Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • Phil

    Hmm some good ones

  • darthvehder

    #11 Fuck and Yeah.

  • NCB

    #40 Holy Moses

    • jamesaholic

      And she has a baday!

      • Larry

        I don't know if she had a bad day but she has a bidet in her crapper.

    • adam

      ANGIE VARONA such a cutie.

    • Lyconous

      she looks a lot like a girl i know

  • vicrom252

    #22 Challenge Accepted

    • Aaron Burns

      the original staimaster

  • Generino

    #11 now that is one HELLUVA NICE wicker chair…

    • Kyle

      I was also admiring.. ya know… the nice, round… umm… ya know… lamp in the background there…

      • Generino

        not to mention the looong….. straaight….sexy…..blinds…..

      • Chvr

        Lamp? What lamp?:)

        • Ken

          I love Lamp.

          • Timothy Parrish

            Are you just naming off random things in the room Brick?

    • BloodScrubber

      "Wicker makes it Quicker"


      I wonder what color are those epic walls?

  • Sean Brennan

    I knew if I stayed up late enough something cool would happen. Thanks Chive 😀

  • darthvehder

    #40 Who the balls has a Bidet this days

    • Sean Brennan

      I do, to wash my socks.

    • Skippy

      and the seat is up….

    • Ards

      I do… I never use it though… but have been tempted many times

  • vicrom252

    #44 oh Herro pahty of fough?

    • 2857

      oh herro prease – its impossibru!

  • Jak

    These suck ass. Find some better pics!

    • Sal

      YOU suck ass

    • ballz2u

      nah. you can mah balls

  • Kyle

    Why do I think #43 would literally break me in half? Not that I wouldn't die happy, mind you…

    • Chvr

      It's CGI, won't break a thing 🙂

    • Jorge

      It's because you are still young my little Padawan…

    • Alessandro

      You sir are not ready yet…

    • Davey

      You need to unlock more badges

    • Pollock

      That raid is not for everyone son, pvp is outta your league

    • joey roach

      i will slit t he throat
      of anybody she tells me to

      • girl from #43


    • luke

      you do now thats cg she isn't real so hard to tell tho 🙂

  • myname


  • Charlie Makarov

    #35 #40 #43

    • ilnevertell

      #35 .. where are her nipples? Photoshop fail?

  • Simon

    #11 #35 #40 #43… MOOOOAAAARRR!!!!

    • The man

      Yeah what this man says.

    • Leofc32

      Waaaoooo, thats more than enough….

  • jakofasaur

    those look fantastic

    • jakofasaur

      meant to say #16

      total jakoff move -.-

  • Ulicqel

    Sorry to burst the bubble, but while #35 is insanely hot (and plastic), Not a chiver. Her name is Renee Nicole Stage aka LoveRenee aka Ashton Von. google image her. She was a camgirl back in the mid to late 00's, had several NN modeling websites, she was even in a episode of 48 hours about camgirls, but she got all tatted up with trashy tattoos, and had a kid about 3 years ago, closed all her sites down.

    • Huh?

      Googled… did not find….

      • AnyoneforCoffee
        • CC101

          Pancake-sized nipple pics explain why she doesnt have a nipple in #35. Chive didnt do their homework on this one. Well done Ulicqel and Coffee, well done.

          PS- Very impressive work with that url Coffee, never seen that done before!

          • Ulicqel

            Happy to do my part helping the community

    • ????

      worst news ever, i am still going to hold out hope that this is a different girl and she sends in more pics for proof.

    • bob

      still hot as fuck, so who cares

    • Manda

      so not fair to us real chivettes… all she is is a trashy drop out who acquired that body with the money from whoring herself.
      lol @ men.

      • @The_Scofield_

        Rebuttal pics, Manda? Show us what's up.

    • OG456

      You are a sad little man.

  • Cal

    #40 moar

  • Damien

    #21 Makes me happy

    #48 Makes me smile everytime

  • seth

    #17 and not a single fuck was given that day

  • Guest

    i dont get #33?

    • Your mom

      It's Adam and Eve. If they have bellybuttons that means they were born from a man and woman having relations of the intimate nature. Not made by God. Hence, ruins the belief of Christians that Adam and Eve were made by God. I had to read the comments from the earlier posts to get it myself. Now I feel like an idiot, as do you. lol. At least we share a common bond my friend.

      • darioc

        Ancient religion trolls are always the best ones. Today's trolls have got nothing on them.

      • FXero

        I'm Just glad Doc Brown had a camera with him when he went back to see the creation of man. Otherwise we'd never know Adam and Eve had belly buttons.

        • Ken

          I'm glad we had CNN 2000 years ago to document the life of Jesus. Oh well these ancient texts that have been translated and reinterpreted 1000x will have to suffice. Now point me to the nearest stoning I have a heathen to smite.

          • Ben from Aus

            Would have been good to have had footage of these events..then you could actually prove they happened. Now we have trust in Chinese whispers like that^^^ guy said..

    • Fred Buecker

      You damn retard….

    • Crystal

      The Adam and Eve biblical story is Hebrew poetic myth. Catholics believe in evolution. I should know…

      • BloodScrubber

        GOD. The ultimate photoshopper. Can I have a Amen.

    • Green rules

      It's a painting of Adam and Eve. Not the real Adam and Eve mind you, just models dressed as them. Why this is in the best photos of the week boggles my mind because anyone with a brain, whether you believe or don't believe, realize that this picture proves nothing. Therefore it was submitted by someone who thought they were pretty smart and actually thought that this picture was of the real Adam and Eve.

  • phideauxe

    Who the fuck cares? I'd hit it repeatedly.

  • DanielB

    Damn now what am i supposed to do till monday?

    • acash

      My thoughts exactly…

    • wolbie

      And i thought i was the only person to dread the weekends

  • Joel

    Solid Week.

  • acash

    #33 – Yes. Fuck, yes

    • who cares


    • goodboy

      jesus loves you

      • norseboy

        SO DOES THOR

        • Thor Mannion

          how did you know !

  • Chris

    #4 OH MY

    • Freddy Stylez


      • sean

        who is she (#4)?

        • adam


  • Eric Webber

    mhhh who is #11 is the mystery ya? anyone know?

    • brandon yates

      Looks like Kate Ground.

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