Hot Right Now: Now accepting memberships to the ‘No Bra Club’ (45 Photos)

You’re not the only one who looks like hell after working out (22 photos)

This post also proves how clothes and makeup can take girls from 3 to a European 9 (American 7)

  • jon

    What dumpster were these people found in and 'cleaned' up? Could the photographer have not gone into a local high schools gymnasium (follow the scent of teen sweat!) and snapped a couple before's and after's (and perhaps some 'during's' in the locker room?)

  • BloodScrubber

    Thats just way messed up. Seriously.

  • thatsright

    there is no one in this group that come close to an American 7

  • MeisterMon

    Yep, I'd still bone #13

    And #16, "I am looking for Sara Conner!"

  • jimbo

    I think these are drawings. Not photos.

  • BigDickDaddy

    #20 is Ron Wood? Guitarist for the stones? Right? Anyone?

  • marks_the_spot

    This is more like, how ordinary people clean up pretty well.

  • Don_Aguelo

    I don't get it.

    Is Leo trying to get fired?

    If so… great job mate!

  • scv

    should have been called before and after sex

  • Vagabundo

    Cool thanks chive!!! Next lets do it with attractive people!!!

  • S45

    Im Spanish, here Penelope Cruz is a 6. Thats a fact.

  • Someone

    Funny how people who look like crap still look like crap after working out.

    Try it with hot people.

  • k t

    #6 #11 Anyone notice they don't look that much difference before and after

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