This dude just turned 111. Do you want to live this long? (7 photos)

Cuban, Ignacio Kubilla Banos has been retired from the Havana sugar fields for 45 years. He has 11 children, 40 grandchildren and 25 great-grand children and he can't remember any of their names. He said he's waiting to be a free man before kickin' it.

  • Semper

    God no. I do not want to live that long.

  • aosux

    No, At 80 I'm gunna pick up cocaine and if I make it to 90 I'll move on to heroin.

    • bud

      on my 70th birthday im doing heroin on a jet ski down the mississippi.

    • fnaah

      pfft, do drugs while you're young and can still enjoy them.

    • @Kcilorak

      Cocaine's a hell of a drug

  • eroon

    #2 #3 … If I'm as G'd up from the feet up as this dude… then you'd be crazy NOT to want to be

  • Quixote

    #2 and #3 Pimpin ain't easy

  • Diana Santos

    sure…if i'm healthy…:)

    • lanto13

      Have you been a chivette yet…hot

      • Diana Santos

        no…not yet…but i'm trying…now is in the hands of the chive :p

        • Luis Pedro Gonçalves

          Hope to see you there soon

        • denzino

          I was about to ask the same thing… CHIVE c'mon and add Diana!

    • Marion Cobretti

      Diana, would you friend me on Facebook if I asked nice?

  • ssf

    He doesn't look a day over 106.

  • BigDingo

    If I was a bitching as this guy, I'd want to live that long

  • cyphon

    man, i hope thats not a cuban drivers licence in #6


    Is that Al Davis?

  • Kate

    Good Christ NO! When I hit 40 I'm going to "anti-age" myself.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    To those who say this old and no older, assuming reasonable health, and no family who depend on you,, why is that year different than the year before, or today? It's an arbitrary choice so why not today? Do you want to live or do you not? If you live they say you can enjoy life. But if you die you won't miss enjoying life wether you believe you go to heaven or to oblivion. So that's really an empty reason.. I think the choice is arbitrary at any time, lacking in substance unless you believe God will punish you for suicide. I'm bipolar. I have wanted to be dead many, many times (but never attempted). Yet if I had no family who needed me, I think I'd just cut my losses and go. I'm not even depressed, I've just spent a lot of time exploring this question. I see no up side to continuing to live, but I see a down side.

    • GFHunter

      You've spent a lot of time thinking about suicide and you see no upside to continuing to live? You are depressed, get some help and/or medication.

    • I am Name

      Too long. Will not read. Please shorten. Use smaller words.

    • brent

      cool story bro

    • tippy6

      TL; DR

    • Htownpunk

      Well, I know I'm cheered up now! Thanks "Mr. Sunshine"!

    • theMechanic

      pics or it didn't happen

      • charlie

        I am bipolar. i have been medication free for over a year. and i am happy, i got friends and family. and a beautiful gf. be happy and those thoughts will vanish.

    • B-ball player

      Dude that kinda crazy to post on a wall. I'm not encouraging you to kill yourself ,but get help.

    • A BiPolar Guy

      I've been on medication for years. I've been through most of them as they don't work well for me. I am not depressed (right now). I just don't think like most people. And I really don't see the difference between saying you will kill yourself at 80 and saying you will do it next week.

  • Cal

    I would like to live to be 111 in Cuba. Because their cigars are worth living for. #2

  • tsukushi_

    Extreme dimples #1

  • joshdyk87

    No way I want to live that long. At 85 I'm going skydiving with a gamble parachute.

    • B.A

      Me too. I'll pack yours and you pack mine.

    • B.A

      Me too. I'll pack yours and you can pack mine.

      • Caca

        Me Too. You can pack each others, and I'll pack lunch.

        • hamberleaf

          you must be the old woman, Caca

          • Caca

            They failed to mention that he's a 111 yr. old pimp.
            I'm just one of many old women.

            • B.A

              Haters gonna hate.

        • Found it

          how about you two go back in a time machine, and fuck each other.

          • Derek

            I don't see how time travel is necessary for that.

      • Gern Blanston


    • jamie

      i'll pack the anvils !

  • top dog

    #7, I figure, why the hell not? I mean, If I am blessed enough to live that long, I'am going to enjoy every day of it…and chase a few young fifty year old women at least once a week.
    'LIFE..IS GOOD!!!"

  • Freddy Stylez

    I just hope he's still strong enough to smack a bitch. Bitches loves to be smacked.

    • Jen

      it appears that his pimp hand is strong

  • scarface

    He looks like the guy from Red Dragon/Hannibal….I forgot which movie.

  • golddigga

    Where's Anna Nicole when you need her? Oh wait….she died a few years ago, that money grabbin ho.

  • Romes

    #2 Like a boss

  • Me wanna live!!!

    Im telling you, if they can download my brain and i can digitally finger a thing or two- I'm all for it, i want to live forever! F- dying man, f it in the ass. All i need is poon, bacon and beer, who cares if i can walk. Thats what she's for.

  • This Guy

    I plan on having a heart attack age 50 driving on an icy over pass. Ill careen through the guard rails and fly like am eagle

    • db3300

      "Naked girl avalanche" – Homer Simpson

  • tommybhoy

    IF i have my way…live till 70 then die of a heart attack caused by a threeseome with hot young hookers

  • Etienne

    3 Things to ponder:

    1) Living to 110 will become commonplace in our generation.

    2) Imagine what this man has seen and experienced since his birth circa 1900. Just imagine for a minute.

    3) Yes I want to live to 200, 300, 500 or forever if I can. Live is wonderful.

  • El_Presidente_

    #3, Make it rain, I will.

  • metalcool36

    111 and still kicking it smoking cigars… Impressive

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