WTF! (23 photos)

  • Don113

    Dammit Chive. I spat coffee all over my laptop.

    • mclendonmeister

      Did that happen when you saw #8?

  • aosux

    You have #5 and #16 backwards. They are definitely FTW

    • Phil

      Especially #5. DAAAAAMN

      • fuzzybeard2016

        That is one big pussy!

        • Guest

          and hairy too!

          • Ragnar Jensson


  • Daved

    #20 looks shopped.

    • ♦K♦

      I hope so…

    • Popsicle Pete

      You can tell by the pixels

      • JstevensF

        And from having seen many shops in my time

        • Raven


    • Bonerdalf

      It's real and a rare medical condition. I'll thank you not to stare.

    • Mitchel Frick

      I'm pretty sure that's real.

  • Kazy

    WTF. I hit refresh and this happens? Not sure if I like…

  • Phil

    Suddenly the site looks different.

    • Brand_n

      Hopefully it's an early April Fools joke, because the new background looks like some crappy default Windows wallpaper.

    • Nick

      Yeah WTF is up with the new site design. Looks like National Geographic and shit.

  • Diana Santos

    #4 poor boyfriend…no one deserves his girls insulting him like that…:'( lol

  • Joe Wade (IPWT)

    site is different. I am now confused and angry on top of having to shovel snow and the fact that my work is not closed.

    Worst. Day. Ever.

    • Your Mother

      Grow up Joseph!!!!

    • Randy

      …sounds like someobody's got a case of the waa-waas…

  • Pete Ribaudo

    leggo my eggo #16

    • MOAR

      too easy.

    • Fuck the Empire

      And take off your panties!

  • The Dude

    What the hell is #8? Why are there dudes here? WTF is right!

    • BigDingo

      Have you not learned the harsh lessons the Chive has taught us about Asian females: they all have dicks…

      Remember Asian female= It's a Trap!

    • Jusnel Gonzalez

      This is called chivalry cruelty… and making sure your awake, and not navigating under the influence (NUI). If you liked that pic… an IT guy would descend from the Tron Verse via your camera and slap you with a backhand, facepalm, and a ticket.

  • Lil Jon

    #5 Needs to shave that great big pussy!

    • Naz1962

      Lol you got that right!

  • Benny

    This green background is hurting my eyes ;(

  • MasonGWebbington

    Two more drinks and he'll kick himself in the face…

    • Fishy

      Exploiting midgets since the 50'S.

  • rawnoyz

    #16 wouldn't mind coming home to this.

  • Jay

    #4 Looks legit too

  • zarafraze

    Baby you know what would make you look hotter? Holding up gigantic pet. A cat you say? oka…HELLYESS, THAT´S SO HOT! now let´s upload it to the Internet

  • Vince

    #6 #10 #11
    Party like it's 1943…..

  • Dingus


    • hockey dude 11

      This is gonna give me nightmares

    • zoomum3

      don't you mean baaaaaaaaaa?

  • BAMFinater

    I don't see anything wrong with #16 In fact I am having my wife dress that way from now on. Eggos included.

  • Gooner29

    #16 may the force be in you…errr with you.

  • Unwavering

    #23 made me lol.

  • Shooter McBallzitron

    Is it just me or does it seem like the comments section here is slowly degenerating to Youtube Comments section level?

    • moe


    • Fishy

      It eventually happens to every web site.

    • babymistakes

      My thought as well. I'm thinking about bailing.

  • mith

    #6 I want to party with those people…! #16 Perhaps the perfect woman.

  • Spacemanspiff

    #5 Huge, old and saggy

  • Sauru

    i like waffles

  • Matt

    WTF is right. good post today chive

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