50 bizarre buildings/structures around the world (50 Photos)

  • Jak

    1 disappointed chiver

    • been

      why? were you expecting something different from a section titled "Bizarre Building Structures Around the World"? Looks like it fits the bill to me.

  • Charles

    #4 Library in Kansas City, cool building but too bad it wreaks of urine!

    • Big E

      I think you mean reeks. too bad, cause thats a cool idea for a library

      • Jeff

        it's the parking garage for the library next door. Perhaps the parking garage may "wreak", but the library is quite nice.

    • qwerty

      Library???? is that the where they hide the books?

  • Jeremy

    #12 ING is prepared for the Day After Tomorrow.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      When is that again?

    • Guest

      Exactly what I thought on 2012 just got done watching it

    • ---=

      Location is in the Netherlands. Close to the airport.

      • Anonymous

        'The airport'… Right, there are multiple airports in the Netherlands.

        • Thomas

          Next to the a2 near Schiphol. actually a bit before the VU campus in amsterdam. this seen if entering Amsterdam

  • KiKo

    #14 the stone house – Portugal

    • Diana Santos

      exactly! Portugal on Chive again! ❤

      • T Bags

        MOAR! You are hot as hell!

        • Diana Santos

          thanks :$

  • Phil

    Pretty cool although upside down buildings are overdone and just tacky imo.

    #24 is pretty ballin

    • Sean

      Thats the Casino Lisboa in Macau, China, youtube it too see what lurks in the basement!

  • Scortch

    Magnum Dongs!

  • mrjimmyos

    I've seen crazy buildings like these on paper but I didn't know they got built! 😮

    Also #31 looks like something out of Red Faction Guerilla, sort of

    • cyphon

      Cathedral at Air Force Academ, Colorado Springs

  • Peter Griffin

    #8 North korea sucks my balls!

  • Naz1962

    Nice pictures of buildings, but WHERE'S THE TUSH?? It's HUMP WEDNESDAY! 🙂

  • Mitch

    #25 Houston,Tx. Has been torn down since and had a coffee shop built in its place.

    • NotaTrap

      Somebody divided by zero!

    • JDB

      I thought that was in Houston

  • Jules

    Oh noooo! They found my lair!!

    • Ophelia

      Looks like the base for the Thunderbirds!

  • GRRemlin

    #5 – a museum in Vienna, Austria

    • Guest

      MUMOK in vienna with an artwork from erwin wurm on it (house attack, 2006)

      #26 is Kunsthaus in graz, austria

  • chris

    #32 (The Olympic Stadium) and #33 (Habitat 67 and is an apartment complex) are in Montreal and #50 (Royal Ontario Museum) is in Toronto . Yeah Canada!!

    • miker_74

      Chive must of played the old number switch on ya becuase #33 is definately not in Canada…try 2008 Beijing Olympics

    • dave-o

      ya, number 33, definitely not in canada. Number 7 is though. Niagara falls, Ontario. Just down the street from where i work.

    • Guest

      you missed #22, the US pavilion from expo 67 now called the "biosphere" so 3 for Montreal, Quebec Canada (not that we are very proud of the stadium…) YEAH Montreal!

  • Catence

    I've seen quite a few of these on a list of the "ugliest buildings in the world".

    Some of the others do look pretty impressive though…

  • chris

    damn, i meant #36 not #33…

    • Kid Diz

      36 is the Bird's Nest in Beijing, another olympic stadium, so you were really close to turning a fail into a win.

  • Nate

    #44 I dated a girl who lived down the street from this. MIT in Cambridge.

    • That guy

      Didn't need you life story.

  • king9

    no peter b. lewis building in cleveland? that is one strange building inside and out

  • GTO


    It was designed to look like a sail, which it does

    • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

      gee, ya think so?

      • GTO

        yea. my point being is that I don't understand the title to this post. many of these buildings are far from bizarre looking and are actually quite striking

    • Logic76

      really, dubai, really?

    • ely whitley

      quite disappointing inside. the reception is amazing but then its pretty much hollow all the way up. The 'skylounge' restaurant sticking out the back at the top is only any good during the day because at night all you can see is the really tacky interior ceiling lights reflected off all the glass so there's NO VIEW when its dark. Not really worth £25 a drink IMO.

  • MmmmmTasty

    #37, #3 The Ghurkin in London and the Eden Project in Cornwall – probably the two least interesting ones! Go UK 😦

    • qwertz

      WTF? #3 is 'The Upside-Down House' in Szymbark, Poland. We have one more in Zakopane.
      #9 is 'Krzywy Domek' in Sopot, also Poland.

      • MmmmmTasty

        typo – I meant #34

  • cyphon

    #1 is Wonder Works in Pigeon Forge, TN. Kind of like a Ripley's museum type attraction. Right next to a 1/2 scale Titanic attraction.

    • McBeastie

      Could be the Orlando Wonder Works. Looks exactly the same.

      • ashleyging

        or the Panama City Wonderworks. Like you said, it looks exactly the same

    • matt

      this place is an awesome time

    • Scott

      It is Pigeon forge. You can tell by the hoot and holler awning on the side. gotta say its a bit strange seeing your workplace on the Internet!

    • joe

      It's def the TN one.

    • Jay

      Have you been to the Titanic museum thing?

  • Sugreev2001

    Some really cool looking buildings,seen a couple of them too.

  • M780

    Need Sagrada Familia in Barcelona by Gaudi on the list…

    • ely whitley

      we have the hotel across las ramblas instead. more interesting and finished by him. Sagrada was only half done when he copped for it under a tram.

  • Chapps

    #50 Toronto

    • notkalden

      rly where? i want to add this to my list



  • darkminister

    #36 the fun thing about those buildings is that if your on your deck outside, the weird architecture makes it so you never see your neighbors deck. So everyone can enjoy privacy.

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