This man is in love with a giant human-sized bear-girl (14 photos)

I will say, they look happier than some couples I know..

  • Poopslikelittlebunny

    I got one of those i screw it every night and oh by the way FIzzirst biatches!

    • Poopslikelittlebunny

      Awww, Fuck you guyz! LOL

      • Poopslikelittlebunny

        WOW already -83 and it's not even lunch time yet. Hells Yeah

        • bud

          damn you got skills poops

    • Dan

      What's the point of being first? oh yeah to prove your douchebagginess

    • mgreen

      Your fucking weird man..

  • Josh

    That's weird! the real question is……does he have sex with it? nasty!!

    • facebook

      LARS AND THE REAL GIRL was a good movie 🙂

    • Paul

      Josh, I don't really think there is any question that he has sex with it. The question is do they snuggle and discuss their hopes and dreams afterward.

    • Brah

      I'd say the real question is who took the pictures in #1 & #2 & #3?

      • JAFitC

        The one shown with the camera in #8 took those pictures.

        • JAFitC

          My bad. It's a bicycle handlebar. She still took the pictures.

  • Paula

    I would like to ask him Why?


    • cranklin

      no one wants your VD laced kisses Paula…eat shit…

    • Anonymous

      And no single thumb up was given that day.

    • The Real D. Nozzle

      That's what I wanted to ask your mom and dad.

      Cleveland Steamers,

      The Real D. Nozzle

      • jared

        Shut up Nozzle – you're a scumbag and deserve nothing in life. Nothing! :*

    • Ben from Aus

      WHO kisses Paula?!?

    • Keith

      Did I miss the 'everybody hate Paula' memo?

      • Joshua D. Loomis

        Yeah, I saw in another post the other day that some people were starting to get annoyed with this "Paula" person…I missed exactly why, but maybe it's because they end their comments with things like "Kisses Paula." I don't know.

  • tdr

    Dude … you're weird!

  • Chris

    That is not healthy human behavior. A therapist needs to have a little chat with you.

  • Fafafe

    Meanwhile in Russia…

  • XOS

    good for him…..gooooooood for him.


  • Kev

    Creepy….at best

  • sybot

    shouldn't she be in the kitchen?

    • Leo


    • yup

      Kitchen that's it, some disturbing imagery was in those pictures.

  • Dan


  • Matt


  • RiHugh

    Why do I have the feeling that there are dead children sewn inside of those things?

  • dog

    fap, fap, fap

    • MC Ren


  • marklark

    #12 talk dirty to me

    • Whitnasty

      Soo hot right now

  • Vince

    Creepy, but then I'll bet she's less "maintenance" than the real thing… :p

  • christy

    ooo i regret looking at that

  • Diana Santos

    dude…get a silicon doll at least…wtf??? loooooool

    • Josh

      they're expensive!!

      • Diana Santos

        fine…an inflatable doll then ^_^ lol

        • Phil

          Maybe the "special parts" are silicon? #8

          • Diana Santos

            well…i see a diference from #2 to #8 in fact…but i can't tell if the bear-girl made a plastic surgery with the toy maker..or if she stills natural ^_^ lol

  • LanceFabulous

    At least I know what my future nightmares will be about, that'll save some time.

  • clenis

    Nice up-skirt shot in #10. Moar!!!

    • kevin

      what a gap!

  • SotaVoce

    Reminds me of the Robot Chicken episode where the "snuggle" fabric softener bear keeps getting molested. lol

    • RangerW

      Haha, Love that skit!

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  • mrjimmyos

    Your move Japan

    • William

      LOL! Well played.

      • mrjimmyos

        Thanks 😀

  • Kaiwatha


  • judgement

    "giant human-sized…" i am confused.

  • Drunkula

    where's the dude after 3?

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