A few GIFS to jumpstart your week

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  • Chvr

    Cut it out Chive! It's hard enough getting any work done WITHOUT you guys posting all this wonderful stuff! 🙂

  • gigabest

    #4 and #6 are gr8

  • tuti


  • sexaddict

    wowzer the chick changing her clothes

    • -------

      does anyone know who #6 is????

      • schnizz

        nope..buts lets find out and see some MOAR…

        • bud

          shes that 'blonde gisele' webcam girl. thats seriously what she goes by.

          • Nateb123

            Also, you should be able to see that canyon between her breasts if you use Google Maps. Seriously, I like tits a lot but those seem to be trying to work their way around to her back.

  • DanielB

    #4 Cant touch this

    • BigDingo


      • ThaHammer


        • MCH

          doodododo dodo dodo can't touch this

  • gines

    #3 and #5 were just so great.

  • Bryannn

    #6 is there any way you can stop the rotation so i can stare at each top she has on for a long period of time?

    • BigDingo

      click and hold on the picture, move your mouse

    • BigDingo

      Or get a girlfriend and see the real thing with less clothing 🙂

  • BigDingo

    I'm giving the win to #4 ……… The bird's got moves.

  • googboog

    #11 is epic

    • Ron

      I wish people would stop using the word "epic" to describe everything. Thumbs up if you agree!

      • googboog

        says a guy begging people to agree with him.

      • Guz

        Yeah. Epic failure.

      • FLHomesteader

        Of all the shit that people say, I think EPIC is one of the better uses of internet lingo.
        Besides, what is so wrong with it? There is nothing incorrect about it's usage other than perhaps a gross exaggeration of the value of something.

        in other words…

        FUCK YOU, I like EPIC.

        That is all.

    • What?

      Looks like the dump I just took

  • Kawz

    #5 Hilarious.

    #6 Fucking beautiful.

  • Pufffdragon

    #10 Best owned gif ever!

    • MoWeeD

      Duck WIN!

  • gutterville

    #6 I have seen this before this women is showing you that fake breast look good in any type of clothes

    • chrisdg74

      If they can be touched, they're not fake.

    • Brah

      *cough* refund gap *cough*

  • THat Guy

    I want to see the club outfit on #6

    • That Guy


  • Popsicle Pete

    #6 Even without a face, that body makes her the hottest chick ever… i'm in love

  • Anonymous


    all I see is Boobs.

  • TheRyan5

    #3 is awesome

  • YouLostTheGameBTW

    Number #11 was photoshopped because the splashback didn't go high enough.

    • Jocelyn G

      Maybe she's just ripped it.

  • Trixie

    # 4 – James Brown Bird…
    I feel good!

  • Bob

    #6 needs her own post

  • silentrob

    #6 10 Chivettes, 10 outfits, = new meme, + new post! DO IT

  • Tom

    #6 … look at the CAVERN inbetween her titties. wtf

    • Jake

      It's called a "Refund Gap"

  • jaysmooth

    #11 I always take an Olympic shit like this.

  • MiddleLane


    "Quack attack, motherfucker!"

  • JKnights

    #6 Reminds me of Press Your Luck…I just want to hit a button and hope for no whammys

  • Battrry

    does anyone else see the word 'lotion' pop up in #11?

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