• parker

    i have to admit, that was pretty fucking funny

  • mark

    that lil' fucker def. left the oven on

  • FixedinDC


  • CoolCat


  • mattythegooch

    That pussy just had a stroke!!! Opposite of everybody's favorite "just stroking that pussy?"

  • fuck

    not funny, that cat was electrocuted

    • ImJustHere

      oh it was too funny and if I could I would shock collar you, douchy

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Can we compile all the 'Dramatic xxxx' video's, Chive?

    Fecking hilarious.

  • j-man85

    the pussy came?

  • minnesota

    Cats are funny when you abuse them.

    • Dad

      So is your mom, but you don't see me bragging about it.

      • Nunya bidnes

        you should

      • minnesota

        Dad, you never quite got sarcasm. But you don't see me pointing that out to you.

  • LanceFabulous

    Creepy cat is creepy.

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  • Just Sayin'

    "Yup…definately the wrong hole."

  • Mr_Rob

    Not funny to see a cat being electrocuted. Seriously.

    • B.A

      I laughed, now I feel bad. 😦

    • Daeway

      How does it get electrocuted? Besides the leash I can't see any wires or power cord.

      • Mr_Rob

        Once, mi cat stepped into a water splash that was somehow electricaly charged and that was the exact way he looked. Wasn't funny then (neither in the vet later) and isn't funny now…

        • Daeway

          So almost it's safe to say that the person filming this new what was coming!? It's one of those moments you ask yourself, how the hell did this ended up on video. A person would not just film their cat like that, no where, eating grass. Or would they? Maybe you can love a cat that much. Anyway, weird to have that on tape.

          • Beth Vogel

            This is very similar to the cat in front of the TV though, too. And that cat was not electrocuted and the person filming it really didn't know the cat was going to make this type of face either. It's just people with WAY too much time on their hands filming hours of cats and hoping for that one reaction that gets blasted all over the internet.

  • NdP

    it looked a little like, "oh fuck, i definitely just nibbled my own shit."

  • ajw

    that's terrible, poor cat.

  • saosinh

    How can you tell it was electrocuted? It looks to me like something just spooked the cat.

    • saosinh

      I just figure there would be more twitching/tightening if it was electrocuted instead of just the cat raising it's head up like that. The rest of it's body doesn't really move at all.

    • Mr_Rob

      A scared cat turns his ears to the back of the head and puts his tail between his legs. And it will never (ever) stay still but run the hell out of the place.

    • Mr_Rob

      A scared cat will turn his ears to the back of his head and put the tail between his legs covering his genitalia. It wil never (ever) stay still but run the hell out of the place. In other wordw, it will act NOTHING as the cat in the .gif

  • Kevin Max De Cicco

    maybe the leash was electrified, but it is obvious that he was electrocuted, cats never do that kind of expression or stay still if they are spooked, they just jump and run away or fight back

  • PJee

    ever heard of catnip

  • Your Mom's Dog

    I'm thinking the cat is CGI based off of it's "eyebrow" contortions.

  • 2DruNk2FraG

    OCD. Not just for people.

  • Equis

    It's more like the home alone movie…………… KEVIN !!!!

  • murmur

    i think the cat heard something

  • joemonty7

    i honestly dont care why the cat did that, but i nearly shit myself laughing

  • Tyler Spinks

    I got to admit thats one funny ass GIF

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