You’re not the only one who looks like hell after working out (22 photos)

This post also proves how clothes and makeup can take girls from 3 to a European 9 (American 7)

  • raunchy

    First again, suck my ass bitches!

    • sully23

      yeah and i'm first to tell you you're a faggot fuck!

      • raunchy the 1st

        you're just mad because you're angry. and that's "Sir Raunchy The 1st" to you, you salad tossing riff-raff.

        • Paz

          No, saying first just got ooooolllllldddddd. I mean 4chan stopped doing it because it was old, do you know what that means?!

          • McRo

            Telling other people that "first is old" is also old. The cycle will never end unless you stop acknowledging the 'firsts'. And yes, I understand the irony in what I said.

            • Alanis

              I don't think you fully understand the concept of irony.

            • RandomGuy

              @Mcro Hear hear

    • Don_Aguelo

      Suck my ass?!?!
      Why in the fucking world would you want someone to suck your ass?
      What's fucking wrong with you, man!?!?
      Suck my balls, suck my dick suck my fucking toe… but suck my ass?

  • hater

    2nd worst post ever.

    • Patrick

      I agree. WTF

    • Malachi Constant

      I know, if you're fugly you're fugly…sweaty or not!

    • Sooper Truper

      If this is the 2nd worst, what was the worst?

  • Cristi Palincas

    Weird how all the photos were take with the same background – I'm sure no makeup was involved during the "Before" shoot, too 😉

  • masalci

    umm. guys, I think #1 looks BETTER after working out(left half of the picture).

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      "Cheers for that. I'm off back to the bar to see my mates."

    • Urban

      Just pretend these women just got done having sex. It paints a better picture.

    • Anonymous

      Ron Jeremy's daughter… or is it Ron Jeremy?

      • Bdg

        DOOD! Exactly what I thought.

        I bet she had a huge wang!

      • Negrodamas

        LMAO, exactly who I saw in that face, spot on.

  • skate

    crazy! who wants that?

  • Me

    They all look crapy. Before and after

    • Slappy

      Agreed. They go from a 1 to about a 3, maybe 4 if I was hammered.

  • wind

    this is not workout,this is sparta!

  • water

    they should have found attractive people for this…

  • JKnights

    These people look like hell BEFORE they worked out…your argument is invalid…

  • Locode

    Keep this type of fluff on the Berry where it belongs. Tits or GTFO!

  • Da-yum

    Not even close to a 'merican 7

  • [clevernamehere]

    What town was this done in? Uglyfuckedupburgh?

    • WoogyMonster

      Dat right der was funnay!

  • A-muse

    Erm European 9 = American 7? Do American girls have two extra levels to go over and above European girls?

    Now that, would be a worthwhile post.

    • Guz

      I'll see your American 7 and raise you one Emma Watson.

    • Kio

      I'm guessing 7/9 is the waist line or something. It does make sense in that case.

    • LOL

      It's your teeth man….insurance in brtfuck-shire does not pay for teeth

  • catanha

    Nr.1 – Ron Jeremy s twin sister : )

    • natasha

      LMAO, so true!

  • Zombie

    The "worked out" people look more like dirty, disheveled, slightly sweaty hobos. This was a stupid post. Besides, enough people don't work out as it is, they don't need to be told that they "look like hell" for working out.

  • jozef

    why the fuck im looking at ugly middle aged people? wtf..???

  • Deadalready

    Looking at the "working out " photos I'm left wondering "why the F are do they have dirt on their faces" seriously unless they're coal miners working out in an underground

  • buster nut

    Should rename this post to "Unattractive people before and after running for 3 minutes"

  • Dakota

    #13 looks like that girl from requiem for a dream

    • RiKo

      Jennifer Connelly

    • Shoestring

      Except Jennifer Connelly is smoking hot and this clown is not.

    • Shoestring

      I get what your saying except Jennifer Connelly is totally hot and this clown is a six at best.

  • mipo2010

    Where are these American 7's that you speak of??

  • Blaz

    It looks like a reverse Crystal Meth advert.

    p.s. European 9 never occurs here, and even so Eu 7 > US 7

  • fuck europe

    this is a dog post…… maybe a european 9, but only an American 2 at best…

  • NotaTrap

    I respectfully submit this post for The Worst Fucking Post I Have Ever Seen in the History of Ever.

    • cosa7189

      I second that, and further lambast TheChive for even allowing this and the other obviously sponsor derived posts to appear as a real chive post. It's a sad day when your heroes sell out.

  • ThatGuy

    #1 looks like Ron Jeremy, but with smaller tits……

  • Anonymous

    Am I misunderstanding the caption when it talks about the "European 9"? There is no way that these women are "9"s especially by European standards. Sorry but, European women are better than American women, and that is IMHO as an American. Thank you.

    • Flicka

      Baltic girls: BEST ANYWHERE.

    • top dog

      Who cares? I'll bone em all, European, American, Asians. As long as they are women, that is my only requirement. There is no better.

    • Sluttypanda

      yea, nobody but maybe #13 or #19 were even close to 7's

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