels wings were attached before they fell off. I love them myself. My girl has them herself. Fun to fill when behind her. 😉

          • Anon

            I know plenty of men who find these dimples sexy.
            Personally, there's no reason not to like them, just an anatomical effect of being cury, and not scrawny. Maybe when you hit puberty and become a man you'll understand.

            • Anon


            • grrrrr

              Maybe when you come out of your mid-life crisis and learn to spell you'll understand dimples are not that sexy. It's just a spot to build a pond. Also,if you and your friends have had a conversation about dimples on chicks, I feel bad for you. Seriously, who says that? Bro, did you see the dimples on her back???

              • Saxley

                Gotta say, you've got several good points.

  • darnell

    #15 – twins shoulda' won. because there's two of them.

    • Jeremy

      Quality over quantity.

      • Lau

        Agreed quality over quantity, but in this case you could have had both.

    • merica

      he doesn't win anyway, he lives in fuckin mexico

      • http://www.thechive.com Azrrael

        ha, in your face moron, mexico just won!

    • http://twitter.com/juliormz_ @juliormz_

      well, she has nice pair of twins of her own so I think she wins… Viva Mexico!

    • mith

      I think the hot Ginger from Atlanta Should have won.

  • Brah

    I must get #5 for my all day Christmas viewing of A Christmas Story.

  • toby

    personally i think #41 is awesome.

  • Dan

    classic AWESOME gallery material

    • denzino

      I know I'm a little late, but that was gonna be my post. FTW! Chive On!

    • Al_Buck

      Keith has a point…a very valid one at that.

  • Anthony

    #14 is Nataly Dawn from a band called Pomplamoose.

    • http://www.facebook.com/BigDaddyLuvv Bill Ivory

      I've had them listed under "Favorites" on Youtube for over a year now.

      • Your deadbeat dad

        I've had you listed under "Hipster" on your mom's mistake since you were born.

    • Nick The Stripper

      "Pomplamoose"? *Sigh* All the good shit has been taken I guess….

  • Gordon Freeman

    #14 I'm just saying, I got the hots for her, big time… maybe its just me. Wish I could see more of her!!!

  • grrrr

    i think ashley pridgen might be kohls girl

  • http://www.facebook.com/sureal Cory Reed

    rutlidge, i think thats how you spell it, honestly i dont care, is not the one killing top gear, the whole show fails, they are trying to copy the uk top gear and they cant, all three of the american top gear guys should be drug out to the uk to have the real stig run them all down with something big and heavy

  • Dan

    can we please unwrap the awesomeness of #39

    • http://www.myspace.com/leeroynowandlater bob the builder

      Rosie Jones is a stud!!

    • Ymmot1

      her names rosie jones google and you wont be dissapointed

  • WHT

    #30 Has anyone seen The Descent?

    • nomyia

      Best movie EVA!!

      • denzino

        ok, are you serious? i have heard that the descent was the most horrible movie ever made? please let me know! i may just have to watch it regardless…

        • Ma110W

          Watched it in theaters, horrible movie. Maybe all the guys liked it because the girls were hot? (I honestly dont remember what they looked like.) Plot, storyline, and acting, were all a bunch of crap. Dont waste your time.

          • http://www.facebook.com/pcribaudo Pete Ribaudo

            yea it was terrible.but that movie speaks volumes about women.seriously.

  • John

    I have wondered about #14 since I started seeing the commercials. I concluded that I would not kick her out of bed for eating cookies.

  • jason in pc

    #43 hand slaps forehaed in shock, total shock and disapointment :'(

  • MDOG31

    #14 yES.

  • aosux

    Since #39 was already commented on, I will just say that although I agree with Keith that that is awesome. #39 is more awesome.

  • April

    Hey Chivers, #19

    I'm stuck at Heathrow right now, been here for about 12 hours. Tons of people going to miss out on Christmas. Kinda sad. At least they have internet here. I'm surprised how many people are on the chive. Anybody else here? I'm bored.

    • Richard

      BMi lounge Terminal 1. where are you, #19?

      • April

        I'm T1, but i'm not a diamond-elite traveller or whatever. Can't get in there =/

        • grrrr

          you two should bone

          • Ballzonya

            I second that…do it for your country, do it for the chive!!

          • Richard

            Find Taylor at the front desk. Tell him you're April. I'm in the section that looks like a study, grey coat, red scarf. Guinness here for you.

            • aosux

              Well played sir, well played.

            • April

              woohoo! Beer with Chivers! Be there in 5.

              • BRIAN

                I couldn't thumb this entire thread up any harder if it was covered in chocolate and supermodels.

                • schnizz

                  so what was the verdict…did they hook up or what?

              • grrrr

                i lay it out for ya'll to play it out

            • aosux

              Well played, sir, well played.

              • mark

                take a photo on your camera phone. —-> send to the chive. have it added to randomness.

                • jacob

                  FLAWLESS VICTORY

                  • landon

                    first HHNF, now april and richard. chive IS the new matchmaker!

                    • TIM

                      No kidding

              • IREWAY

                Well played sir, well played sir, well played sir, well played sir, well played sir, well played sir, well played sir, well played sir, well played sir, well played sir, well played sir, well played sir, well played sir, well played sir, well played(C WUT I DID THAR??)

      • grrrrr

        you believe this shit? richard (i call him dick) just called me a brainless fuck cuz i dont like sticking my dick in back dimples. i hope april is a man and you have dimples

        • Clint

          Hahahahahaha! (Funny as shit)

        • YouLostTheGameBTW

          Sorry to break this to you "Grrrrrr" But you ARE a Brainless fuck, and April is not a man.

          And Although you don't like sticking your dick in back dimples, you DO like to stick you penis into the palm of your hand. 'Nuff said.

    • Matt

      Ahhh… I find this post too late. I was also at Heathrow for 6 days waiting for a flight back the USA for Christmas at home. If I had had internet during that trial two years ago, i would have responded.

  • Cody

    How about a post with hot chicks doing awesome (extreme sports) stuff? like #28 #29 #30 and #31?

    • BloodScrubber

      I agree with Keith and Cody on this one. While awesomeness may mean different things to different people, truly these shots make the mind gyrate!
      Put No.31 in front of most guys and he'd climb a broken glass covered flagpole. ^_^

      • fibonacci5150

        find pictures of her climbing poles

    • Gabs

      Love the one in the red pants.
      Her tits are making it hard for her to climb and are making me just hard.

  • quo

    #31 is F#*@ing AWESOME = moar moar moar

  • belloscemo

    #31 Definitely Awesome!

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