Daily Afternoon Randomness (46 Photos)

  • C.O.P.

    #7 #11 and #46. That is all.

    • P.O.C

      four half naked chicks and you still manage to get none. amazing.

    • BigDingo

      Missed #43 and #30 at the least…

    • BDUB

      here is the PETA making of vid… http://xmissy.nl/item/46309/go-veg

  • Long Duck Dong

    #8 – Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. Take that PETA!!

    • Megan

      needs more cowbell

  • V.A.

    #22 made my day. And I'm hoping #46 turns out to be a chivette with a face.

    • Big_Curt

      agreed and I like ur thinkin on 46

    • Anonymous

      How could she spell 'febreze' wrong when it is on the bottle -.-

      • Brittany Bergquist

        Hey, I didn't type that on the picture- I blame John. :]

        • Chief

          You probably get this a lot, but… your boobs are awesome!

          • Brittany Bergquist

            HaHa I don't get that a lot so thank you.

  • Fish stick


  • WTFever

    GIF please

    • http://www.thechive.com Elbow

      I was thinking the same thing. Clearly she walked right into the mirror, pfft looser.

  • LondonStage

    #35 I love Sofia Vergara

    • Brad

      and she's a milf…

    • ROK

      hottest woman on the planet, currently.

    • Phondo

      And to think I discovered her… it was an obscure li'l show on Univision (Fuera de Serie). She was her natural blonde back then and she still had every ounce of shiny goodness. Sure, she still looks good today, but Google her and that show.

  • Antt

    #46 Yes please

  • A racist

    Based off these comments it appears everyone on the Chive is super white.

    • Chive Fail

      The great mid west invasion has begun…soon this place is going to be filled with line dancing and cowboy on cowboy cocksucking. You should have seen yesterdays comments- the racists were awesome. I'm all about making fun of stereo types and racial humor but bigots are something else. The fucking tea party and the r-tards found the chive and now its fucked.

      • Harold

        Now now, take your medicine… it's time for your nap grandpa.

      • JLC

        Thank God we have you to teach us tolerance. So long as it doesn't involve line dancing, cowboys or anyone on the right, correct?

      • Paul

        Ah, I bet you remember it like it was yesterday. You were the only hipster on your block who knew about the chive. Alas, the sun has set on that fine day and now you're just a part of the great unwashed masses. Congrats you conformist dbag.

      • FLHomesteader

        So what you're saying is you hate bigots so much…. you are one???

    • Guest

      Give a white person a working computer and internet connection and all those hidden white thoughts buried inside are given air-time.

      • Shock G

        Now you can tell from my everday fits, I ain't rich
        So cease and desist with them tricks (tricks)
        I'm just another black man caught up in the mix (mix)
        Trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents (A dime and a nickel)

        • Not a Poet

          um, "cents" doesn't rhyme there.

          • hamberleaf

            wow really?

          • 6th Grader

            Not all poetry has to rhyme, this isn't 5th grade anymore, man.

            • hamberleaf

              you people do know its not a poem right? or have yous been living under a rock

              • HGH

                Are you saying rap isn't poetry? YOU MUST BE WHITE, DAAAYUMN!

                • Tipper Gizzle

                  Al Gore invented rap music, he also invented the internet.

      • verbally opressed

        (or an x-box live headset)

    • Census

      If you want to get really technical about it, it's probably a more or less accurate statement, since: 79% of the US population is white, while 12% is black – and assuming that most of the visitors to the site are American (which I think is safe, if you take the comment section as a test sample) – then it is prudent to assume that the majority of Chive visitors are white. It's statistics, what's wrong with that? Aside from that fact, it means absolutely nothing.

      • Average Chiver


        • Goober

          Racism is refusing to compete against Lance Armstrong, because you don't like the Tour De France.

    • jared

      Quiet negriver! (negro + chiver put together)

    • Mario

      Actually I'm more of a creamy beige. But yeah, I'm so white I bleed liquid paper. I can't dance (nor do I intend to) and I like my mac and cheese. However, I could wear argyle socks, listen to Wayne Newton, drive my 2.5 kids to school from the suburbs in my minivan, before going back home to read the latest New York Times bestseller and I'd still be cooler than you…. motherfucker.

  • WTFever

    Made by Massengill

    • Brad

      where is this being sold? here in the usa or is this a crazy foreign product?

  • Drew

    #18 – Wow!

    • Matt

      If you want more look up Lara Honey on google 🙂

      • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

        nothing amazing happened

        • NotaTrap

          Uh, go to Google Images and turn off safe search

          • Rich

            Linky? I didn't find anything too great, just some ugly chick with the same name

      • ranD

        shes a high priced "escort" aka slut for hire… http://www.highclassenglishescort.com/index.html

    • Phondo

      And to think I discovered her… Of course, she was just 5 then so I had some issues.

    • northerner

      Beautiful pokies…

  • Acid Trippin

    Use this #3…and this happens #5
    How much would you pay to look like a complete DOUCHE??!!

    • Brad

      #5 is when the "freshman 15" happens

  • Matt

    Wow, #46, that is nice. MOOOOAR!

  • Pancake


    • Zee

      Fail. Now go make me some pancakes!

  • Sooper Truper

    #1 Baby Jesus?

  • http://www.facebook.com/thaipaige Ty Paige

    #22 I tried it too. Word of advice don't do it in your living room. It took me awhile before i could walk back in.

    • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

      i'm so doing this at work this week

    • Brittany Bergquist

      I did it into their room, slammed the door and sprinted. (They're non gamer-girls so of course they didn't know what "frag out" meant). Then when they realized what I had done they threw it out into the snow. Loved every second of it.

      • red bird

        i love you

        • Brittany Bergquist

          HaHa thank you. :]

          • Ciao Zen

            *amazed at the apparent lack of internet marriage proposals*

          • Eddie Biggar

            Will you marry me?

            • Brittany Bergquist

              You just added me on facebook didnt you.

              • Ben

                That's a whole new level of stalker

      • William

        Brittany, I do believe you are the perfect woman. You are awesome!

    • JJJ

      a kid on my dorm floor did this. only instead of febreze, it was shaving cream. and instead of zip tying it, he punctured the can with scissors.
      he just tossed it into dorm room next door and walked away. one of the kids in there, without a moment's hesitation yelled "GRENADE!" and threw it back into the hall and closed the door.

  • eroon

    #18 thank god for cold weather… #3 sunscreen is clearly unecessary in this pack…

  • TeeJK

    #18 #43 #46 MOAR

  • Anonymous

    #36 is hilarious, definitely hilarious

  • ISU Birds

    I've been to #6 it is an awful place.

  • Ben

    #30 is hot, even though her ears are fucked for life

    • The man

      "Fucked for life" that's an idea.

      • alister

        haha..hey! i have 1" lobes. that chick is a BABE

    • http://www.facebook.com/amaorth Chris Armstrong

      OMG MOAR!!

    • Phondo

      And to think I discovered her… Then I saw below her chin and undiscovered her.

      • EDo

        so, you cover it…

    • http://Xaotikdesigns.com Adam

      Her job is making suppressors for all the rifles behind her. If it wasn't for the gauged out ears, this would be my dream woman.

      I forget her name though…

    • Jimmy

      let's see; horned-rimmed glasses she most likely doesn't need? check. a excessive amounts of tattoos as well as shirts worn to draw attention to them, in addition to being a tattoo artist? double check. tight pants? check. plugged ear-lobes? check. inordinately large belt-buckle(one of a cassette-tape, no less)? check. making sure to be seen smoking? check. wears a knit-cap on the back of her head which serves no practical purpose(most likely even in the summer time)? check. occupation atypical of a hipster, therefor decreasing the chance of being designated one? check.

      well, guys, looks like we've got ourselves a deckstus superious(AKA Mega-Hipster). I'll get whatever's popular right now to ward her off…..

    • curious

      speaking of "Ears" and "Fucked"….

      • Trent

        Yeah I'd stick it in her ear, literally.

    • DaveAmi

      I would like this for my collection. FIND HER!!!!

      • ForSure

        Check out http://www.advancedarmement.com (Lawrenceville, GA). They say she works there, but I think she is just a model around their shop. Pics can also be found on http://www.aacblog.com (search for calendar). PS her name isRachael. That is all…

        • northerner

          No. Never. No. Sad.

  • aosux

    #10 #11 Fuck PETA, literally!

    • Jak

      I am the C.L.I.T. commander!

    • Guest

      If PETA attracts those type of ladies, I assume every chiver would join.


      • Chad

        nah. those of us that get laid on a regular basis wouldn't be bothered.

    • Rick

      Isnt there a law against screwing retarded people. And if so How does PETA get new recruits.

    • UPSgrrrL88


    • Roofus

      I like how there's a leather couch in a PETA commercial. hmm

    • Sugar

      This is not stills from the PETA commerical!

  • HankT

    #46…always the best for last

  • ClamSlayer

    #35 FTW

  • trizar

    #46 Awesome ending…

  • EEEeeee

    #30 What did you doooo??!!
    You could have been a Jessica Alba double…instead you settle for…

    • napamamascribe

      Settle for what? Individuality, a personality, not looking anything like Barbie?

      • The Real D. Nozzle

        i think she looks good, as do most girls with tats, but individuality has nothing to do with it. people get tats to fit in these days. that's all.

        • http://twitter.com/withquotation @withquotation

          people get one tat to fit in.. not that many. she setting herself apart. for sure.

      • Brad

        there's nothing new under the sun, by trying to be the alt-girl with tats and piercings she's just like other girls with tats and piercings, who cares? Just let everyone do their thing and judge not lest yee be judged…

        • EyeGuy

          well played Brad…. well played

          • ThighGuy

            no, eye, it wasn't "well played". it wasn't well played the first time it was said, and it hasn't been the millions of times since.

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