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  • PoppinFresh

    well then you, sir, can go to hell.

    • Boris

      I would have replied.

      • Poppin Fresh


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  • The Coz

    #10 Jiggle Jiggle JIGGLE

    The Coz approves

    • doofus

      rachel mcadams is so hot

    • Punani

      I would wear Rachael McAddams ass like a surgeon's mask. Om nom nom nom!!!

      • USMCvet

        how original…

        • KUI
          • davyb123

            I knew that wasn't her ass!!! Thank you for the proof!

          • EDo

            you just broke my heart…

          • Ralph

            I wonder if she can body double someone for me tonight…..

          • LeoCast

            I dont care whos ass it is, i love it

    • josh

      such a perfect ass

    • jpop

      what is this from??

    • DuroyPrime

      I never thought Rachel McAdams was that hot … Chive, you've changed my mind.

      • bud

        just found out it wasnt her. some kind of stunt double with a way better ass. you can change your mind again

    • + blitzk

      the dude is hover handing her with his left hand. Grab that ass man!!!

  • qwerty

    # i know i would steal the bike…he doesn't deserve it

    • qwerty


  • guest

    #10 sweet tush. where's it from?

    • Keith

      see above posts.

    • tan wang

      I'd rather have that ass then the real McAdams…who else is with me on that 1?

      • aosux

        That ass is pretty awes…no. That ass is spectacular. I am with you.

    • pingpong

      I think it from the movie morning glory

  • Morgan Freeman

    #6 John Malkovich just being John Malkovich.

    Chris Farley ——————————————————————————————————>

  • umecarparknow

    #7 cannot unsee. first time I have ever hated Chive

    • kill

      Get over it, its not the first and it wont be the last. ^_^

  • Muk

    Who's bum is that in #10?

    • Rachel McAssams

      Rachel McAdams motherfucker!

      • Alesis1984

        Body double, fuckermother.

  • Robb

    #10 is Rachel McAdams from the movie Morning Glory
    Haven't seen it… but saw this gif a 2389042804 times!

    • jpop

      hmm just looked this movie up, does not look 100% terrible, plus there is a superb tush in it even it if is.

      • andfukyamoms

        thats not her ass btw

  • Robb

    Oh, and also…
    #11 made my day! brilliant!

  • AloysiusJenkins

    #3 GIFs of Sofia Vergara's rack should be mandatory in all posts.

    • Nickrob

      She might be one of the most attractive women in the entire planet. And Modern Family is an awesome show

  • Paula

    #3 actually looks like my rack.
    Only mine is on my back.


    • Kuba Wrobel


    • Morgan Freeman

      Stop with the Paula bullshit, lame and unoriginal.

      • Aly

        Don't feed the trolls man

  • BigDingo

    How many times do I need to watch #10 to turn into that lucky lucky man

    • Elbow

      I would settle for bieng the camera man on set there, heck even the janitor just creep'n around trying to look busy.

  • Benjiman

    #3 what is she saying? Looks like 'ollisamps' but then again that doesn't make sense

    • @The_Scofield_

      If you're watchin her mouth, you have serious issues, Benji.

    • Mr_Rob

      Sorry dude… you failed the gay test. Take your gayness certificate and please send your man-card for inmediate incineration.

    • john dory

      after staring at her boobs for quite some time i looked up and saw 'first time'.

  • bicozdenight

    #10 deserves her own post.

  • Pants

    #10 Will any of us ever get tired of seeing a good ass?

    • andfukyamoms

      need to find out who's it is. cause it definately aint rachel mcadams

      • Earl da Squirrel

        That ass will never get old!!

    • tan wang

      Sir, I will answer you honestly- I will tire of work, of friends and even family, but I will never tire of a beautiful, fully rounded ass-

  • chrisdg74

    #3 – What's Sofia mad about?
    Meh, who cares? Look at that rack.

  • Smithers

    Nobody ever cares about so GTFO

  • PoopIsFun

    I'm glad someone else noticed Torstien gunning his goggles at some chicks face

    • Earl da Squirrel

      I was watching that live this weekend, and thought…damn, bitch just got nailed!!!

  • G55

    They're the same person! I know I've never seen them in the same place at the same time!!! …must wash eyes…
    AAahh..! Sweet relief…

  • Gecko

    Sending in a woman as a guinea pig? #4
    it was the right thing to do. Many potential lives have been saved

    • Phil

      lol! Although to be honest if you go down this slide you pretty much don't deserve to procreate anyway.

  • CalculatedRisk

    So, what are the chances the SUV hauling the big-ass trailer in #5 stopped/swerved in time, to avoid running over wife-beater douche?

    • Boris

      Get it straight, that is a cut-off douche.

    • Brad

      This made my day! DOUCHE.

  • josh

    #11 is awesome…..that damn princess always needs rescuing……F her!!

  • hiperyon.pantibiblon

    #3.Knock it off honey.What's up?Your boobs drive me nuts,That's what it is.
    #9.Well done Constanza
    #10.She's hot as hell.Tushtushtush

  • Statan

    WFT?!? Chive!! tits or gtfo. cant fap to this. need more camwhores

    • whocares

      Your disgusting

      • Statan

        MY disgusting what?

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