These comb overs wouldn’t fool a retarded alien (20 Photos)

  • kitkat63376

    SCARY!! They need to embrace their baldness…shave it all off, and they would look better…not much better, but some.

    • Crystal

      Agreed. Men – take note: no hair is better than a hideous comb-over.

    • Urban

      Shave it and get an earing and a soul patch.

  • Logan

    About the "Sponsored Post", I thought the Chive wouldnt sell out.. I guess they did.

    But.. If I had no.. Well barely no hair, I would comb it over.. Cause by the time I get that old, it will be EPIC!!!!

    • Jen

      i like the one that is fully wrapped around the head #20 or #17 "ohh, you rike my comb over?"

      • Jen

        that was an asian accent i was using, BTW

        • Phil

          I found it incredibly offensive that you had to explain that.

    • Brah

      Selling out? This isn't some shitty band. This is a website. And they either make money from advertisements, or we end up paying them.

      • XOS

        i agree Brah…fucking people act like if they had the chance to earn money on something they created they WOULDNT take it……fuck that..get money Chive

    • @CILII_blog

      I agree Logan, more like stealing, Chive just goes through Reddit and grabs all the pics from there. Gotta give where credit is due Chive.

  • Guz

    When's it hump day again?

    • LeonardoB

      Hear hear, promote that man!

    • XOS

      i think its after next tuesday my friend.

  • subeeJ

    #2 I knew by the title before clicking on it that The Donald would be on this list

    • A BiPolar Guy

      Can't he afford to join the hair club for men?

      Can't he BUY the hair club for men?

      Can't he have somebody killed and use their scalp for a scalp transplant?

      For enough money including payment for the skin grafts I'd need, I will sell him my scalp

  • dean

    wow, i have a receding hairline and thinning hair, not horrible yet, but once it gets to a certain point, you just have to accept it and shave it off.
    like what larry david said about a bald confident man being sexy. and most chicks don't care, anyway, they like being the hot one in a relationship.
    these guys are just pathetic.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Yep, when I realised the hair was a lost cause, I just cut it all off. Women don't really care if you have hair or not (they are far less shallow than us), but a combover will kill your chances stone dead.

      Trump is screwed. He cannot concede defeat and shave it off now.

      • meh

        ^ baldies

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  • Locode

    People who have these things really just don't understand that they look like crap. Tell them. I do it all the time (nicely, of course).

  • PJ Crittenden

    Number five is a comedian (Scottish), doing their hair like that for comedy effect, for a TV advert in the 1980s, it has to be pointed out.

    Just for the record I have shaved my hair down to a number one. If you do likewise you'll find that ladies do like to rub your head….

    • Flicka

      Yes, that is exceedingly true!

  • vicrom252

    #20 lol @ jim gaffigan

  • Ryan Blair McAllister

    whats the name of #20? i know ive seen him before, hes funny as hell.

    • vicrom252

      Its jim gaffigan
      hes been oon comedy central a few times and had 2 stand up specials
      soo funny

    • Jim Gaffigan

      Good question

      • chuck

        I see what you did there.

  • Cas

    #5 is Gregor Fisher who plays Rab C. Nesbitt. The pic is from the Hamlet cigar ad of many years ago b4 tobacco advertising was banned in the UK. Have a look at

    to see what I mean.

  • David Sanchez

    #1 looks like pacman!!!! lol

  • Luca Bellone


  • Kyle

    Pets with comb overs= AWESOME….Men with comb overs= weirdest sight of your life….Men with beard comb overs= weirdest AWESOME sight of your life

  • derpson

    #1 POWER OFF

  • Luis

    # 1 PACMAN WIN!! hahahahaha

  • mipo2010

    Chive, you should also do a post of men who have toupees 7 shades darker than their real hair on the sides of their head

  • Mike

    this was on oddee few days ago…

  • Matt

    I say screw it…. What's the point!!!

  • retarded alien

    i don't get it.

  • Diana Santos

    #6…the only one that stills cute…^_^

  • lfsg

    #20 is just EPIC!

  • Guest

    What?!?!? No Gene Keady!

  • diddler

    lmao so glad you threw in gaffigan's beard combover, classic

  • Jason

    #20 fuckin hilarious!

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