• Aaron

    some lucky dud with a pink radiator?

    • trollin

      he needs to surrender his man card immediately ….

    • grrrr

      i think itsth cuuuute! who doesthnt have a pink vib…i mean radiator

    • femtrooper

      Its pacman.

      • Aaron

        pacman isn't pink either

  • kevguy

    meanwhile in Norway

  • thetommynews

    This is kinda lame…I'm definitely not a fan.

    • BigDingo

      That's cold

  • jimmy johns

    lucky dude? then why's he got pink cherries on the radiator?

    • Candi

      it's a pac man radiator and the color faded?

  • Jeremy

    I like the pink cherries.

  • SupFoo

    Looks like Pac-Man on the radiator.. a pink version.

  • Lev

    This sort of thing should be just included in randomness. Thought the update entailed a post that would entertain me for at least 30 seconds.

  • Al Adriel Hinojos

    looks like those massive snowflakes on his window weren't strong enough to break through, so mother nature resorted to massive ice

  • Blipvert

    Why's the carpet all wet, Todd?
    I don't KNOW, Margot.

    • Deuce

      Beat me to it.

  • Diggler

    This is one slow ass day at the Chive…

  • Gecko

    Cellphone Bills – $45 a month
    Cieling/Roof Repair – $1400
    Narrowly bieng bludgeoned by a 50 lb chunk of ice – priceless

    count your blessing

  • gator

    ima give that bitch ice…bitches love ice.

    • grrrr

      ice…ima let you finish but hell had the best ice when it froze over

  • grrrr

    talk about cold as ice :/

  • Ricardo Feldhaus Krisanoski

    Your mom's dildo, it has arrived cold!

  • northerner

    The coming ice age and global cooling, of course. Toldjah.

  • BloodScrubber

    Thats just what was left of his frozen crappachino.

  • Locode

    looks like an ice dildo

  • Charlie sheppard

    Frostys way of teabaging

  • cpt

    where did the giant ice dong come from?

  • Logic76

    Looks like he lost the snowball fight!

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